The Sword Of The Lord ~ Dr. Shelton Smith, Editor ~ October 5, 2018

Judges 7:20 King James Version (KJV)
And the three companies blew the trumpets, and brake the pitchers, and held the lamps in their left hands, and the trumpets in their right hands to blow withal: and they cried, The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon.

An Independent Christian Publication, Standing for the Verbal Inspiration of the Bible, the Deity of Christ, His Blood Atonement, Salvation by Faith, New Testament Soul Winning and the Premillennial Return of Christ; Opposing Modernism (Liberalism), Worldliness and Formalism.

If Revival Comes!

If true, biblical, Heaven-sent revival comes, it will not be wildfire, but real fire!  It will not be a laughing revival, people barking uncontrollably as dogs, gibberish utterances and other such nonsense.

It will not be empty professions and shallow emotionalism!

If revival comes, Jesus will be promoted and exalted.  Since the Holy Spirit always magnifies Jesus (not Himself), human instruments will not be the main focus; Jesus will.

If revival comes, the Bible will be center stage.  Full attention will be accorded to every word on every page.  Doctrine will be important because no biblical truth will be sacrificed to appease human opinion.

If revival comes, the local church will be at the center of it (Matt. 16:18; Eph. 3:21).  The church is the Lord’s.  He will use His vehicle to do His will and pleasure.

If revival comes, Christians will be soul winners!  The mandate of Christ to every believer is to get sinners saved.  While revival tarries, little attention is given to salvation and soul winning.

Revival will get God’s people working, serving and doing the real business of the Gospel!

If revival comes, right and righteousness will be highly valued and devotedly practiced.  Carnalities will be shelved.  Real spiritual values will be in vogue.  Worldly, wicked behavior will be abandoned.

If revival comes, prayer will be natural and without hindrances,  We will ask and receive.

If revival comes, going to church will become more than a habit.  You’ll be there and you’ll love it.

If revival comes, the song in your heart will bubble like a fountain.  You’ll sing the Lord’s song (not the world’s music).  Joy will be abundant!  Rejoicing will fill your heart to overflowing.

If revival comes, preaching will be a priority!  Bold, dynamic, aggressive Bible preaching will be the hunger of the soul.  You’ll want it as much as your body craves food.

If revival comes, strong Christians will emerge.  The flash-in-the-pan will not be pawned off as genuine.  Converts will grow, mature and give testimony.

Oh, dear ones, we so need the breath of God to blow upon us with the sweet refreshings of revival!  We need it and I do believe many of us want it.

Let’s not content ourselves with worldly husks when we could have a heavenly feast.  Let’s not give in to the pressure of a world gone mad!  Let’s not acquiesce to superficial, silly, second-rate religious counterfeiting.  Let’s not be fooled by noisemakers with self-serving agendas!

Let’s do trust God for what we need.  Let’s pray and ask Him to give it.  Let’s walk by faith and in full obedience every step.  Amen!

-Dr. Shelton Smith


Amen Corner

Doing leads more surely to talking than talking to doing.  -Vance Havner

An act that is inherently evil does not become moral simply because there’s a majority consensus.  -Walter Williams

It ought to be said of every preacher, every Sunday school teacher, every soul winner, as it was said of John the Baptist, “There was a man sent from God, whose name was ____.”   -John R. Rice

His integrity was most pure, his justice the most inflexible I have ever known, no motives of interest or consanguinity, of friendship or hatred, being able to bias his decision.  He was, indeed, in every sense of the words, a wise, a good and a great man.

Perhaps the strongest feature in his character was prudence, never acting until every circumstance, every consideration, was maturely weighed; refraining if he saw a doubt but when once decided, going through with his purpose whatever obstacles opposed.  -Thomas Jefferson (speaking of George Washington)

We can sing high praises to ourselves when all is joyful, but we cannot sing praise to any save our God when circumstances are unfavorable and providence appears adverse.  -Charles Spurgeon

The world has no room for cowards.  We must all be ready somehow to toil, to suffer, to die.  And yours is not the less noble because no drum beats before you when you go out into your daily battlefields and no crowds shout about your coming when you return from your daily victory or defeat.  -Robert Louis Stevenson

The Lordship of Jesus Christ is not quite forgotten among Christians, but it has been relegated to the hymnal where all responsibility toward it may be comfortably discharged in a glow of religious emotion.  Or if it is taught as a theory in the classroom, it is rarely applied to practical living.  The idea that the Man Christ Jesus has absolute final authority over the whole church and over its members in every detail of their lives is simply not now accepted as true by the rank and file of evangelical Christians.  -A. W. Tozer

The principle of free speech is no new doctrine born of the Constitution of the United States.  It is a heritage of English-speaking peoples, which has been won by incalculable sacrifice, and which they must preserve so long as they hope to live as free men.  -Robert Lafollette, Sr.

