2016 Elections / Interesting Facts About Who Won What And The Electoral College

 This article conveys the brilliance of our Founding Fathers when they established the Electoral College – 


Here are the facts:

Trump won the popular vote in 31 states to her

19 and DC.  62% to her 38%.

Trump led in the total popular vote for all states except California.

Hillary won California 8,753,788 to Trump’s 4,483,810.  61.6% to

33.1% exclusive of the other candidates.  Thus California gave Hillary the

popular vote for all states as claimed

by the Democrats and their media stooges.

But deduct her California vote from her national vote leaving her with 54,978,783,

and deduct Trump’s California vote from his national total, leaving him with 57,113.976, he wins in a landslide in the other 49 states, 51.3% to her 48.7%.

So, in effect, Hillary was elected president of California and Trump was elected

president of the rest of the country by a substantial margin.

This exemplifies the wisdom of the Electoral College, to prevent the vote

of any one populace state from overriding the vote of the others.  Trump’s Campaign Manager, Kellyanne Conway, whose expertise is polling, saw this early on and devised

her strategy of “6 pathways to the White House”.

This meant ignoring California with its huge Democrat majority and going after the states that would give him the necessary electoral votes to win, FL, NC, MI, PA, OH, and WI.

At its lowest point since the civil war!  Could this mean the end of the Democrat Party?  When the afternoon of January 20, 2017 arrives, the Republican Party will have:

1)  The Presidency.

2)  A majority of the House of Representatives.

3)  A majority of the Senate.

4)  Almost two-thirds of all the governorships.

5)  Total control of the statehouses in almost two-thirds of all the states.  And in the near future, Republicans will be able to add:

6)  A majority of the Supreme Court.  The above has never happened  before in American history.

Think about that and let it sink in for a moment.  And it’s all because  of one reason:  Barack

Obama’s forcing his extreme far-left agenda on an unwilling country by executive orders, left wing judges, and obsequious bureaucrats.  It’s important to pass this on.  With the demand that we do away with the Electoral College and take the popular vote being pushed by the media, etc, all Americans need to know that the Electoral College is working exactly as our Founding Fathers intended.


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How The Election Was Won and Why It Matters

How The Election Was Won and Why It Matters

A lot of people want to take credit for the Trump revolution, or to ascribe credit when it’s not deserved. While I have no personal axe to hack against Jared Kushner, President-elect Donald Trump’s son-in-law, that November 22, 2016 Forbes Magazine “Exclusive Interview:…



Trump’s Cabinet: A Motley Collection of Believers

Trump’s Cabinet: A Motley Collection of Believers

Abraham Lincoln had his “Team of Rivals”. John F. Kennedy had……

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The American Renewal Project / How The Election Was Won and Why It Matters

How The Election Was Won and Why It Matters
Exclusive: ‘The hard data is in on who pushed those electronic
buttons to give Mr. Trump an historic electoral college win.’
A lot of people want to take credit for the Trump revolution, or to ascribe credit when it’s not deserved. While I have no personal axe to hack against Jared Kushner, President-elect Donald Trump’s son-in-law, that November 22, 2016 Forbes Magazine “Exclusive Interview: How Jared Kushner Won Trump The White House” was more startling than Hillary Clinton’s election night drunken temper tantrum.  While Mr. Kushner certainly played a part in data-mining voting targets from his perch at 666 Fifth Avenue, the hard data is in on who pushed those electronic buttons to give Mr. Trump an historic electoral college win…the Catholics. Pass Forbes the Holy smelling salts and splash some Holy water all over Project Alamo, the plan to suppress the vote among Hillary Clinton’s biggest fan base threat to Trump: young women, African-Americans and millennials. If this voter suppression scheme worked so well, why is the media claiming Hillary won by 3 million votes?  Why does it matter?  Isn’t winning enough? No.  Because if the new administration thinks that data-mining, manipulating and massaging the attitudes of faceless masses are responsible, they mortally wound the spirit of a miraculous revolution by real people, with real names and hearts.  Was the battle merely one of patriots versus globalists? Or was the real war between good and evil?
My colleague and friend of many years, George Marlin, is one of the most renowned conservatives in the United States. Mr. Marlin is also the expert on the Catholic vote. We have often wondered if Mitt Romney had used the proprietary data prepared exclusively for Romney by George & Co., and presented to Mr. Romney in 2012, would Romney have won against Obama? The Catholics (and evangelicals) who sat home during four voting cycles, voted for Trump on November 8. What drove them to the polls? Data mining, or quiet professionals, determined patriots, and armies of the faithful that decided it was time to slay the leviathan? With very rare exceptions, media pundits went at it again-marginalizing the forgotten voter. Only this time, it was a bit more turbid.
While giving a speech at a Trump victory celebration in South Carolina, I asked a very well informed audience, “How did we win the election?” The first answer was from a gentleman who referred to the Forbes article and the genius of Jared Kushner. Jokingly, I told him the man with the hook needed to come and yank him out of the crowd. I asked again:  “How did we win the election?” The thoughtful elderly man sitting to the right of where I stood gently answered:  “Prayer.” Ah. The Answer.
Trump’s win WAS a miracle.
Here is what happened to scale the wall of impossibility…

