Analysis Of The History Channel’s Series: Revelation, The End Of Days, The Road To Babylon, Part 2

The apocalyptic events in Part 2 centered around the Trumpet Judgments mentioned in the book of Revelation.  Here is a summary of the main events:  An asteroid hit Minneapolis, starting a chain reaction of catastrophes.  Hurricane force winds overtook Chicago.  The sky darkened and there was no sun.  At the end of the seven year Tribulation Period the United States lost 40% of its’ population.  Since the meteor strike, there were only 5-6 hours of sunlight per day and permanent winter.  No gasoline was available.  Pandemics continued.  Society became lawless.  Looting dominated in the northern cities.  There was no electricity or lights , and the plumbing was limited.  The water turned red everywhere, killing the fish.  The government claimed the red coloring was dust from the meteor strike.  The rapture data given I thought was realistic, with claims of hundreds of thousands of people disappearing.  This is a small percentage when compared to the whole population.  Thousands of swarms of locusts plagued the earth.  The Bottomless Pit was mentioned as well.  Smoke, fire and brimstone came from the avenging angels.  Men were scorched with fire.  A powerful earthquake hit New Orleans.  Finally the battle of Armageddon happened followed by the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The Beast, Antichrist, the Mark of the Beast, and Two Prophets were mentioned as well, and their activities recorded.  The United States’ Government went up against the Evangelical Christian Militia who called themselves the Tribulation Saints, and used the symbol of a red eagle as their logo.  [They played a role nearly identical to the Left Behind Series’ Tribulation Force].  The Antichrist turned out to be the American President Brandon.  (In Part 1 he initiated a peace plan in Israel).  He set up New Orleans as a “Safe Zone” with law and order, and “Freedom Buses” took the people to this area.  In reality, New Orleans is really the new Babylon.  By now the Government is killing Christians as well as seniors and the sick.  The Antichrist claimed that law and order were restored.  The Antichrist, President Brandon, as the master of deception, claimed the Christian Evangelicals shot him, and that he went into a coma and recovered.  Now the Antichrist encourages everyone who came to the “safe zone” to be inoculated against the pandemics going around.  A barcode put on people’s hands proved that they received the inoculation.  In reality, this is the Mark of the Beast!  The two prophets from the Christian Evangelicals rise from the dead after they are killed.  (They are the two witnesses mentioned in the book of Revelation).  The Antichrist dies, followed by Armageddon and the Second Coming of Christ.


It was a very good series, especially coming from secular television, but here are a couple things that did not resonate with me:

1)Again, just as was the case in Part 1, it was suggested that the seven years of torment were to “test the faith of mankind.”  Any idea of judgment was omitted, even though it made Noah’s flood look like a bubble bath in comparison.

2)In the later part of this mini series, the perspective of these events was totally from the United States, and the spotlight was taken off of the Middle East and Jerusalem where it belonged.  Israel is ground zero for the end times apocalyptic events.  I believe the Antichrist will rule from the Middle East.  Also, there was not enough mention of the Global One World Government and Global Religion, as well as the United States’ interaction in the universal scheme of  these things.  In other words, the documentary was entirely focused on the United States towards the end.  Furthermore, one of the characters at the end of the movie did not appear to be a born again Christian in the presence of Christ and enjoying the millennium.  There was no euphoria or joy emitted at the end of the movie when the thousand year reign of Christ began.

If you want to experience the book of Revelation 6-18 visually, this is the series to watch.  I heartily enjoyed it and it is a great reminder of end time events to believers, and a wake up call to the lost as to what is coming down the pike.

I Thessalonians 4:13-18      Pastor Steve

For further Biblical information on end times prophecy, please go to the category Eschatology (End Times Prophecy) on this blog site.  Go to the bottom and keep striking Older Posts because there is extensive information here on the rapture of the church, the tribulation period and the new world order, the second coming, etc., etc.


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