Never raise your voice when your heart is dry.  -Christmas Evans (to a young preacher)

It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once.  -David Hume

Educate children without religion and you make a race of clever devils.  -Duke of Wellington


The Sword Of The Lord ~ Dr. Shelton Smith, Editor ~ September 21, 2018

Judges 7:20 King James Version (KJV)
And the three companies blew the trumpets, and brake the pitchers, and held the lamps in their left hands, and the trumpets in their right hands to blow withal: and they cried, The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon.

An Independent Christian Publication, Standing for the Verbal Inspiration of the Bible, the Deity of Christ, His Blood Atonement, Salvation by Faith, New Testament Soul Winning and the Premillennial Return of Christ; Opposing Modernism (Liberalism), Worldliness and Formalism.


What to Do With False Teachers

God’s Commandments Concerning the Believer’s Attitude Toward False Teachers

1. Beware of them; they are ravenous wolves.  “Beware of false prophets.”  -Matt. 7:15

2. Watch out for them; they despise sound doctrine.  “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine….But watch thou.”  -I Tim. 4:3,5.

3. Test them; they have the spirit of anti-Christ.  “Try the spirits…because many false prophets are gone out into the world….and this is that spirit of antichrist.”  -I John 4:1.3.

4. Avoid them; they are deceivers of the weak.  “Avoid them.  For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ…and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple.”  -Rom. 16:17,18.  “False prophets shall rise, and…seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.” -Mark 13:22.

5. Do not receive them; lest you be a partaker of their evil deeds.  “If there come any unto you, and bring not this doctrine, receive him not into your house, neither bid him God speed: For he that biddeth him God speed [who encourages him] is partaker of his evil deeds.”  -II John 10,11.

6. Rebuke them; by their works they deny God.  “For there are many…deceivers…teaching things which they ought not….Wherefore rebuke them sharply….They profess that they know God but in works they deny Him.”  -Titus 1:10,11,13,16.

7. Withdraw from them; they are devoid of the truth.  “Perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds, and destitute of the truth…from such withdraw thyself.”  -I Tim. 6:5.

8. Have nothing to do with them; they propagate damnable heresies.  “A man that is an heretick…reject.”  -Titus 3:10.  Reject him from your fellowship and have nothing more to do with him.  “There shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies.”  -II Pet. 2:1.

9. Prophesy against them; they may turn you into moral cowards like themselves.  “And the word of the Lord came unto me , saying, Son of man, prophesy against the prophets….Ye have not gone up into the gaps…to stand in the battle in the day of the Lord.”  -Ezek. 13:1,2,5.

10. Separate utterly from them; they are the forces of darkness and infidelity.  “What communion hath light with darkness?  And what concord hath Christ with Belial?  or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?…  Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord.”  -II Cor. 6:14,15,17.

-Eugene M. Harrison


Amen Corner

Whenever a man is about to stab religion, he usually professes very great reverence for it.  Let me beware of sleek-faced hypocrisy which is armorbearer to heresy and infidelity.  -Charles Spurgeon

I cared not where or how I lived, or what hardships I went through, so that I could but gain souls for Christ.  I continued in this frame all evening and night.  While I was asleep, I dreamed of these things; and when I waked, the first thing I thought of was this great work of pleading for God against Satan (July 21, 1744).  -David Brainerd

When I was pastor of a country church, a farmer didn’t like the sermons I preached on Hell.  He said, “Preach about the meek and lowly Jesus.”  I said, “That’s where I got my information about Hell.”  -Vance Havner

One of the standing complaints that the sinner and the backslider have against our modern churches is that when they attend, no one seems to care, no one shakes their hand, no one seems glad to see them.  -John R. Rice

The idolatrous heart assumes that God is other than He is – in itself a monstrous sin – and substitutes for the true God one made after its own likeness.  Always this god will conform to the image of the one who created it and will be base or pure, cruel or kind, according to the moral state of the mind from which it emerges.  -A. W. Tozer

Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.  -George Washington

God’s mercies are new every morning (Lam. 3:22,23).  Yesterday’s mercies are no good for today’s need.  -David Sumner

The liquor traffic would destroy the church if it could, and the church could destroy the liquor traffic if it would.  -Sam Morris

From the starting post to the goal of the Christian course, it is all by faith.  -C. H. McIntosh

Death is a joyous Home-going to be announced with song and trumpet.  -A. T. Pierson

Who should read the Word?  The young, to know how to live; the old, to know how to die; the ignorant, for wisdom; the learned, for humility; the rich, for warning; the poor, for enrichment.  It is the Book for all sorts and conditions of men.