During an early March 2015 three-day Republican National Committee Finance meeting in Boca Raton, the RNC gave a momentous presentation on the tools necessary to win the office that all knew would be, at best, difficult to claim. At this point, the candidate was unknown, although Jeb Bush appeared to be the anointed one, with Marco Rubio stealing his thunder during Rubio’s stunning keynote dinner address. Most of the then prospective candidates made an appearance that weekend. Bush was boring, and eyes rolled when Donald Trump took to the podium. The RNC’s game plan was to fully implement its superior digital technology first utilized during the 2014 midterms, but to tap into a risky voter pool: the low propensity voter. Who was that voter? It was an eclectic bunch of millions who had tuned out and were needed to expand the depleted Republican voter base. RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus, hired former South Carolina GOP Chair, Chad Connelly, to become the Executive Director of the RNC’s first-time ever position, Faith Outreach. Why Mr. Connelly? Because all that know him are awed by his remarkable skills to communicate with evangelicals and build long-term relationships. Prong One to victory was put into place.

Next. On June 9, 2016, the RNC and presumptive nominee Donald Trump held their first official meeting of the newly created legal entity called Trump Victory.  Trump Victory was the joint fundraising effort between the RNC and Donald Trump. I was asked by the RNC Chairman to become a member of Trump Victory’s Finance Committee and had a seat at this critical first strategy session.  Having been on Marco Rubio’s campaign team, I was not on board that early Trump train, nor knew what to expect on this prophetic day in Trump Tower. After the meeting, we attended a luncheon for donors and fundraisers where Trump’s election strategy was revealed. The one that caught everyone’s attention was the Rustbelt Strategy. We received a guided tour through the playbook. Win West Virginia. Carry the invasion into Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin.  Meanwhile, pick up FL and North Carolina and have a back-up plan to rack up enough small electoral vote states to make up for rust-belt-state loss. He was planning to simultaneously scale Everest and K-2. Trump had won the nomination without a ground-game operation, without staff necessary to implement a presidential campaign. The vitriol of the NeverTrumpers created a fundraising nightmare. There were scant big donors and Trump was not particularly receptive to big donor money. With barely a cohesive campaign, with funds that looked like a jar of jelly beans compared to Hillary Clinton’s war chest and Clinton Foundation illegal campaign contributions, The Donald put on his hiking boots and went for the climb–big events, big crowds and No One had a clue if those in attendance were voters, registered, thinking about it or looking for a cheap night of entertainment. Was it a methodical illusion? Despite ammunition aimed at him from within and without, Trump captured what has always been uniquely Trump: possibilities. He is electric. Unplugged.Sometimes unglued. But his appeal to the heartlands, whether in FL or in Michigan, was undeniable. The RNC was not prepared to put funds into “maybe” states. Turn Wisconsin and Michigan red? As a Trump fundraiser, I did not know how it was going to be possible to create effective ground operations in “maybe” states, let alone Florida and Ohio. But Trump’s Rustbelt Strategy was Prong Two of the path to victory.

David Lane’s American Renewal Project put prong Three of the Trifecta into place. Never heard of him? Neither had I, until a close friend told me to take a look. Mr. Lane’s nonprofit Austin, Texas entity, The Vineyard, had been building relationships with evangelical pastors for several years. His message? To defeat the liberal secularists that had imposed their values on a once Biblically-based culture and nation and were on a three-quarter century winning streak. “We evangelicals and pro-life Catholic Christians must engage the culture,” Lane told me. “If America is to be saved, we must become the men and women of Issachar who ‘know the times and know what to do’ (1 Chronicles 12:32). There has to be a spiritual resurrection of America, or we’re finished.” So David Lane enlisted armies of pastors and their congregations to take back their culture and Christianity. And they did.

