There Is A New Sheriff In Town

Leading From The Front

Last night, sixty Tomahawk Missiles were delivered to the Syrian Shayrat Air Base used by both Russia and Syria.  This is the air base that only a couple of days ago sent out chemicals that killed infants, children and innocent civilians.  Fifty nine missiles reached their exact targets and one dud fell into the Mediterranean Sea.  This technology is unbelievable, as it took one half hour to launch them all from two destroyers, yet they all hung in the air and struck simultaneously within a couple of minutes.  What a breath of fresh air, after eight years of leading from behind and the thin red line.  What euphoria after eight years of “Our allies no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear us.”  What a unique set of circumstances when the extremely liberal Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry agree with Donald Trump that this was the right thing to do!  Praise the Lord for a president who does not vacillate or equivocate – and steps up and does the right thing!  While the missiles were striking the air base, Donald Trump was dining with the president from China.  It sounds like a Hollywood staged set.  This missile strike was a clear signal to China, North Korea and to ISIS if they were listening.  Donald Trump told the Chinese that if they do not stand up to North Korea that he will.  Make no mistake, the only thing that Vladimir Putin and Russia, the Chinese, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and ISIS respect is strength.  Praise God for a president who acts decisively and does the right thing.  What a wonderful relief after eight years of the worst feckless foreign policy imaginable.  Blessings, Pastor Steve


Trump Strikes Syria

Unlike Obama, Trump followed through striking Syria when it crossed the red. ISIS, N.Korea and the world take heed. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2017.

President Obama’s Plans To Further Cement His Legacy

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The 2016 Presidential Elections

This is an election where we have focused on many other sideshows at the expense of ignoring the main issues at hand.  Yes, Donald Trump can be bombastic and speaks too condescendingly towards many persons.  And oh yes, Hillary Clinton is more crooked than a winding road.  May we lay this all aside and carefully examine the issues.  I find that as I examine their beliefs, my choice on who to vote for as an evangelical Christian is not difficult in the least:

 Hillary Clinton is pro choice (Pro abortion), supports Roe vs. Wade, loves Planned Parenthood, and believes that a mother has the “right” to butcher her unborn baby up until the point of birth.  Donald Trump is pro life and believes the baby is a child and not a choice.  [Roe vs. Wade and abortion has accounted for the lives of nearly 60,000,000 unborn babies.  These deplorable acts have already destroyed this nation, as well as an entire generation!  It reminds me of the child sacrifice established by the Southern Kingdom’s wicked King Manasseh who offered children to the god Moloch.  Abortion is no different, and has sacrificed an entire generation to recreational sex, convenience and selfishness.]  

Hillary Clinton vacillates on our second amendment rights.  It is interesting that the cities with the most restrictive gun laws (Chicago), also have the most murders since people cannot defend themselves.  Donald Trump is fully endorsed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) which is unusual, because endorsing a candidate is a new precedent for them.  Trump believes fully in the right to bear arms that our Constitution guarantees.

Hillary Clinton believes the government instituted health insurance plan known as The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) should be honed and modified.  The premiums have nearly doubled from the time it started.  Donald Trump believes this unconstitutional and failed government health insurance should be totally abolished.  

Hillary Clinton stands on the Democratic Platform that states that “Black Lives Matter.”  Of course they do, but so do all other lives matter.  Donald Trump boldly supports our constitution, our nation’s laws, and the safety of our police officers throughout our country.  Nor is he afraid to call radical Islam what it is, and spell out our need to subdue it. 

Hillary Clinton believes in open borders, i.e. The New World Order.  When anyone is allowed to enter, and in many cases not to understand, believe in or submit to American values, you no longer have America.  Hillary incredibly desires to allow over 600,000 Syrian “refugees” and more into our nation!  Look what these same Syrian “refugees” did to Europe in 2015.  Donald Trump believes that our immigrants must be carefully screened and checked, and not allow to enter by the hundreds of thousands at once.  Furthermore, he wants to protect our nation from dangerous Mexican drug cartels and others who seek our harm.  The thousands of border guards in America, have for the first time endorsed a presidential candidate in Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party, have nothing to do with the rallies and campaigns of the Democrats.  Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have deliberately sent agitators to Trump’s rallies (Chicago and many other cities) in order to create turmoil and paint Trump as a rabble rouser.

Hillary Clinton created Isis through leaving a vacuum in the Middle East, and wants to “keep an eye” on them.  Unlike Hillary, Donald Trump calls the enemy “Radical Islam” and desires to crush Isis.