Strength for today is all that we need, As there never will be a tomorrow; For tomorrow will prove but an other today, With its measure of joy and sorrow.

Thanksgiving ~ The Plymouth Rock Inscription ~ Plymouth Oration: December 22, 1820

The Plymouth Rock Inscription

The inscription on the Plymouth Rock monument: “This spot marks the final resting place of the Pilgrims of the Mayflower. In weariness and hunger and cold, fighting the wilderness and burying their dead in common graves that the Indians should not know how many had perished, they here laid the foundations of a state in which all men for countless ages should have liberty to worship God in their own way. All you who pass by and see this stone remember, and dedicate yourselves anew to the resolution that you will not rest until this lofty ideal shall have been realized throughout the earth.” -that’s a monument to commitment.


Plymouth Oration ~ December 22, 1820

Source: Shewmaker, 94-9

Standing in relation tour ancestors and our posterity, we are assembled on this memorable spot, to perform the duties which that relation and the present occasion impose upon us. We have come to this Rock, to record here our homage for our Pilgrim Fathers; our sympathy in their sufferings; our gratitude for their labors; our admiration of their virtues; our veneration for their piety; and our attachment to those principles of civil and religious liberty, which they encountered the dangers of the ocean, the storms of heaven, the violence of savages, disease, exile, and famine, to enjoy and to establish. And we would leave here, also, for the generations which are rising up rapidly to fill our places, some proof that we have endeavored to transmit the great inheritance unimpaired; that in our estimate of public principles and private virtue, in our veneration of religion and piety, in our devotion to civil and religions liberty, in our regard for whatever advances human knowledge or improves human happiness, we are not altogether unworthy of our origin.

There is a local feeling connected with this occasion, too strong to be resisted; a sort of genius of the place, which inspires and awes us. We feel that we are on the spot where the first scene of our history was laid; where the hearths and altars of New England were first places; where Christianity, and civilization, and letters made their first lodgement, in a vast extent of country, covered with a wilderness, and peopled by roving barbarians. We are here, at the season of the year at which the event took place. The imagination irresistibly and rapidly draws around us the principal features and the leading characters in the original scene. We cast our eyes abroad on the ocean, and we see where the little bark, with the interesting group upon its deck, made its slow progress to the shore. We look around us, and behold the hills and promontories where the anxious eyes of our fathers first saw the places of habitation and of rest. We feel the cold which benumbed, and listen to the winds which pierced them. Beneath us is the Rock, on which New England received the feet of the Pilgrrims. We seem even to behold them, as they struggle with the elements, and, with toilsome efforts, gain the shore. We listen to the chiefs in council; we see the unexampled exhibition of female fortitude and resignation; we hear the whisperings of youthful impatience, and we see, what a painter of our own has also represented by his pencil, chilled anbd shivering childhood, houseless, but for a mother’s arms, couchless, but for a mother’s breast, till our own blood almost freezes. The mild dignity of CARVER and of BRADFORD; the decisive and soldierlike air and manner of STANDISH; the devout BREWSTER; the enterprising ALLERTON; the general firmness and thoughtfulness of the whole band; their conscious joy for dangers escaped; their deep solicitude about danger to come; their trust in Heaven; their high religious faith, full of confidence and anticipation; all of these seem to belong to this place, and to be present upon this occasion, to fill us with reverence and admiration…
The nature and constitution of society and government in this country are interesting topics, to which I would devote what remains of the time allowed to this occasion. Of our system of government the first thing to be said is, that it is really and practically a free system. It originates entirely with the people and rests on no other foundation than their assent. To judge of its actual operation, it is not enough to look merely at the form of its construction. The practical character of government depends often on a variety of considerations, besides the abstract frame of its constitutional organization. Among these are the condition and tenure of property; the laws regulating its alienation and descent; the presence or absence of a military power; an armed or unarmed yeomanry; the spirit of the age, and the degree of general intelligence. In these respects it cannot be denied that the circumstances of this country are most favorable to the hope of maintaining a government of a great nation on principles entirely popular. In the absence of military power, the nature of government must essentially depend on the manner in which property is holden and distributed. There is a natural influence belonging to property, whether it exists in many hands or few; and it is on the rights of property that both despotism and unrestrained poppular violence ordinarily commence their attacks. Our ancestors began their system of government here under a condition of comparative equality in regard to wealth, and their early laws were of a nature to favor and continue this equality.
A republicon form of government rests not more on political constitutions, than on those laws which regulate the descent and transmission of property. Governments like ours could not have been maintained, where property was holden according to the principles of the feudal system; nor, on the other hand, could the feudal constitution possibly exist with us. Our New England ancestors brought hither no great capitals from Europe; and if they had, there was nothing productive in which they could have been invested. They left behind them the whole feudal policy of the other continent. They broke away at once from the system of military service established in the Dark Ages, and which continues, down even to the present time, more or less to affect the condition of property all over Europe. They came to a new country. There were, as yet, no lands yielding rent, and no tenants rendering service. The whole soil was unreclaimed from barbarism. They were themselves, either from their original condition, or from the necessity of their common interest, nearly on a general level in respect to property. Their situation demanded a parcelling out and division of hte lands, and it may be fairly siad, that this necessary ace fixed the future frame and form of their government. The character of their political institutions was determined by the fundamental laws respecting property. The laws rendered estates divisible among sons and daughters. The right of primogeniture, at first limited and curtailed, was afterwards abolished. The property was all freehold. The entailment of estates, long trustss, and the other processes for fettering and tying up inheritances, were not applicable to the condition of society, and seldom made use of.