In his post-election article, “Rustbelt Catholics Put Trump Over The Top,” George Marlin detailed the Catholic vote in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. “Catholics determined a presidential election,” Marlin wrote. Hillary Clinton ignored the Catholic vote, just as Mitt Romney did. Mr. Marlin’s article is available on The Streetcorner Conservative blog. The numbers do not lie. And neither does the bottom line of how we won the election: liberals ignored and ceded the Christian vote. Three unrelated prongs merged to overcome unimaginable odds.  I would like to see more in the press acknowledge this, and attempt to refute it. They will not and they cannot. The real champions of this election did what they did for the Glory of God, not for recognition. President Trump needs to make Faith Outreach an essential part of his administration. What was begun by Chad Connelly and David Lane in the creation of lasting relationships with faith-based leaders in small towns across the United States is central to righting a ship drowning under the arrogance of the self-appointed masters of our Divinely blessed nation. Donald J. Trump needs to give thanks where thanks are truly due…to our Divine King. “No one that I know believes that the Kingdom of God is going to arrive on Air Force One,” said David Lane. “Or that politicians are going to save America; or that Wall Street is going to save America.”
How did we win the election?
Tender Mercy that cannot be taken for granted.
God Bless. Merry Christmas. And always with Love.
Karen A. Iacovelli is Member of Board at The Philadelphia Trust Company. A twenty-five year veteran of the media industry, Ms. Iacovelli has served as a newspaper journalist, magazine publisher, and television/radio commentator.
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Many Laughed At The Prospect Of Donald Trump’s Election As President.  Others Laughed At Those Who Stated He Was The Front Runner For The Presidency In The 2016 Elections.  The Moral Of The Story Is…  


Salena Zito, an award-winning political journalist, responded to the news that current Vice President Joe Biden was hinting he might run for President in 2020-at the age of 78. Zito Tweeted: “This is what happens when you lose 919 state legislative seats 69 congressional & maj Gov offices in 8 yrs No bench.”
Here is a map of the United States House of Representatives in the Obama years.

U.S. House of Representatives

source: Wikipedia
The fundamental conundrum Democrats faced in 2016 wasn’t Hillary Clinton’s lack of honesty, but the veracity of Barack Hussein Obama. The question Democrats must now answer for themselves is, “Why did President Barack Obama lose more U.S. Senate and U.S. House seats than any President since FDR?”
The reason for the massive loss is obviously not President Obama’s political skill, for few politicians possess his enormous political aptitude and ability. It must be something else.
Coming to a Democrat precinct near you in 2017-2018 is a household/family in revolt. The Democrat Party is no longer a party of virtue, a fact flaunted in their 2016 Party Platform.
For crying out loud, just look at the positions advocated by President Barack Obama and the Party he led:
  • Ejection of Pro-Life Americans from the Democrat Party
  • Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage
  • Veto of a bill to defund Planned Parenthood
  • Iranian nuclear deal
  • Transgender directives to public schools
  • Betrayal of Israel, our best friend in the Middle East
Democrats did this to themselves. As the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel would have declared, “Eyes they have to see but do not see; ears they have to hear but do not hear.” 
The Democrats had fair warning, as early as August 16, 2008, of the dishonesty in
 politics they were about to elect to the White House. At the Civil Forum on the Presidency, hosted by Saddleback Church in California, Pastor Rick Warren asked, “Forty million abortions, at what point does a baby get human rights, in your view?” Obama responded, “Well, you know, I think that whether you’re looking at it from a theological perspective or a scientific perspective, answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade.” Warren later asked, “Define marriage.” Obama answered, “I believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian . . . it is also a sacred union. God is in the mix.”
On the whole, sustaining freedom in a nation is only possible when citizens can rely on politicians to produce truthful answers. In Obama’s lust for power in 2008, he was driven to falsify his private belief and public position on same-sex intercourse and marriage and abortion, thereby exposing a defect in his character.
Obama’s lying to the nation should have been a red flag to the Democrat National Committee. But their capacity to deliberately overlook and ignore Obama’s habitual untruthfulness and veracity led to the current state of disaster within the Democrat Party.
Obama, in his pursuit of the most powerful office in the world, missed the spiritual truth that “the great thing God requires is not attendance on outward ordinances, but the diligent seeking unto Him by a whole-hearted trust. Where faith was missing, nothing could meet with His approval; but where faith really existed and was exercised, it would be richly rewarded.”**
President Obama’s deceit has extracted a horrible price from the “Democrat  Bench.” As one political analyst recently stated, “Under President Obama, Democrats have lost 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, 13 Senate seats. That’s some legacy”*
And those are just the numbers from 2015. The official turnout statistics and results for the 2016 election will not be available for a couple of months, but the Democrat numbers in 2016 are sure to be worse.

