Synopsis Of The Pastor’s Conference And Southern Baptist Convention ~ June 12-15, 2016

This is a brief review of the annual Southern Baptist Pastor’s Conference and Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), with several detailed articles to follow.  The theme was Awaken America, Reach The World.  Agree, Unite, Pray.  The Pastor’s Conference featured music from local Christian choirs and ensembles, and from the well known contemporary Christian group “Passion.”  Some of the main points touched on were the fact that there are less Southern Baptist churches and less baptisms each year.  (Southern Baptists are still the largest Protestant Denomination in America with over 46,000 churches, but we are going backwards).  The good news is that there are more church plants than ever.  The need for unity and evangelism were stressed, with prayer as the foundation.  Simplicity was asserted, realizing that the Holy Spirit, and NOT programs, is the key to success with the Lord.  A multifaceted strategy to reach millennials and diverse groups of ethnics is of great importance, especially since one in five Southern Baptists is from a minority ethnic group!  Speakers emphasized the fact that we need to reach the lost, and not quibble over minor theological differences. 

The atmosphere of the convention was very peaceful.  St. Louis is a bastion of conservatism, featuring well over 40,000 Boy Scouts in the area, many advancing to Eagle Scout, and performing good works in the community.  There were absolutely no picketers or protesters present, which was a pleasant surprise.  One gentleman with a megaphone was speaking to the Southern Baptist pastors as they entered the conference, and challenging them to lead their congregations in evangelism and soul winning.  I appreciated his words.  He was spot on.

A summary of the business at hand featured a large variety of subjects.  The resolutions that were brought forth from the executive committee were passed, usually by unanimous votes following discussion and/or amendment(s).  The resolutions involved the LGBT community, the Confederate Flag, and several other topics- details will be shared in future entries.  Tremendous grace was displayed when the new SBC president was elected.  Three candidates originally contested for this office, and the final two, Steve Gaines of Belleview Baptist Church in Tennessee and J.D. Greer of Summit Church in Durham, North Carolina, were virtually tied without a clear winner.  Grace won the day; details to follow.

It was truly a peaceful convention. filled with a spirit of unity.

Pray For Revival In America.  Jesus Christ Is Our Only Hope!




6 thoughts on “Synopsis Of The Pastor’s Conference And Southern Baptist Convention ~ June 12-15, 2016

  1. Thank you for your kind words! I stumbled onto him fairly recently and for a week or so I was binge watching his sermons and I learned so much! I know he would disagree, but he speaks like a prophet, for they always have strong words for God’s people. Reminiscent of Keith Green in some ways.

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