The true principle of a free and popular government would seem to be, so to construct it as to give to all, or at least to a very great majority, an interest in its preservation; to round it, as other things are rounded, on men’s interest. The stability of government demands that those who desire its continuance should be more powerful than those who desire its dissolution. This power, of course, is not always to be measured by mere numbers. Education, wealth, talents, are all parts and elements of the general aggregate of power; but numbers, nevertheless, constitute ordinarily the most important consideration, unless, indeed, there be a military force in the hands of the few, by which they can control the many. In this country we have actually existing systems of government, in the maintenance of which, it should seem, a great majority, both in numbers and in other means of power and influence must see their interest. But this state of things is not brought about solely by written political constitutions, or the mere manner of organizing government; but also by the laws which regulate the descent and transmission of property. The freest government, if it could exist, would not be long acceptable, if the tendency of the laws were to create a rapid accumulation of property in few hands, and to render the great mass of the population dependent and penniless. In such a case, the popular power would be likely to break limit and control the exercise of popular power. Universal suffrage, for example, could not long exist in a community where there was great inequality of property. The holders of estates would be obliged, in such case, in some way to restrain the right of suffrage, or else such right of suffrage would, before, long, divide the property. In the nature of things, those who have not property, and see their neighbors possess much more than they think them need, cannot be favorable to laws made for the protection of property. WHen this class becomes numerous, it glows clamorous. It looks on property as its prey and plunder, and is naturally ready, at all times, for violence and revolution.

It would seem, then, to be the part of political wisdom to found government on property; and to establish such distribution of property, by the laws which regulate its transmission and alienation, as to interest the great majority of society in the support of the government. This is, I imagine, the true theory and the actual practice of our republican institutions…

I deem it my duty on this occasion to suggest, that the land is not yet wholly free from the contamination of a traffic, at which every feeling of humanity must for ever revolt, – I mean the African slave-trade. Neither public sentiment, nor the law, has hitherto been able entirely to put an end tohis odious and abominable trade. At the moment when God in his mercy has blessed the Christian world with a universal peace, there is reason to fear, that, to the disgrace of the Christian name and character, new efforts are making for the extension of this trade by subjects and citizens of Christian states, in whose hearts there dwell no sentiments of humanity or of justice, and over whom neither the fear of God nor the fear of man exercises a control. In the sight of our law, the African slave-trader is a pirate and a felon; and in the sight of Heaven, an offender beyond the ordinary depth of human guilt. There is no brighter page of our history, than that which records the measures which have been adopted by the government at an early day, and at different times since, for the suppression of this traffic; and I would call on all the true sons of New England to cooperate with the laws of man, and the justice of Heaven. If there be, within the extent of our knowledge or influence, any participation in this traffic, let us pledge ourselves here, upon the rock of Plymouth, to extirpate and destroy it. It is not fit that the land of the Pilgrims should bear the shame longer. I hear the sound of the hammer, I see the smoke of the furnaces where manacles and fetters are still forged for human limbs. I see the visages of those who by stealth and at midnight labor in this work of hell, foul and dark, as may become the artificers of such instruments of misery and torture. Let that spot be purified, or let it cease to be of New England. Let it be purified, or let it be set aside from the Christian world; let it be put out of the circle of human sympathies and human regards, and let civilized man henceforth have no communion with it…