Someone needs to raise a pillar in front of Democrat National Committee headquarters in Washington, DC, with this as an inscription: “Loyalty and truth preserve the king, and he upholds his throne by righteousness”(Proverbs 20:28).

Bible scholar Richard J. Clifford states it succinctly: “God’s loyalty and fidelity guard the king [president]. The king [president] is the agent of God, so God protects him as he exercises his important function. The venerable word pair “loyalty and fidelity” are personified as soldiers who protect the throne, but the king also has his role to play. His own conduct also stabilizes the throne. The saying affirms the importance of divine protection and human virtue.”***
According to the Apostle Paul, the primary battles we face are spiritual, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).
In 2016, Christians made a small step forward in the arena of civil government. Yet, small steps are often the beginning of great enterprises. My Pastor – and current Thousand Oaks City Councilman – Rob McCoy interpreted the relationship between Christians and the “Public Square” in his sermon the Sunday following the November 8th election. It’s a “Must Watch“. (8 minutes)
Gideons and Rahabs are beginning to stand.
David Lane
American Renewal Project
**A.W. Pink, An Exposition of Hebrews
***Richard J. Clifford, Proverbs

Laying Down The Law

Federal Judge Makes Case For A United America  ~  Judge Primomo – Federal Magistrate Judge

New Citizens Get Judge’s Tough Talk On Trump

“If you are a citizen of the United States, he is your President, and he will be your President, and if you do not like that, you need to go to another country.”

(This Texas Judge is a Hillary Clinton supporter)

America’s New Civil War ~ Red States/Blue States

We observe this phenomena becoming more plainer with each new presidential election.  Our nation is polarized right down the middle.  We can even see the regional dichotomy between the Red States and Blue States.  The Red States are the interior and heartland of our country.  The Blue States consist of the large populated cities and coastal states.  These areas present two different, divergent and opposing world views.  Let us examine each.  The following observations are by no means conclusive, and a mere thumb nail sketch by the blog author.  I am sure you could add more examples to this article:  

Blue States:  The recent mantra at their demonstrations is “Black lives matter.”  A heavy handed,  government is desired, with high taxation for the middle class in order to underwrite expenses.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the concept of “Global Warming” are promoted, and the ramifications of them produce an endless sea of ridiculous taxes, red tape and bureaucracy.  Sanctuary cities are desired in order to protect the “rights” of illegals and criminals.  Abortion is not a problem, and a viable option for anyone who desires one.  Our nations’ borders should be wide open and allow anyone to enter at will.  This mindset also reveals a receptivity to the New World Order (NWO).  Illegals are welcome, and should be supported through our tax dollars.  American distinctives and the Judeo Christian ethic upon which our nation was built, are not held in high regard in the least.  Our countries’ Constitution is a fluid document and can be ignored and/or modified.  Patriotism offends many, especially minorities, and the American flag can be burned and trampled upon.  The American flag is not displayed at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) until someone complains.  At the DNC, they even vote on whether or not to pray!   Instead of our immigrants learning our culture, language and way of life, we are suppose to cater to their every whim and desire.  Anyone who fears the heavy infiltration of Muslims and their Sharia Law, is labeled Islamophobic.  If you believe that homosexuality is a sinful lifestyle and repudiated in the Bible, then you are homophobic.  Guns are evil and no one should be permitted to own one.  Our public restrooms should be open to transvestites, and every other form of sexual perversion.  Gays and lesbians should be permitted to marry.  Moral values, and determining right from wrong may differ from person to person.  There are no moral absolutes.  President Obama is attempting to employ lesbian farmers throughout our nation.  He is doing this in order to break up rural conservatives.  Note how these values go against our nation’s foundation beliefs that espouse God and Country.  There is no desire to seek harmony in our country following the elections.  There is an anger expressed towards those who disagree with them, going so far as attempting to overturn the election results.  The Left broke windows, led in riots, overturns cars, etc., after losing the election.  Celebrities threatened to leave the country if their candidate lost the election (they all cried wolf and stayed).  Also noteworthy was the post election “sore loser” infantile behavior of the left wing weenie brigade, featuring cuddling with puppies, drinking hot cocoa, lying on the pavement in the fetal position, group screams at Yale University, as well as a wide variety of other reprehensible deeds whose actions were reminiscent of those we use to call brats.  In the You Tube below, you can see their leader setting the tone for immature meltdowns:



Red States:  It is realized within this group that “All lives matter.”  There is a desire to keep taxes down as much as possible, and keep governing to a minimum, thus allowing our citizenry to make their decisions on the local level.  The failed Obamacare is rightly interpreted as unconstitutional.  The evangelicals are still found in the heartland and have great influence in the red states.  82% of evangelicals voted Republican.  There is a desire to curb the immigration of illegals and those who would seek the harm of our nation.  Abortion is rightly interpreted as pure unadulterated murder.  The Judeo Christian ethic upon which our country was founded, is greatly esteemed and respected.  Sanctuary cities are seen in a very negative light, and as a method to harbor criminals.  Patriotism is a positive trait, and the flag is raised as we love God and Country.  The flag is esteemed and adored, not burned and trampled upon.  There is no hatred for the LGBT Community; yet they are seen as living a perverted lifestyle, totally contrary to the will of God.  Public restrooms should remain the way they have always been – for men and for women period.  Marriage is ONLY between one man and one woman.  Muslims are welcome to America insofar that they submit to our Constitution and do not attempt to implement Sharia Law.  Since this scenario is very unlikely, the immigration of Muslims to the United States of America will always be a difficult issue.  Second amendment rights are endorsed, and afford protection for our citizenry.  It is a well established fact that where people are allowed to carry arms, there is less crime.  The United States Constitution is fully endorsed, and is seen as representing the very law upon which our nation and government were built.  The Brexit decision in Great Britain is greatly appreciated, as Britain decided they do not desire allegiance and unity with the European Union.  The New World Order (NWO) is interpreted as the enemy of the sovereignty of the United States of America.  Many nations in the United Nations are Islamic, and a danger to our beliefs as Americans.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is observed as a political football that carries a huge bureaucratic agenda with it.  (i.e. Taxing farmers hundreds and even thousands of dollars for each cow they own, and heavily taxing the land that animals graze on, etc., etc., etc.)  The citizens of the red states are saddened when their candidates lose the election, yet do not enter the riot or self pity mode, or threaten to somehow usurp the election results.

Yes, there is a deep chasm running through our nation, and two totally opposing world views.  Will they eventually threaten the unity of our United States?

Pastor Steve

Pray For Revival In America! 

Spiritual Watershed Moment During The Trump Campaign

Donald Trump has a burden for our broken inner cities.  Their infrastructure is deplorable, and their neglect is great.  A few months ago, Dr. Ben Carson arranged for Trump to meet with key spiritual leaders in black Protestant churches in Detroit, Michigan.  They laid hands on Trump and prayed with him.  Like modern day prophets, they told Trump that his opponents would vilify him to no end.  His opposition would be enough to make the average man throw in the towel.  They said however, that the Lord had His hand on him and would enable him and see him through.

Trump has also had meetings with James Dobson, other evangelistic leaders, and has been endorsed by the American Renewal Project.  The Renewal Project are Protestant pastors across denominational lines, who are praying with urgency for renewal, political involvement, and revival in America!  I am grateful to be one of them.  Pray that Donald Trump would submit to the Lord, and that real spiritual change would reign in his heart.  Donald Trump seems very receptive to the tutelage  of Christian mentors.

Do not lose sight that the political outcome of this election was allowed by the Lord.  Quite frankly, after the last two elections I really wondered if the Lord was finished with America.  The results from November 8 are an indication of His grace.  Hillary Clinton thought it was all over except for the shouting.  The planets all had to align perfectly for a Trump upset and they did.  What was the difference?  Evangelicals actually got out and did what they are SUPPOSE to do.  Now, Christians need to continue to repent, pray, fast, and in some cases we need to become politically involved ourselves.

2 Chronicles 7:14  King James Version (KJV)

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Blessings, Pastor Steve


Pray For Revival In America!


The Lord Did Indeed Place Donald Trump In Office –

The following article is a good one, however, seems to imply that the Lord intervened in the voting process several hours into the evening of November 8.  Since the ballets were already turned in and the voting was nearly finished, that makes little sense to me.  We are thankful for all the believers who prayed during the election returns throughout the evening, yet the Lord honored the prayers of all the saints during the days, weeks, months and years PRIOR to the election.  It was already a done deal.  It simply all played itself out through the voting process:


New York Times graph displaying “Chance of Winning Presidency” in real time

WASHINGTON – Election eve 2016 began without any real sign of a gathering storm. No hint a popular revolt was brewing. In fact, just the opposite.

The networks were reporting the mood in the inner circle of the Republican candidate was subdued, somber, tense, even foreboding – as if fearing the worst.

image: http://www.wnd.com/files/2016/11/Trump-TW22-300×150.jpg

President-elect Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

President-elect Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter)

In direct contrast, the mood in the camp of the Democratic Party presidential candidate was described as confident, expectant and already almost celebratory.