Hillary’s foreign policy has been a consummate meltdown.  She and President Obama, as mentioned, created Isis.  Hillary established the anemic reset button with Russia, and as he runs roughshod over Eastern Europe, Vladimir Putin lacks respect for Hillary and Obama.  She is responsible for four deaths in Benghazi, Libya, as she lied, lied, lied about a “film,” that caused the deplorable act rather than the terrorism that really occurred.  She ignored six hundred requests by ambassador Christopher Stevens for assistance in Benghazi!  Her actions in Syria through the weak “thin red line” policy, and enabling Iran to become a nuclear power, were more lose, lose actions for America.  Donald Trump desires to support, and not kill our veterans.  He desires to build up our military, following Ronald Reagan’s strategy of peace through strength.  Trump desires to “Make America Great Again.”

Trump promises the largest tax cut for the middle class since that of Ronald Reagan.  Hillary’s policy on taxes, is the classic Democratic platform of “tax and spend.”

Hillary Clinton follows the Democratic philosophy and beliefs of President Obama, in the so called “transgender” use of either restroom in a public facility, depending on who the tormented soul(s) believes they are on any given day.  Hillary, of course, like Obama, have both “expanded” their understanding of marriage between a man and a woman, to gay and lesbian “marriages.”  They both formerly stated that marriage is only between one man and one woman.  Hillary Clinton will say anything in order to get elected.  Donald Trump believes marriage should only be between one man and one woman.    

We could continue with many other issues, yet those above make an easy decision for me at the ballot box.  I will vote for the one who desires to drain the swamp in Washington. D.C. 

<><    Pray And Vote    <><

As I finished this article on October 21, Trump is dramatically closing the polling gap in many places throughout the country, WikiLeaks is exposing tens of thousands more of Hillary’s emails and will release more before the elections, and an informal poll taken by the Peace River Shopper in Desoto County, Florida has Trump at 92% and Hillary at 8%.  (a conservative area)  Other polls throughout America have Trump even or with a slight lead as well.  I believe debate number three had the effect of revealing the dangerous position America will be in if Hillary is elected president.  Pray without ceasing and vote.  Pastor Steve 


Will Americans Place A Liar, A Perjurer, A Fool (Losing Thousands Of Highly Classified E-Mails To Cyber Space And Nations Around The Globe), And A Murderer (Benghazi) In The White House?

The November Elections Will Tell The Tale.  Many Are Uninformed And Hear Only Slanted News Spin If They Listen To Any News At All.  Others Benefit Through Free Handouts, Hence They Support Their Enablers.  Still Others Are Either Amoral Or Immoral, And Really Do Not Care.  If Elected, This Candidate Could Be The First Lady President, And The First President To Not Qualify For National Security Clearance…


Along with President Barack Obama, former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton accomplished absolutely nothing in the realm of international relations except for alienating our allies and emboldening our enemies.  They have greatly hurt our nation in foreign policy all around the globe.  Consider their track record:

  • Benghazi:  Hillary lied to the American public that a film, and not terrorists, was the cause of the mayhem in Benghazi.  Our president and secretary of state Hillary Clinton were no where to be found at crunch time.  They literally hung four brave heroes out to die.
  • Syria:  Made famous “red line” threats that were not enforced.  Radical Islamic emigrants left Syria and are now creating havoc all over the western world.  Russia recently bombed a United States supported military base in Syria.  Syria is in shambles.
  • Russia:  Hillary’s buffoonery with her “reset button” was a consummate joke.  Since resetting their button, the Bear has been aggressive in Crimea, the Ukraine, and in the Baltic States.  Vladimir Putin literally laughs at Obama.
  • Iran Nuclear Agreements:  Never in international diplomacy has the United States appeared so inept.  Never have we given so much and received absolutely nothing in return.  Adding insult to injury, Iran is on the fringe of becoming a world class nuclear power.
  • Isis:  President Obama stupidly labeled them as a Junior Varsity (JV) team.  This was Obama’s gaff, and not Hillary’s.  Isis now has a Caliphate in the Middle East and they are a serious threat and responsible for terrorist acts around the globe.  During the last two weeks, they are responsible for the barbarism in France, and are threatening London and Washington, D.C. as I write this.