The hours of this day are rapidly flying, and this occasion will soon be passed. Neither we nor our children can be expected to behold its return. They are in the distant regions of futurity, they exist only in the all-creating power of God, who shall stand here a hundred years hence, to trace, through us, their descent from the Pilgrims and to survey, as we have now surveyed, the progress of their country, during the lapse of a century. We would anticipate their concurrence with us in our sentiments of deep regard for our common ancestors. We would anticipate and partake the pleasure with which they will then recount the steps of New England’s advancement. On the morning of that day, although it will not disturb us in our repose, the voice of acclamation and gratitude, commencing on the Rock of Plymouth, shall be transmitted through millions of the sons of the Pilgrims, till it lose itself in the murmurs of the Pacific seas.

We would leave for consideration of those who shall then occupy our places, some proof that we hold the blessings transmitted from our fathers in just estimation; some proof of our attachment to the cause of good government, and of civil and religious liberty; some proof of a sincere and ardent desire to promote every thing which may enlarge the understandings and improve the hearts of men. And when, from the long distance of a hundred years, they shall look back uopn us, they shall know, at least, that we possessed affections, which, running backward and warming with gratitude for what our ancestors have done for our happiness, run forward also to our posterity, and meet them with cordial salutation, ere yet they have arrived on the shore of being.

Advance, then, ye future generations! We would hail you, as you rise in your long succession, to fill the places which we now fill, and to taste the blessings of existence where we are passing, and soon shall have passed, our own human duration. We bid you welcome to this pleasant land of the fathers. We bid you welcome to the healthful skies and the verdant fields of New England. We greet your accession to the great inheritence which we have enjoyed. We welcome you to the blessings of good government and religious liberty. We welcome you to me treasures of science and the delights of learning. We welcome you to the transcendent sweets of domestic life, to the happiness of kindred, and parents, and children. We welcome you to the immeasurable blessings of rational existence, the immortal hope of Christianity, and the light of everlasting truth!!

Daniel Webster: Dartmouth’s Favorite Son   Dartmouth College


Happy Thanksgiving To You And Yours              Google Thanksgiving Day 2015

Psalm 26:7 King James Version (KJV)
That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.


Virginia School Bans All Songs Mentioning ‘Jesus’ at Annual Christmas Concert

Virginia School Bans All Songs Mentioning ‘Jesus’ at Annual Christmas Concert
November 08 2018

A middle school in Virginia has banned songs mentioning “Jesus” from its annual Christmas concert as part of an effort to be “more sensitive” toward the increasingly “diverse population” of its student body.
“We had a few students who weren’t comfortable singing a piece I have done many times in the past, but it is of a sacred nature and does mention Jesus,” the choir teacher at Robious Middle School in Chesterfield said in an email to a parent who was concerned about the changes to the winter concert program, NBC News affiliate WWBT has reported.
Parent David Allen said the public school’s efforts to encourage diversity while at the same time being exclusionary doesn’t seem rational.
“It just seems like … everywhere you look everyone’s afraid of stepping on someone’s toes or everything is being so sensitive,” Allen told NBC News affiliate WWBT. “They were unable to [sing this song] because the word Jesus was in there and apparently someone assumed it was of a sacred nature.”

