Britain First faces down leftwing and Muslim extremists in Burton

Muslims attack Christians in UK streets “we’re taking over” “we hate you”

The Islamic infiltration of Europe is creating scenes like this everywhere.  Praise the Lord for courageous organizations like Britain First and people like Jayda Fransen.  These are great films for liberals and the uninformed who believe that President Donald Trump has a prejudiced and bigoted approach towards Radical Islam.  Radical Islam has no desire to homogenize with people and respect the law of the land.  They say England is now “our country,” and they desire to implement sharia law throughout.  Note the continual use of the “F” Bomb by Radical Islamists, as well as their spitting and throwing eggs at Britain First demonstrators.  The politicians in Britain have foolishly given their nation away to people who despise Britain and their laws.  Will America follow suit?

Pray For Revival In America!

Quotable Quotations

Newt Gingrich Former Speaker Of The House On President Donald Trump:

“Donald Trump is a unique person.  There are very few people who could carry the system the way he does.  He campaigned with six or seven speeches a day in different states, and has boundless energy.  You must think of him as one third Andrew Jackson for disruption, one third Theodore Roosevelt for just sheer human energy, and one third P. T. Barnum for selling all the time.  When you put that together, you have a guy that knows where he wants to go, he doesn’t know how he is going to get there, and every day he pushes the system and pushes the system.  By June or July his impact will be very profound on moving the system.  His day starts at 6 AM, and he Twitters nonstop.

Trump is like this flat table top.  One leg is anti left, one leg is anti stupidity, one leg is anti political correctness, and one leg is passionately deep pro American, and he can go anywhere on the table top any minute within those four boundaries, and he is not sure where he is going to go this afternoon at five P. M.

He has got great courage and is willing to take huge responsibility.  He gets things done.  He thinks big.  He is not afraid to think big.”

Police uncertain they have right suspect in Berlin attack

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has encouraged, allowed, and enhanced massive immigration of Muslims into Europe.  She is responsible for the over one million recent Islamic immigrants, mostly from Syria.  There is a You Tube on this blog site that went viral in Europe, highlighting the massive immigration of Syrians into Europe.  Merkel is President Barack Obama’s bookend in reference to her desire to allow huge blocks of Muslims into western nations.  She and Obama are political soul mates.  She KNEW that 2% of these immigrants would be radical Islamic extremists, yet allowed them!  Crunch the numbers.  2% of one million is 20,000 terrorists.  Angela Merkel has blood on her hands.  Whether you like Donald Trump or not, he is the only leader I have heard who could care less about political correctness.  He just said that “Radical Islamic terrorists must be exterminated.”  It sounds like the Orkin man going after cockroaches.  I personally believe that terrorists are demon possessed.  Their dogma is certainly a doctrine of demons.

***   In an unrelated series of political current events to the topic of this particular article, it has just been learned that the outcome of the December 19 Electoral College vote has once again backfired on the Democrats.  Instead of gaining Electoral Votes in order to oust President Elect Donald Trump, Trump has gained four more votes who went from the Democrats to the Republican.  To refresh your memory, the same thing happened in the vote recounts…  Trump received more votes after the recounts.  When we were children, we used to call these situations cheater’s proof.   ***

Because of Him, Pastor Steve



Police uncertain they have right suspect in Berlin attack

Associated PressDecember 20, 2016

BERLIN (AP) — Germany must assume a truck plowing through a crowded Christmas market in Berlin was a “terrorist attack,” Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday, while authorities expressed uncertainty over whether they had arrested the correct suspect.

Twelve people were killed and nearly 50 others injured when the truck drove into the popular Christmas market filled with tourists and locals outside the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church near Berlin’s Zoo station late Monday.

Police detained an asylum-seeker from Pakistan shortly afterward, but he denied involvement, Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said. The man had entered Germany on Dec. 31 last year and arrived in Berlin in February.

Berlin police chief Klaus Kandt said Tuesday it wasn’t clear whether the man detained was really the driver.

“We haven’t been able to confirm it yet,” he told reporters.

Berlin police urged people to remain “particularly vigilant” and to report “suspicious movement” to a special hotline.