Hillary Clinton has a lot of nerve to suggest that other candidates may not have the experience to be president.  Her foreign policy is a travesty and would be considered a joke if it did not hurt the nation that we all love.  If elected president, Hillary has already stated that she will allow tens of thousands of refugees to enter our nation, and receive all of the benefits that are usually given out.  In other words, she would bring even more terrorism to our nation and we would suffer even more so like Europe.  She is totally inept and uses poor judgment in absolutely everything she puts her hand on.


The Unique Atmosphere Of The 2016 Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia

1)At the outset, no American flag was placed on the pulpit or podium until some folks mentioned it.  On the second day, a couple flags were then placed in inconspicuous places in the corners.  By Thursday, they covered the platform with flags.  (This was not done because of love for country but because of pressure and public opinion).

2)Isis, foreign policy and terrorism were downplayed.  The recent beheading of the Catholic priest in France was not even mentioned.

3)Likewise, the surreal national deficit of over nineteen trillion dollars was not even mentioned.  (If you had an elephant in your living room, would you tell your wife?) The atmosphere at the convention was euphoric, indicating everything was fine in America, even though 70% of the populace does not agree.

4)There was no presence of uniformed police officers inside the convention center.  The officers who were outside were thanked for their service by Donald Trump supporters.

2015 Second Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 26

Bill Salus  ~  America’s Role In The Prophetic Wars

Bill Salus assessed America’s role in the Mideast wars.  The war in Edom (Psalm 83) and the Gog/Magog war in Ezekiel 38.  The Arab Israeli conflict goes back 4,000 years and is really what we are involved in.  Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael, Esau, etc.  How will these prophecies in the Middle East affect America and our lives?


Four universal religious truths:

1)Muslims do not recognize the Jews as the Chosen People.

2)The Jews do not recognize Jesus as the Messiah.

3)Protestants do not recognize the pope as the Christian religious world leader.

4)Baptists and Pentecostals do not recognize each other, casinos, and liquor stores.

In Psalm 83, Bill Salus addresses the Arab Confederacy as the inner circle.  These are the Arab states who share common borders with Israel.  The Arabs want Israel’s land.  Genesis 15:18 describes the Levant which is the land God gave to Israel going from the Euphrates River to the Nile River.  Asaph wrote Psalm 83 while Israel was greatly blessed– they were talking of building their temple and they were winning wars.  This prophecy has come out to the forefront over the last six years.  The nations around Israel want to wipe her off the map.  The land that ISIS has taken over in Syria and Iraq is exactly what ancient Assyria looked like when Asaph wrote this Psalm and prophecy 3,000 years ago.  The modern day equivalent of the Psalm 83 Confederacy who want to destroy Israel are Lebanon, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, Jordan, Egypt, Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia, Palestinians and Iraq.  The Magog invaders of Ezekiel 38 & 39 do not share common borders with Israel and are from the north.  These nations are Russia, Turkey, Iran, Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Algeria, Moracco and Tunesia.  Vladimir Putin said the greatest tragedy of the 20th century was the collapse of the Soviet Empire and the greatest event of the 21st century will be the emergence of the Soviet Empire.  Putin and Russia took Crimea last year and are now eyeing the Ukraine and her resources for the benefit of the Soviet empire.  There are foreign policy concerns involving Barack Obama in 2016.  Bill Salus believes the “young lions of Tarshish” referred to in Ezekiel 38 is a reference to America.  Others believe it refers to Spain and South American countries.  Still others believe it represents the United Kingdom.  America does not appear to be the super power nation in these prophecies that we are now approaching.  Could the rapture happen before the events of Ezekiel 38 and Psalm 83?

God treats nations in accordance with how they treat Israel.  Genesis 12:3.  Great Britain failed on the Balfour declaration from World War I, and their nation has gotten drastically smaller since.  The sun now sets on the British Empire.  Britain was suppose to give Transjordan to Israel after World War I and the break up of the Ottoman Empire, but failed to do so.  In America, we too have suffered from remedial judgments since we stopped supporting Israel.  Many theologians believe God will destroy us.  There is agreement among prominent theologians that America is under judgment.

“The Lord has one purpose for President Barack Obama, and that is to destroy this country.  I’m telling you that this country is gone folks, I’m not saying it’s going, but that it’s already gone!”

~ Hal Lindsey, January 5, 2013

“The light of freedom is quickly dimming, and you too, are now heading into the tyranny of a police state and the slavery of debt.”

~ Chuck Missler (moved to New Zealand)

Obama, of course, stated in his 2008 inaugural that “we are no longer a Christian nation.”  He has also endorsed “gay” marriage as being as legitimate as Biblical marriage- “one man and one woman until death do part.”  This was recently voted upon in our Supreme Court.