News of the censorship of Jesus songs at Robious Middle School has garnered attention at multiple conservative websites.
Public schools in the United States have often seen their share of controversy over the extent to which they can reference Christmas in general and the Gospel story of Jesus’ birth in particular.
For example, in December 2016, a judge in Texas ordered a school district to restore “A Charlie Brown Christmas” display after it had been taken down by administrators because it featured a Bible verse.
Bell County State District Judge Jack Jones had issued a temporary injunction against the Killeen Independent School District from enforcing its decision to prohibit the Christmas decoration.
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, whose office backed the display, released a statement at the time expressing support for the injunction.
“I am glad to see that the court broke through the Left’s rhetorical fog and recognized that a commitment to diversity means protecting everyone’s individual religious expression,” Paxton said at the time.
Reported by: The Christian Post
By Prophecy in the News|November 8th, 2018|Tags: Banning Christmas, Banning Jesus, Bible Prophecy, Christian News, Prophecy News, Robious Middle School, Virginia, Virginia School

Every Committed Christian Should Be A Soul Winner

He that winneth souls is wise.    Proverbs 11:30

Soul-winning should have a prominent place in the life and service of every true Christian, yet how few today have the outlook and passion which possessed William Carey, the great missionary to India.  When just a young man he was asked the question, “What is your business?”, To which he promptly replied, “My business is winning souls, I cobble shoes to pay expenses.”  In these last days may we prayerfully have an increased love for lost souls.  -W. Ross Rainey

Lord, lay some soul upon my heart, And love that soul through me; And may I nobly do my part, To win that soul for Thee.  -Leon Tucker

The Sword Of The Lord ~ Dr. Shelton Smith, Editor ~ September 7, 2018

Judges 7:20 King James Version (KJV)
And the three companies blew the trumpets, and brake the pitchers, and held the lamps in their left hands, and the trumpets in their right hands to blow withal: and they cried, The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon.

An Independent Christian Publication, Standing for the Verbal Inspiration of the Bible, the Deity of Christ, His Blood Atonement, Salvation by Faith, New Testament Soul Winning and the Premillennial Return of Christ; Opposing Modernism (Liberalism), Worldliness and Formalism.

Amen Corner

The Word of God, in order to be blessed to the hearer, must be preached from the heart!  Jeremiah said, “His word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones.”  It is heart preaching that has power, not head preaching.  -John R. Rice

It is never right to preach under a wrong sponsorship.  It is perfectly all right to preach to Roman Catholics and others who deny salvation by grace through faith, but it would be wrong to go under their sponsorship.

We invite everyone to attend our meetings and to hear the Gospel; and we preach to everyone in attendance, whether he be an unbeliever, a Roman Catholic or whatever.  The issue is not preaching to Roman Catholics or others; the issue is going under the wrong sponsorship.  -Curtis Hutson

I’m tired of hearing about temperance instead of abstinence in order to please the cocktail crowd in church congregations.  -Vance Havner

If the power of the Gospel is not felt through the length and breadth of the land, anarchy and misrule, degradation and misery, corruption and darkness will reign without mitigation or end.  -Daniel Webster

Sin in thoughts is more simply sin: outward acts are but the sprouts; the sap and juice lie in the wicked imagination or contrivance, which has the strength in it to produce a thousand fruits as poisonous.  -Stephen Charnock

The flesh, smiling and confident, preaches and sings about the cross.  Before that cross it bows, and toward the cross it points with carefully staged histrionics- but upon that cross it will not die, and the reproach of that cross it stubbornly refuses to bear.  -A. W. Tozer

There is a true glory and a true honor: the glory of duty done, the honor of the integrity of principle.  -Robert E. Lee

There is no sin that shall condemn the man who believes, and nothing can save the man who will not believe.  -Charles Spurgeon

The holy work of delivering souls demands constant renewal through fellowship  with God.  -Andrew Murray

I set apart this day for fasting and prayer to prepare me for the ministry….In the forenoon, I felt a power of intercession, for immortal souls….In the afternoon…God enabled me so to agonize in prayer that I was quite wet with sweat, though in the shade and the cool wind.  My soul was drawn out very much for the world; I gasped for multitudes of souls.  I think I had more enlargement for sinners than for the children of God, though I felt as if I could spend my life in cries for both (April 19, 1742).  -David Brainerd


Noteworthy News  (NN)

U.S. Couple Trumpets Global Goodness on Bike Trek; ISIS Kills Them

Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan, both 29, quit their Washington, D.C., jobs a little over a year ago and embarked on a bicycle trip around the world.  By April, their journey well underway, Austin wrote in the couple’s blog…that they were embracing something beyond a mere great adventure.