In a statement widely broadcast on German television, Merkel described herself as “shocked, shaken and deeply saddened.”

“There is still a lot that we don’t know about this act with sufficient certainty,” she said. “But we must, as things stand, assume it was a terrorist attack.”

Merkel, who has been criticized for allowing in large numbers of migrants, addressed head-on the possibility that an asylum-seeker was responsible.

“I know that it would be particularly hard for us all to bear if it were confirmed that a person committed this act who asked for protection and asylum in Germany,” Merkel said. “This would be particularly sickening for the many, many Germans who work to help refugees every day and for the many people who really need our help and are making an effort to integrate in our country.”

Authorities arrested a man about 2 kilometers (1½ miles) from the crash site on suspicion of having been at the wheel of the truck. Footage showed the suspect, his head covered in a white sheet, being pushed into a police car shortly after the attack. Berlin’s Tagesspiegel newspaper reported that the man was known to police for minor crimes.

A spokesman for Berlin’s office for refugee affairs said police conducted a large-scale search overnight at a large shelter for asylum-seekers at the city’s now-defunct Tempelhof airport. Four men in their late 20s were questioned but nobody was arrested, Sascha Langenbach told The Associated Press.

Among the dead was a man in the truck, who succumbed as paramedics treated him, Berlin police spokesman Winfried Wenzel said. Police said later that the man was a Polish national, but didn’t give further details of who he was or what happened to him.

The Polish owner of the truck said he feared it may have been hijacked. Ariel Zurawski said he last spoke with the driver, his cousin, around noon, and the driver told him he was in Berlin and scheduled to unload Tuesday morning. “They must have done something to my driver,” he told TVN24.

Germany has not so far experienced any mass-casualty attacks by Islamic extremists, but has been increasingly wary since two attacks by asylum-seekers in the summer that were claimed by the Islamic State group. Five people were wounded in an ax rampage on a train near Wuerzburg and 15 in a bombing outside a bar in Ansbach, both in the southern state of Bavaria. Both attackers were killed.

Those attacks, and two others unrelated to Islamic extremism in the same weeklong period, contributed to tensions in Germany over the arrival last year of 890,000 migrants.

De Maiziere said that as far as officials know, the Islamic State group has not claimed responsibility for Monday’s attack in Berlin.

Far-right groups and a nationalist party seized on it, blaming Merkel for what had happened.

“Under the cloak of helping people Merkel has completely surrendered our domestic security,” Frauke Petry, the co-chairwoman of the Alternative for Germany party, wrote.

Manfred Weber, a member of Merkel’s conservative bloc and leader of the European Parliament’s biggest political grouping, cautioned against sweeping verdicts but said it was important to ensure that extremists didn’t enter the country.

The German government said Merkel spoke Tuesday with President Barack Obama, who expressed his condolences. In Washington, White House National Security Council spokesman Ned Price said the United States was ready to help in the investigation and response.

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump said Islamic extremists must be “eradicated from the face of the earth” and pledged to carry out that mission with all “freedom-loving partners.”

The attack came less than a month after the U.S. State Department warned that extremist groups including Islamic State and al-Qaida were focusing “on the upcoming holiday season and associated events” in Europe.

The Islamic State group and al-Qaida have both called on followers to use trucks in particular to attack crowds. On July 14, a truck plowed into Bastille Day revelers in the southern French city of Nice, killing 86 people. Islamic State claimed responsibility for that attack, which was carried out by a Tunisian living in France.

Merkel said Monday’s attack would not cause Germany to live in fear.

“Even if it’s difficult at this hour we will find the strength to live life the way we want to live it in Germany. Free, together and openly,” she said.


Associated Press writers David Rising and Geir Moulson in Berlin and Angela Charlton in Paris contributed to this report.

Quotable Quotation

Upon completion of a memorial for 9/11 in Owego, New York, a local Muslim group wanted it scrubbed, stating that they thought the term “Islamic Terrorists” was not politically correct.  The response from the originators of the memorial:  “We don’t whitewash things around here and the words Islamic Terrorists are factually correct and the truth.”

Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani’s reaction:  “That would be like me saying:  I want the words Italian mafia taken out of the history books, because I am Italian and it offends me.  Italian mafia does not offend me.  I do not belong to them.  I am not embarrassed by them.  I want nothing to do with them.  They represent the bad part of my ethnic background.  There is a bad part to every ethnic background including the Islamic religion.”

Street Evangelism 101

EAST LONDON MOSQUE: Muslim spits in Jayda Fransen’s face! Policeman mocks Christianity!

Published on Mar 2, 2016

A small team of Britain First activists, led by deputy leader Jayda Fransen, held a flash demo outside the notorious East London Mosque, in Whitechapel, London and were subjected to a barrage of police and Muslim hostility.

Be advised watching this video, that people opposed to Jayda’s testimony use the “F” word against her street preaching.  The “F” word was the extent of the theology in the possession of these Muslims in front of their own mosque.  Another Muslim spat in her face.  Jayda put on a soul winning clinic in front of a notorious East London Mosque.  She walks right into Satan’s lair, lifts up Jesus and tramples on the Prince of Darkness.  She preached Christ crucified, and that He is the Savior of the world.  She warned the Muslims of falsely calling Jesus a prophet rather than the Son of God.  She spoke of the Islamic false prophet yet did not mention his name (Mohammad).  Jayda mentioned their worship of the false moon god Allah (who in reality is a demon).  She is anointed.  Notice her courage, zeal and fervor which is lacking in most Christian circles.  She is Spirit filled, and even the Muslims and London police officers could not intimidate her.

There are several videos of Britain First activists sharing the Christian faith in England.  Muslims receive the activists with hatred, and are already claiming Great Britain for Allah.  This is what “peaceful” Muslims do, you know, the ones who are not Radical Islamist.  The “peaceful” Muslims get a strong minority as a foothold in a nation, as a springboard to take it over.  Their desire is to implement Sharia Law in London.  Under full blown Sharia Law, one has a choice to be a Muslim or die.  This will soon be moving across the pond to a theater near you.  Islam believes it is their time to conquer the entire decadent west.  These videos in Europe will be America tomorrow, unless the Lord intervenes.  Christian movements like Britain First are what it will take to dispel the darkness.  Christians in America are going to have to throw Political Correctness (PC) to the wind, and “obey God and not men.”

Pray For Revival In America!

Why Would Evangelicals Vote For A Bull In A China Closet?

Polls reveal Donald Trump is still in the lead of the Republican candidates running for the 2016 presidential race as of this writing.  He is incredibly rich, bombastic, full of hubris, ill mannered, crude, prideful, and walks on others without a second thought.  He disparaged California congresswoman Carly Fiorina in Rolling Stone magazine, saying:  “Would you vote for a person with a face like that for president?”  That has to be in the top five stupid remarks that I have ever heard from a candidate running for office.  Yet many evangelicals would vote for him for president.  This speaks volumes of how far our nation has fallen from righteousness.  Why does  Donald Trump currently have such a wide support base from Evangelical Christians?  I had lunch with my fellow pastors a couple of days ago and some of them also said they would vote for him.  The following are some of the reasons why Trump has gained the favor of both political and religious conservatives:

There is a parallel between the Richard Nixon/Watergate era and our nation today.  Jimmy Carter was elected in 1976 because our nation distrusted politicians.  Jimmy Carter seemed fresh and innocent of the politics in Washington, D.C.  Today we find the same atmosphere.  Frontrunners Donald Trump and Ben Carson are Washingtonian outsiders, lacking gubernatorial experience or even a senate seat.  Fox News Contributor Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, states that evangelicals are looking to Donald Trump because they perceive him to be a last ditch effort to rectify the unbelievable damage caused by the current administration in the last seven years.  President Obama is responsible for destroying our economy with a nearly 17 trillion dollar deficit, promoting a feckless foreign policy designed to allow nefarious world powers to take over while we abandon our allies, shrinking our military so we cannot respond to needs on the world stage, promoting Islam while trampling on the rights of Christians, and turning our country into a nanny welfare state.  These are serious issues, and many conservatives rightly understand that the continual phony rhetoric coming out of Washington, D.C. will not solve the crisis in our nation.  We need to keep illegal immigrants out of our nation and build up our military, making our nation and world secure.  Furthermore, people are fed up with the Republicans abandoning their base and their party platform, not countering illegal immigration, and not repealing Obamacare.  Personally, I have an antipathy towards the Republican Party and find them repulsive.  I did not leave the Republican Party, they left me.  I am not a Republican, I am a conservative.  Many believe Donald Trump is the only one who can measure up in this critical time in which we live.  Donald Trump could not care less about Political Correctness (PC) and is indeed his own man.  THAT is what I like about him.   Regardless of your political view points, I am sure you would agree that our nation is standing at the edge of a chasm that will lead to our irreversible destruction if the Lord does not intervene in our affairs.  Because of the butchering of nearly 60 million babies and allowing sodomites to “marry,” we should not expect favor from the Lord, yet nonetheless we pray for it because of His mercy.  Regardless of your political points of view…

Pray For Revival In America!

2015 Second Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 11

Jonathan Matusitz     ~    Islamist Supremacism In America

60% of Muslims are cultural, nominal.

Six Concentric Circles Of Islam-

1)8-9% are Jihadist fighters such as ISIS.   …Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, Morocco.

2)Islamist Fundamentalists and Imams.  They support #1 above.

3)Muslim conservatives.  One fourth of Muslims support suicidal bombings and Sharia Law.  Sharia is the path to the teachings of Mohammad.  They desire to impose Sharia Law and a Caliphate everywhere.  ***   By 2050, European countries will be Islamic Republics.  A classic case in point is Germany.   ***

4)Muslim Human Rights Activists deal with social issues such as eradicating Israel.

5)Reformed Muslims.

6)Cultural Muslims.

***   The real threat to America is Sharia Law.  The Muslim Brotherhood is a clear and present danger.  They are infiltrating the National Security Agency (NSA), the White House, the Justice Department, and the State Department.

The Islamist Threat In America-

Natural Jihad (or Holy Jihad)

Cultural Jihad

***   The ultimate goal is to turn the world into a caliphate.   ***

COEXIST is a naïve posture verses Islam.

Takia/Taquyya – In the Koran is mandated lying.  Their religion tells them to not take cultural Muslims or Christians as friends.  Christians are called “people of the book.”  (Bible)

Political Correctness (PC) is loved by Islam.


1)Awareness.  2)Vote for savvy politicians.  3)Stop being nice; nice will get you killed.  4)Revival in the Christian Church is by far the best solution.

The “Interfaith” movement and Political Correctness (PC) will get you killed.

Islam means submission…

Muslims submit to Allah.  Unbelievers submit to Muslims.


2015 Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 2, Notable Quotations

Dr. Kevin Clarkson:  “God hates Islam and loves Muslims.”

Bob Cornuke:  “Evidence is not the proof; the proper interpretation of evidence is the proof.”

Bill Federer:  Spoke on Islam, ISIS, the Caliphate, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Mohammed was a religious, political and military leader.  He followed Caesar’s strategy “I came, I saw, I conquered.”  The Islamic strategy for expansion is “Immigrate, Increase, Eliminate.”

World Peace = World Islam

“It is wrong to kill the innocent, but those who reject Allah are guilty.”

“It is all right to deny Mohammed to get elected, just so you do not deny his teachings.”

Jonathan Matusitz  “A real threat to America is Sharia Law.”

“The Muslim Brotherhood is a clear and present danger.  They are infiltrating the National Security Agency (NSA), the White House, and the Justice Department.”

“The Muslim goal is to turn the world into a caliphate.”

“COEXIST is a well meaning yet naïve philosophy.”

“Political correctness is loved by Islam.”

“Political correctness and interfaith movements will get you killed.”

“Islam means submission.  Muslims submit to Allah.  Unbelievers submit to Muslims.”

Jerome Corsi  “The Muslim Brotherhood desires to destroy Israel.”

Mark Hamblin on the Great Tribulation  “In the book of Revelation, wherever the church is, there is no wrath; and wherever wrath is, there is no church.”