So what should the Christian do amid these dark circumstances?  “Let your light shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father.”  We can have a revival in the midst of the darkness.








“13 Hours” Go See It…

This movie about the tragedy in Benghazi will open tonight at theaters across the country, and all day tomorrow.  It comes in timely fashion, right on the heels of our current administration’s latest buffoonery with Iran, whereas ten American sailors were forced to place their hands behind their heads and get on their knees.  Their Iranian captors claimed they left international waters.  Secretary of State John Kerry then complimented the captors, saying how well they treated those captured.  This Iranian act of aggression was taunting and humiliating to the United States deliberately on the threshold of the nuclear “deal” with Iran, it also was an opportunity they simply took advantage of, and was carefully orchestrated as a media event that made Iran look powerful and the United States look weak.

This above act is reminiscent of Benghazi indeed.  Remember Hillary Clinton’s famous statement: “What difference does it make (how they died)?”  Remember the orders to “stand down” as the consulate was attacked by terrorists?  Remember the murder of ambassador Chris Stevens and three other diplomats?  Remember the F-16 fighter jets that were a mere fifty minutes away yet ordered not to respond?  Remember the deliberate and willful lies from President Barack Hussein Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, that this murder and mayhem was the result of a controversial film, and not a terrorist attack?  I will never forget.  Richard M. Nixon was forced to resign for lesser atrocities than this act alone.  Watergate did not result in four deaths.

Go and watch this movie, it promises to be a blockbuster and more importantly it reiterates issues about the debauchery and lack of integrity of this current administration.  The Lord willing, I will see it as soon as possible and provide a write up upon this blog site.  In His Service, Pastor Steve

Pray For Revival In America!  Jesus Christ Is Our Only Hope… 

2015 Second Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 25

Doug Hagmann and Joe Hagmann Interview Bill Salus

Bill Salus is one of the most popular prolific authors of prophecy in the Middle East.  Bill Salus wrote a prophetical book called Psalm 83.  His latest book is Nuclear Showdown In Iran.  Ironically, Iran is the number one evangelical growing population in the world!  They are growing 19.6% per year, compared to America which is growing 0.8% per year.  A huge disparity.  Dreams, miracles, visions and Satellite TV are entering the homes in Iran, they are finding hope in Jesus Christ and healing is going on.  In Iran, the Syrian Refugee Camps and in China, the Holy Spirit is entering many Muslim communities there, and throughout the world.  A revival is happening throughout the Middle East in the midst of all of the chaos.  ISIS are a barbaric people, similar to the ancient Assyrians.  Jonah had no desire to take the Gospel to these heathens.  But God transcends our limited desire to share the Gospel.  Our vacuous foreign policy in the United States may be accelerating end times prophecy in the Middle East.  “Our enemies do not fear us and our friends do not revere us.”  The belligerents in the Middle East and Vladimir Putin in Russia are flexing their muscle.  This all puts Israel in a very difficult position.  Benjamin Netanyahu is fighting an Islamic power in Iran that is on the verge of possessing a nuclear weapon that could annihilate them.  In 2014 President Obama threatened to shoot down any Israelite jets that would enter Iranian air space in order to attack nuclear installations.

“Nine Eleven” propelled Bill Salus into an avid interest in prophecy.  The theme of the end times is dominant in the Bible and the #1 sign of the end times is that all of the signs are converging rapidly.  Iran is a big deal.  Benjamin Netanyahu came to America last March with the sole purpose of addressing Congress about Iran.  Bill Salus believes that end times apocalyptic events are so close, that we must strive to make sure we are right with God.  Place your faith in Jesus Christ.  Wise words indeed.

Keep Looking Up!

Senator Marco Rubio Speaks On Iran Nuke Deal

“We have given this all away without any commitment that Iran will end its’ support for terrorism, accept Israel’s right to exist, or return a single American hostage.  In short, the deal with Iran is not a deal at all.  It is a string of concessions to a sworn adversary of the United States.”

Republican Florida Senator Marco Rubio

GOP Presidential Candidate


Fox News Poll

If you were in Congress, How Would You Vote on the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Approve  31%

Reject      58%

August 11-13, 2015

America, Why Are We Even Thinking Of Dealing With Our Enemy Iran?