When the first polls closed on the East Coast and the first results began to come in, those moods seemed to be swiftly confirmed by reality. The pre-election polls were not wrong. Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton immediately took the lead.

And she was winning in the battleground states.

She was leading in Florida. She was leading in North Carolina. She was leading in Pennsylvania. She was leading in Ohio. Clinton was threatening to pull away and end the suspense early.

image: http://www.wnd.com/files/2016/11/Hillary-1-300×165.png

Presidential election loser Democrat Hillary Clinton

Presidential election loser Democrat Hillary Clinton

At 7 p.m., there was no sign of a popular uprising led by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. There was no sign at 8 p.m. There was still no sign as time inexorably marched on.

Something would have to break.

And then it did.

Like a scene out of the film “It’s a Wonderful Life,” people had begun to pray.

But not just in one small town. Across America. And around the world.

Simple acts of faith heralded the first faint wisps of a breeze that would soon become a storm that would shake the world.

It began in Jerusalem.

Christians from many nations gathered in the heart of Israel to pray and fast for the fate of the United States. Americans knelt on stage as the faithful prayed. Organizers instructed them to pray like never before for a just God to deliver his most Christian nation. They called it the Jerusalem Global Gathering.

Christians in Jerusalem pray for America

Christians also gathered to pray for the nation outside the U.S. Capitol. As WND reported, pastor Dan Cummins of the small rural East Texas town of Bullard led prayers for a return to biblical principles.

image: http://www.wnd.com/files/2016/11/DC-prayer1-220×300.jpg


JoAnn and Dan Cummins lead prayers on election night in front of the U.S. Capitol

And it was in Texas that the prayers for deliverance were sent around the world, using modern technology.

A large prayer group had gathered in Dallas, hosted by Ken Copeland ministries. It was broadcast by the Daystar channel. Presenters David Barton and former Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., invited viewers to join in prayer.

Daystar has a global reach of 400 million potential viewers.

As they prayed, something began to stir.

“At the precise moment we began broadcasting on Daystar,” Bachmann told WND, “as the polls were still open, and a national audience of believers joined together and prayed in concert, we literally saw the race break in favor of Trump.”

“At that very minute.”

What do YOU think? Did divine intervention play a role in Trump’s victory? Sound off in today’s WND poll

She presented proof.

“The New York Times documented the shift in voting from that minute.”

Michele Bachmann on Donald Trump’s victory: ‘The Lord did this’

“The Times put out a timeline tracking the election results as they broke for Trump last night,” Bachmann continued. “We went wild in the Dallas studio last night when David Barton, Ken and Terri Copeland, and various pastors saw that the victory for Trump began exactly at the precise moment believers corporately, over national television, sought the Lord for His favor upon our nation.”

“We knew it was at the exact same time that believers joined in corporate prayer on behalf of voting for a godly platform. Believers brought the Lord into this election, and that made all the difference,” added the devout believer.

“That is the story of last night’s victory. I have no doubt. The strong right arm of a holy God heard the prayers of His people and graciously answered our prayers,” Bachmann reflected.

“It truly explains the Trump victory. I have no doubt. No man can take the credit. Only the strong right arm of a merciful God.”

image: http://www.wnd.com/files/2016/11/donald-trump-victory-speech-ok-sign-600-300×166.jpg

President-elect Donald Trump giving his victory speech (Twitter)

President-elect Donald Trump giving his victory speech (Twitter)

But that was in harmony with the “believers interceding on behalf of the American election last night in Jerusalem, praying in concert with those of us praying in America.”

And there is no doubt someone was listening.

In addition to the hundreds-of-millions of viewers within Daystar’s reach, the event drew about a million views online.

Bachmann said there had been a genuine repentance and coordinated beseeching of God. She told WND, “We saw the effective fervent prayers of righteous believers availing much.”

“And, prayers so specific,” she explained, “we prayed for elections by county and cities and districts. We literally watched results follow the faithful effectual prayers of righteous people who had humbled themselves and cried out to God for his mercy. This wasn’t credit for us; this was clearly the Lord’s gracious doing.”

Bachmann proclaimed, “It is the story of the night and the biggest story of the year. I have no doubt.”

“We were told more believers came out to vote in this election than ever before,” she reflected, and the numbers confirmed that.

Trump benefited from the largest evangelical turnout out in history.

image: http://www.wnd.com/files/2016/11/hispanicsfortrump_getty-300×169.jpg

hispanicsfortrump_gettyExit polls showed that an overwhelming 80 percent of white evangelical voters (who made up 25 percent of all 2016 voters) supported Trump.

