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I am thankful for the visitors to this blog site.  My goal was to utilize many “tags” on each posting, and receive an average of at least one hit per hour for the entire year.  Since there are 8,760 hours in a year, that goal was accomplished.  The articles that received the most visits, were articles quickly written after watching well publicized television media events such as Killing Jesus, and especially the two part Revelation Series on the History Channel.  Patterns Of Evidence, shown only once on Martin Luther King Day at selected theaters across the nation, was likewise a great drawing card.  I will keep blogging, eventually adding postings from mission trips taken long ago, as well as further articles on eschatology, theology, current events, etc., etc.  Due to time constraints, the postings may not be quite as frequent.

Because of Him, Pastor Steve

John 14:6


See the fireworks Even Steven created by blogging on Check out their 2015 annual report.

Source: See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2015 annual report.


Franklin Graham Has Left The Republican Party And Is Running For President Himself As An Independent

Correction on the article below:  On December 23, Fox News stated that Franklin Graham left the Republican Party and would run for president himself as an Independent.  Only one half of this is true.  He left the Republican Party but is not running for president himself.  He is not yet endorsing any particular candidate.  He has a year long campaign in 2016 called the “Decision America Tour,” whereby he is encouraging all Americans to pray and vote.  He will be traveling from capital to capital in all fifty states, starting with Des Moines, Iowa on January 5, 2016.


Franklin Graham will start his campaign as he goes on the road in January.  If this is the case, it will be the first time in quite awhile that I will NOT have to vote for the better of two evils;  I can vote with a clear conscience.  Imagine, Graham could start a powerful base from within the Republicans, Democrats, Independents and minority ethnic groups.

Following are a couple of quotations from Franklin Graham’s Facebook page yesterday, that obviously tells volumes about his mindset and decision:

“I have no hope in the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, or Tea Party to do what is best for America…”

“Unless more godly men and women get in this process and change this wicked system, our country is in for trouble.”

“Seeing and hearing Planned Parenthood talk nonchalantly about selling baby parts from aborted fetuses with utter disregard for human life is reminiscent of Joseph Mengele and the Nazi concentration camps!”

The Republican Party, of course, compromised with the Democratic Party, as Paul Ryan (Speaker of the House) helped pass a bill last week that would exonerate Planned Parenthood from their barbaric debauchery.  Planned Parenthood received one half a billion dollars in this government bill!  This was the tipping point for Franklin Graham.  Planned Parenthood is the biggest baby killer in the United States.  

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, placed their organization in black neighborhoods, and we all know what her desire was. 

Note:  Franklin Graham already had plans to visit and evangelize all fifty states in our nation with the Gospel in 2016.  Perhaps he is homogenizing this with announcing his candidacy as an independent write in candidate for the presidency.

My thoughts:  Franklin Graham does not want to run for president, yet like many of us, he has no confidence in any part of our political system.  It is ALL corrupt.  I believe Graham’s running for the oval office can be linked with a famous statement by Edmund Burke:  “All it takes for evil to prevail is for a few good men to do nothing.”  This is the year of the outsider, because our populace does not like what they see in Washington, D.C., pure and simple.  If Franklin Graham only receives ten votes, I will be one of them.  Donald Trump will have trouble finding dirt on this man of God.  Like Ted Cruze, Franklin Graham will refuse to disparage his opponents, and set his sights on the topics at hand.  This will be interesting, and if Christians bathe it in prayer and God blesses, who knows what could happen.  “With God, all things are possible.”  Jesus Christ                                                                                   Pastor Steve

Pray For Revival In America!




Quotable Quotation ~ Barack Hussein Obama

Once again, President Obama downplays the threat of Isis  (The Bible says:  “A fool never learns and despises wisdom”):

Barack Obama just said to NPR news:  “Although Isis has the ability to harm America, they will not take down our country.”  He said further:  “The U.S. and its allies are not threatened by Isis.”  

Most Americans do not agree with his foolhardy answer.  John Sununu, former New Hampshire Governor and former White House Chief of Staff says:  “This president continues to fiddle while the Middle East burns.  The President thinks the thousands of Christians killed in the Middle East are a low priority compared to his commitment to gun control and climate change.  The president thinks he can talk his way out of this mess.  It is a disaster for the U.S., it is a disaster for the world, and it is a real human tragedy disaster for the people in that region.”

Our president called Isis a JV team a year ago, and said they were under control only hours before they recently unleashed a horrific assault in Paris, murdering unarmed civilians.

Barack Hussein Obama is a fool.  He believes that strong talk without actions is the solution.  But then again, I have always believed that our Muslim president desires to pave the way for Islamic expansion, while weakening our military, economy and our nation.  He is full of phony baloney, empty meaningless rhetoric, and he is a pack of lies.  He is all talk and no action.  He enables Isis while desiring to take away our guns.  President Obama will consider his actions a success if a powerful Islamic caliphate is established in the Middle East that will threaten all of the west.  I believe this is his real goal and hearts’ desire.