This article is taken from the April 14, 2015 Peace River Shopper, Page 35:

Iran is going to build mass destruction weapons no matter what agreement is made.  Iran has been trouble for America for many years.  President Reagan even dealt with these problems.  Iran is mentioned many times in the Bible.  Its’ Biblical name is Persia.  America, beware of this nation.  In Luke 21:36 Jesus warns us to be spiritually alert and watchful.  Events are constantly happening in the Middle East, especially in Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Iran is acquiring a stranglehold on the Middle East.  Iran has just taken over the government of Yemen, and is now threatening the vital sea lanes from the Indian Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea.  Now that Iran controls Yemen, they can virtually control the oil in the Middle East going to Europe.  The Red Sea is a vital body of water linking the Mediterranean Sea to the Indian Ocean.  Iran is also supplying Syria with weapons technology in the realm of advanced ballistic missiles.  Iran considers Syria to be crucial for planning their regional domination.

Iran threatens peace all over the world.  The Bible refers to a great military power called the King of the South.  Iran is a radical Islamist power that is arming her allies Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia and Iraq.  A Middle East super power is emerging.  America, wake up and do not be friends with our enemy.  Iran has leaders who have dangerous religious beliefs involving killing.  What will happen when they finally get a nuclear weapon?  America has to see trouble ahead.

A world war is coming according to Bible prophecies.  The prophecies reveals we are getting to a time that you can actually start counting the days until Jesus Christ returns.  The Iranians are modern descendants of ancient Persia.  With the Middle East in turmoil, Iran is expanding its’ power and influence.  Folks, keep watching the world news and you will see for yourselves.  You can see why the Iranians are pushing so hard for nuclear weapons.

Many other Muslim nations are fearful of Iran, and seeking alliances with other European nations.  Folks, the facts are pointing to Iran as the Biblical king of the south.  Iran will probably make headlines in the future by gaining world power.  America, beware that this is probably just the beginning of Iran’s role in end times world events.  Folks, the book of Daniel in the Old Testament of the Bible describes a lot of events that are going to happen, especially involving Iran.  Daniel 11:40 reveals these soon coming events–  we know we cannot stop future events, but we can be aware of them.  Where America stands in the Biblical future is a good question.  Pray folks.

Wake Up America

Pray Without Ceasing For Revival In America





Michele Bachmann: The Rapture Is Coming And It’s Obama’s Fault

One of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign slogans is “Isn’t it time for a woman president in America?”  My reply is “Yes indeed, but you are not the woman.”  My favorite American lady politician without a close second is Michele Bachmann.  She just went up three more notches as she boldly applied her Christian faith to current events.  The following article speaks for itself.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  She reads the nefarious desires of our president like a road map.  I wish the Democrats and Republicans had one half of her chutzpah and spirit in standing for truth:


Michele Bachmann says the rapture is coming, thanks to President Barack Obama’s policies on Iran’s nuclear program and marriage equality.

In a radio interview last week, Bachmann, the former Minnesota Republican congresswoman, told “End Times” host Jan Markell, “We need to realize how close this clock is getting to the midnight hour.”

“We in our lifetimes potentially could see Jesus Christ returning to earth and the rapture of the church,” Bachmann said. “We see the destruction, but this was a destruction that was foretold.”

Bachmann cited the Obama administration’s nuclear negotiations with Iran as a cause. The U.S. and five partner nations are discussing a deal with Iran that would prevent the country from developing or obtaining nuclear weapons.
“We are literally watching, month by month, the speed move up to a level we’ve never seen before with these events,” Bachmann said. “Barack Obama is intent. It is his number one goal to ensure that Iran has a nuclear weapon.”
Later in the interview, Bachmann again tied her rapture prediction to Obama’s foreign policy.

“If you look at the president’s rhetoric, and if you look at his actions, everything he has done has been to cut the legs out of Israel and lift up the agenda of radical Islam,” she said.

Obama has said repeatedly that the goal of the nuclear talks with Iran is to prevent the country from developing a nuclear weapon.

Bachmann also blamed abortion and gay marriage, arguing that God is punishing the United States for “embracing a pagan view.”

“Any nation that accepts God and his principles is blessed, and those who push away are cursed. That’s what we’re seeing happen to the United States,” she said. “We will suffer the consequences as a result.”

Some Christians believe those who are saved will be transported to heaven just before armageddon, which they call the rapture.

This is not the first time Bachmann has predicted extreme consequences from the Iran deal. Earlier this month, she claimed the deal would lead to “World War III.” And in a Facebook post, she compared Obama to Andreas Lubitz, the pilot who crashed the Germanwings airliner into the French Alps in March.

Listen to the interview below:
H/T Right Wing Watch