Related columns (story continues below):

The people — and God — have spokenby Pat Boone

Trump: President by the sovereign intervention of God by Michael Brown

Evangelicals of color preferred Clinton, but she did not get the same support from Hispanics and African-Americans as did President Obama.

Polls also showed that Trump recaptured the Catholic vote for the GOP by a margin of 52 percent to 45 percent, after most of them voted for Obama in the two previous presidential elections.

Bachmann said all of this “shows the necessity of believers voting for biblical principles in the voting booth.”

Despite the victory, she concluded the work has just begun for the faithful, as well as the president-elect.

“This is not the time for believers to celebrate and turn away from doing our part affecting our society with the salt and light found in the Bible.”

“Now is the time,” she continued, “for pastors to preach biblically from America’s pulpits on the various issues we confront in America.”

“This is a beginning for people of faith. It is an opportunity to share the gospel and educate people on the fundamental primacy of the foundation of western civilization: the Bible.”

What do YOU think? Did divine intervention play a role in Trump’s victory? Sound off in today’s WND poll

image: http://www.wnd.com/files/2016/11/Trump-election-TW-300×151.jpg

Donald Trump wins election to the White House (Photo: Twitter)

Donald Trump wins election to the White House (Photo: Twitter)

So, what did happen around 8 p.m. Eastern time, when the Times indicated the odds favoring Trump began a dramatic turnaround in his favor?

Did prayers sway the vote, or did they coincide with the moment the tabulations began to swing to Trump?

Either way, there could be a case to be made that the Trump victory was not really the work of man, because man chose Clinton.

She won the popular vote. Just as the polls predicted.

But it was where those people voted that made all the difference. Providentially, perhaps, the shift toward Trump happened in the key swing states needed to push him over the top in the all-important Electoral College.

From that perspective, Trump’s victory might indeed be seen, even by the skeptical, as less the work of man, and more of an act of God.

Thessalonians 4:16: “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God.”


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The Elephant Roars: Taking The White House, House Of Representatives, And The Senate – That Is The First Time That This Has Happened Since 1928

Donald Trump And His Basket Of Deplorables, Pull Off An Upset Against The Washington Elitists, Similar To The Recent Brexit Vote In Great Britain.  This Election Was A Referendum Of American’s Disgust Of Rank And File Politicians On Both Sides Of The Aisle.  Americans Are Absolutely Fed Up With The Bipartisan Ruling Class.


Remember this quotation from Ted Cruz during the Republican primaries?  “No one named “The Donald” can ever win the presidency.” 


Fast Polling Facts:  White women and   evangelicals won the day and were Donald’s Trump card (pun intended).  82% of evangelicals voted for Donald Trump.  77% of voters angry with how the federal government is working voted for Donald Trump.  The ONLY poll that got it right was that of the Los Angeles Times.  It goes without saying, there will be a lot of study to see why this was so.


Observations about the elections:  Donald Trump won the presidency, never having served in the military or held public office.  This is the first time that has ever happened.  This is bigger than Ronald Reagan’s election, and may be the greatest single political event in American history.  I feel euphoria and hope for this nation in so many ways now.  President Obama’s executive orders will be overturned and nullified.  The failed and unconstitutional Obamacare will be repealed.  Our war veterans and police officers will be supported and held in esteem.  Our religious freedoms will remain secure and in tact.  The swamp in Washington D.C. (i.e. corruption) will be drained.  Godly Supreme Court Justices will be selected.  The broken down infrastructure of urban cities will be addressed.  The integrity of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Justice Department, State Department and Attorney General will be restored.  There will be no gridlock in Washington D.C., given the Republican majority in the White House and Congress.  Our nation’s military will be built up, and will be better able to defend our country.  Jobs will be created in America and brought home from overseas.  The borders will be closed to those who desire to harm our country and citizenry.  Immigration will be controlled.  Donald Trump himself, is very receptive to the Gospel, and I was told he made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ this past June.  Unborn babies will be protected.  Restrooms will be for men and women respectively.  Marriage will be acknowledged as between one man and one woman.  Our foreign policy will become so much better – our allies will trust us and our enemies will respect us.  Israel will once again be our friend and ally!  Radical Islam will be called for what it is.  Isis will be pursued to the ends of the earth.  Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will have a mutual respect for each other.  America will become great again!

Donald Trump is a 70 year old billionaire who pulled off the greatest upset and victory in American history.