“You watch the news and you read the papers and you’re led to believe that the world is a big, scary place,” he wrote.  “People, the narrative goes, are not to be trusted.  People are bad.  People are evil.  People are axe murderers and monsters and worse.” …

“I don’t buy it.  Evil is a make-believe concept we’ve invented to deal with the complexities of fellow humans holding values and beliefs and perspectives different than our own – it’s easier to dismiss an opinion as abhorrent than strive to understand it.  Badness exists, sure, but even that’s quite rare.  By and large, humans are kind – self-interested sometimes, myopic sometimes, but kind.  Generous and wonderful and kind.  No greater revelation has come from our journey than this.” …

Austin and Geoghegan were killed July 29 – just a few days into the second year of their journey – in what CBS News said was an ISIS-inspired attack as they rode through Tajikistan, which is predominantly Muslim and borders Afghanistan.

A car rammed into the couple and other bicycle tourists, after which five men exited the vehicle and attacked the group with knives, the network reported.  Two other bicyclists – one from the Netherlands and one from Switzerland – also were killed.

The Islamic State initially claimed responsibility and then released a video showing the five purported attackers pledging allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, CBS News added.  In the clip they sat before the ISIS flag and vowed to kill “disbelievers,” the New York Times said.  -Dave Urbanski,

EDITOR”S COMMENTS:  This unregenerate world is a dangerous place in which “the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (I Peter 5:8).  Naïve idealism is neither a solution to evil nor protection from it.  Intellectual denial is no shield against the harm the Devil and his crowd can bring you.

The death of this couple was brutal and senseless.  Sad, indeed, very sad!





Pulpit & Pen

Key the following link for the latest edition from the Pulpit & Pen blogsite


This discernment blog goes into great depth, addressing the plethora and varieties of apostasy that are encroaching the church today.  How does one counter falsehoods?  By becoming steeped in the scriptures and being aware of false prophets and wolves in sheepskin.  A thorough knowledge of the Word, and Godly wisdom, are the proper tools used to counter heresy.  In Christ, Pastor Steve  <><

Thought For The Day:

The Sword Of The Lord ~ Dr. Shelton Smith, Editor ~ August 24, 2018

Judges 7:20 King James Version (KJV)
And the three companies blew the trumpets, and brake the pitchers, and held the lamps in their left hands, and the trumpets in their right hands to blow withal: and they cried, The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon.

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Amen Corner

All of us would be better off spiritually if we simply said, “Yes, Lord!”  to His gold-leaf invitations found on the pages of the Bible.  If a child of God just obeyed five Bible verses on Bible reading (Ps. 63:1), prayer (Luke 18:1), church attendance (Heb. 10:25), soul winning (Prov. 11:30), and Holy Spirit fulness (Eph. 5:18), we’d have to build larger fundamental churches to hold the crowds that would come this Sunday!  -John Hamblin

It is utterly false to suppose that the Word of the Lord preached by a cold-hearted, unanointed preacher who preaches in human wisdom and for selfish purposes will bring its proper fruit the same as if preached by one whose heart is set aflame by the Holy Spirit.  It takes the power of God to preach the Word of God.  The Word of God is not a sword of man; it is the Sword of the Spirit.  -John R. Rice

A good many are kept out of the service of Christ, deprived of the luxury of working for God, because they are trying to do some great thing.  Let us be willing to do little things.  And let us remember that nothing is small in which God is the source.  -D. L. Moody

Some people are like wheelbarrows: useful only when pushed and very easily upset.  The time to stop talking is when the other person nods his head affirmatively but says nothing.  -Vance Havner

Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right, from the frame of their nature, to knowledge, as their great Creator, who does nothing in vain, has given them understandings and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge, I mean, of the characters and conduct of their rulers.  -John Adams

Keep all earthly treasures out of your heart and let Christ be your treasure and let Him have your heart.  -Charles Spurgeon

The difficulty we modern Christians face is not misunderstanding the Bible but persuading our untamed hearts to accept its plain instructions.  Our problem is to get the consent of our world-loving minds to make Jesus Lord in fact as well as in word.  -A. W. Tozer

The path of man is too dark, the cross of Christ is too glorious, and the heart of God is too grieved for me to quit now.  -Lester Roloff

The sword of Muhammad and the Qur’an are the most fatal enemies of civilization, liberty and truth which the world has yet known.  -Sir William Muir (1819-1905)

Great souls live so grandly, fight so bravely, endure so patiently, suffer so uncomplainingly, work so faithfully, and shine so constantly that wherever they are, they are polestars by which the multitudes may steer their barks.  Fortunate indeed is that community that is rich in great souls.