Pastor Steve  


Been thinking about….. CHRISTMAS CONFUSION

Even Steven

Jesus Christ, the Son of God and God the Son, the Creator of the universe, the Savior of our souls, the One who is currently in heaven and seated on the right hand of God the Father, was born in a lowly manger (an animal feeding trough) a few miles outside of Jerusalem in a hamlet called Bethlehem.  No pomp, no ceremony, no movers and shakers with power ties were even invited.  Good night–  the aristocratic and religious Jews were not even aware of what was happening.  If you have been a Christian for any length of time, then you have probably already taken Christmas 101 and you know that the wise men were not even on the scene until perhaps a year later.  The only ones who were there were shepherds.  Yes, unknown smelly shepherds who were lacking in the social graces.  Why?  Because the wisdom of God is foolishness to the world.  God’s…

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Musings Of A Baby Boomer As We Enter The Christmas Season

Even Steven

Ah yes!  Growing up as an American child in the mid to late 50’s through the early 60’s was a grand experience.  We had it made.  We all watched the Mickey Mouse Club and Superman.  After viewing Superman, all the kids grabbed their families’ worst bath towel, tied them around our necks, we extended our arms out, and tore around the neighborhood while making sudden turns.  I remember that if you had PF Flyers, US Keds or Red Ball Jets, you could run faster and jump higher.  Those were the days…..

Of course I remember our Christmas traditions as well.  We were a middle class family and none of us were saved/born again.  Quite frankly, we were all lost as Christmas turkeys.  We thought we were good people, and our goodness was based on our own merits.  Like many of you, I learned the story of the corpulent elf who parked his sleigh on the…

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What Does The Apostle Paul Have In Common With Ebenezer Scrooge?

Even Steven

Our Daily Bread

Daily Devotionals

 December 19, 2014


The Heart Of Christmas

Charles Dickens’ novel A Christmas Carol was released on December 19, 1843, and has never been out of print. It tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, a wealthy, sour, stingy man who says, “Every idiot who goes about with ‘Merry Christmas,’ on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding!” Yet, one Christmas Eve, Scrooge is radically changed into a generous and happy man. With great humor and insight…

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2012 Mission Trip To England/Uganda, Part 3

London, England/Kampala, Uganda    ~    September 24- October 3, 2012


Drama Upon Departure  

We gathered up our luggage and were ready to go, with a buffer time for takeoff much less than my liking.  On the way to the airport, our vehicle broke down at least twenty times within six to eight miles on the interstate, because of a vacuum problem with the carburetor.  Humanly speaking, it did not look good.  It was the middle of the day when no one is handy for assistance, and calling a tow truck would not help at all.  We would obviously miss our flight.  God always has a way however; the question is would we find it?  But of course.  Our son Paul was at home because of a unique change in his schedule.  He came to our rescue at a gas station/food mart, took care of the broken down vehicle, and we used his car to get to the airport.  We prayed and carefully planned for this trip several weeks in advance, yet moments like this really tax our faith.  We made the flight with a bit of time to spare, and took off for our connecting flight at O’Hare Airport in Chicago.  We departed from Chicago in the late evening, arriving at the Heathrow Airport, London the following morning.

London, England

We took London’s airport railway to famous Paddington Station, and took a double decker bus from there.  In a blitz we saw decorative soldiers on guard dressed in old world garb, the Tower Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Piccadilly, Hyde Park, and many other sights.  My thrill was having my picture taken underneath a statue of my hero, Winston Churchill.  Yes, “this was my finest hour.”  London is an international city, full of people from India, the Middle East, Asians and even a few native British folks.  One could sense that the religions of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism were all represented in this city.  We returned to the airport in the late afternoon, prior to our departure for Uganda.  Our flight was a long “red eye,” and we had ample room on the airplane to stretch out and rest.  The flight went well and arrived on time.

Arrival In Uganda

I am a history buff, and I know something about Entebbe Airport where we just landed.  Decades ago, hostages were taken there under the rule of the wicked Ugandan President Idi Amin.  An airplane was hijacked and flown into the airport.  The Israelis arranged for an incredible rescue attempt to free the hostages, mostly who were Jewish and Israelis.  The brother of the current prime minister (Benjamin Netanyahu), Yoni Netanyahu, was the leader of this crack commando squad.  They landed at the other end of the vast airport late at night with their lights off, after flying over Lake Victoria.  They drove vehicles out of their cargo plane with false flags and insignias, and approached the hostage sight.  Gunfire erupted and those holding the hostages were all killed, all the hostages survived, and the only fatality with the Israeli commando unit was their leader, Yoni Netanyahu himself!  My plan was to search the walls of the airport buildings, and see if I could find bullet holes from the gunfire.  I never had the chance.  We stepped out of the airplane and proceeded down steps, and I immediately observed airport police outside, dressed in military fatigues and equipped with AK-47s!  I looked at them and not for bullet holes.  Welcome to third world country Uganda.  We showed our passports and purchased visas without incident….and yes, our luggage all arrived safely.

There is nothing quite like meeting a familiar face when you travel around the world.  Especially when you know absolutely no one else in the entire nation!  Daniel Lugumya and a couple of his associates were at Entebbe Airport to meet us.  It was surreal to finally arrive at the goal of our trip.  We were thrilled and grateful.  Thank you Jesus and bless our week…


Quotable Quotations

“It is impossible to do nothing about Jesus Christ.  Not to decide for Him is to decide against Him, but decide we must.”  -Vance Havner

“Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid.”  -Ronald Reagan

“What we think about when we are free to think about what we will- that is what we are or will soon become.”  -A.W. Tozer

“God sometimes puts His children to bed in the dark.”  -D.L. Moody

“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves and under a just God cannot long retain it.”  -Abraham Lincoln

“Prayer does not need proof; it needs practice.”

Jonathan Edwards, when a boy, wrote in his journal: “resolved to live with all my might while I do live.”

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