I am thankful for our church, and our resilient prayer warriors for the outcome of this election.  There were teams who prayed for this election throughout the nation on Facebook every night at 9 o’clock.  My wife and I prayed daily without ceasing.  This was the largest evangelical vote turnout in decades.  There is no doubt that the outcome of this election was a “God thing.”  We need to pray for Donald Trump as our forty fifth president elect.  That is the sacred duty and obligation of every American to pray that our leader is successful, wise, and brings peace and prosperity to the country.

Blessings, Pastor Steve

Pray For Revival In America!

2 Chronicles 7:14  King James Version (KJV)

14″ If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”



Local Pastor Challenges Congregation To Look Beyond Personalities, And Examine The Platform Of Each Candidate

Pray, Fast, and Vote!!



We all want this election to be over, but America is at an important crossroads. We wish our choices were better. We’re sick of the talking heads on TV and all the “He said”, “She said” rhetoric.
I want to challenge you to look past the personalities of each individual, running for offices at every level, and look at their platform. What does their platform represent?
When we elect officials, we are in essence voting on a platform of beliefs. I’m talking the vision and values of their party.
Please take a few moments and watch this video of my comments Sunday about the election.
Please look at the party platforms below. Please compare what the Bible says about the issues, pray, fast, and vote.

Your vote matters! In the last election an estimated 25 million chose not to vote! Imagine the difference we would all make if we voted for individuals whose platforms most represented the truths found in the eternal Word of God!
Will you join me in praying and fasting for our nation today or tomorrow? Pray Christians will vote from a Biblical perspective. The last election was decided by less than 5 million votes. Your vote counts!
Ultimately, we know we need a spiritual awakening in our lives and in our land. Will you join me in continuing to pray that we as a nation will humble ourselves under the authority of God and seek His forgiveness of our sins?
God said, “If My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn
from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14).
May we God grant His grace once again to our nation! God doesn’t need America, America needs God.

WeCAN make a difference! Please vote!


Dr. John Cross
South Biscayne Church, 13000 Tamiami Trail, North Port, FL 34287
Sent by pastor@southbiscayne.com in collaboration with
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A 21st Century Spiritual Resurrection / David Lane


When they come to write the story of the spiritual resurrection of 21st Century America, a new type of shepherd will likely have come forward.

These forerunners will have stood in flat contradiction to everything that the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton types holds dear.

***   Baby Butcher For President 2016   ***

How would you like to be aborted Hillary, just before you would have been born?  You are a murderer.


They will contradict, denounce and protest in the name of God what Secularism has done to America. They “will love Christ and the souls of men to the point of willingness to die for the glory of the one and the salvation of the other. But they will fear nothing that breathes with mortal breath.*

With a Hillary Clinton presidency America is about to learn something that can be learned in no other way, the ethical path is the only safe one. “When my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the rock that is higher than I”, cried the sweet Psalmist of Israel.** ” Tribulation brings us to God and God to us.”***

The anointed eye recognizes that what is needed today are those with the ability to “appraise the religious scene as viewed from God’s position, and to tell us what is actually going on.”**** Most desperately needed is not another market research firm specializing in the study of religious beliefs and behavior of the American pews, but thermostats who impact and regulate the spiritual climate of the nation.

Evangelical pastors and pews must take our game to the next level. Fundamentally we must begin to comprehend that Religious Liberty will be won by organizing and notSunday sermons. A Sunday sermon is not a denomination of political currency; mustering and marshaling parishioners to the public square is. But be not mistaken, the teaching of the whole counsel of God in America’s pulpits, and the resurrection of prayer in America’s churches — led by the senior pastor — will determine if America remains free.

The disciples of godless Secularism are not cowed by sermons, marches, or prayer rallies. Those doing this to our country must be removed from the public stage, that’s the initial stopgap. Following secularists removal from office — if America is to be saved — Secularism will have to be demolished, eliminating its choke-hold on the media, public education, higher learning, Big Business, the Supreme Court, Federal Courts, and Hollywood.

What Secularism is doing to America is gambling with the very life of the nation; most Americans are unalarmed and clueless. What is the matter with the people of America?

If America is to receive a 21st Century spiritual resurrection, it will likely be by other means than deployed in the last three-quarters century. If the church in the 21st Century is to recover from the injuries suffered in the 20th Century, there must appear a new model in the public square. The “Inside the Beltway” and “Family Policy Boys” approach will never do. Running a bus across a state the week before an election, when 50% of the vote is already in from early voting, is political suicide…and naiveté.
We need a Gideon or Rahab to make a stand.


* A.W. Tozer
** Psalm 61:2
*** Phillip Bennett Power