Searching for the Crucifixion Site of Jesus – By Bob Cornuke

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Published on Feb 21, 2017
3rd Annual Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit by Prophecy in the News


NEW Revised Edition of TEMPLE by Robert “Bob” Cornuke ~ Amazing New Discoveries that Change Everything About the Location of Solomon’s Temple Watch this week’s program as Bob Cornuke talks with Dr. Kevin Clarkson in Part Two of the “Search for the Temple”

If you are a student at the SouthWest Florida Bible Institute, and interested in taking the following course:  “NT701 Two Tremendous Archaeological Discoveries” starting March 20, 2018, then you will want to watch the following cutting edge archaeological findings.  Bob Cornuke is interviewed by Dr. Kevin Clarkson, president of Prophecy in the News, about his REVISED and UPDATED book “Temple.”  The new book (just released days ago) can be purchased from KHouse and Chuck Missler, from Base Institute and Bob Cornuke, or from Prophecy In The News.  The older book Temple is 207 pages.  The new book you want to purchase is 239 pages – I received a copy of it today.  Bob Cornuke is turning the field of Christian archaeology on its head, as he navigates through the plethora of 2,000 years of errors in tradition, and uses solely the Bible as his roadmap, pursuing the correct places of archaeological importance to the Christian.  This book explores a new possible site for the temple, and Jesus’ exact place of crucifixion.  If the location is correct, then the famed Islamic Dome of the Rock would not be in the way of building the temple!  Bob Cornuke is highly respected in circles of famous people throughout the Middle East, and has combed the catacombs of passageways underneath Jerusalem with Benjamin Netanyahu.  You will enjoy the following videos and his book Temple.

In Christ, Pastor Steve  <><

Can you imagine the upheaval in political and religious thinking if the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is not the site of Solomon’s and Herod’s temples?

Since first published in 2014, Bob Cornuke’s ground-breaking book, TEMPLE, has been heralded as “an investigative masterpiece” with “astounding archaeological and prophetic implications.” We have already seen some “Bible scholars” publicly mock and try to refute him for his discoveries. Refusing to even debate him for fear that their lucrative careers will be tarnished, knowing all the while that the discoveries in this book has literally sent shockwaves through the Jewish, Muslim, and Christian worlds.

Bob has just released his NEW and updated version of this exciting book. Because there were so many negative untrue things being said about Bob’s discovery of the location of the Temple, Bob decided to add an appendix in the back of his new book to address these negative accusations. To be fair, he decided not to write the appendix, but to allow an outsider do the research and write this section of the book. That man is Dr. William P. Welty, who taught New Testament Greek for ten years at Simon Greenleaf University of Anaheim, California. Dr. Welty is a Bible scholar and executive director of the ISV Foundation. He was skeptical at first when Bob ask him to do the research, but when he finished, he called Bob and told him “There is no way that this is not the place of the Temple in the City of David.” His research is excellent!
Click on this link to read an article written by
Dr. William P. Welty titled:
In Defense of Dr. Robert Cornuke

Jordan/Israel ~ 1987-1988 ~ Part 6

Day #6

While eating breakfast at the Shalom we observed a beautiful sunrise over Jerusalem.  While eating breakfast I looked around and observed the Israelites, thinking what a stubborn people they were, and how the Lord still has His hand on them, even though they do not believe in Jesus and the New Testament.  Our hotel gave us a beautiful view of Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is a melting pot with all kinds of people.  All of the people in Israel, the men and the women, must serve in the army for two years and take their vows on Mount Masada.  I found the people in Israel to be friendlier, more courteous, and more respectful (especially the children) than Americans.

Today, our first stop was at the model of Jerusalem (The “Model City”).  The model depicted Jerusalem at the time of the Second Temple (the time of Jesus).  The Model City displays the many walls, the residences, Herod’s Palace, the Fortress of Antonio, the Temple, and many other things.

Next, we went towards the Mount of Olives.  On our way, we observed an Arab kiss his camel, and give our pastor a ride.  We went up the Mount of Olives to the temple of Ascension which is now a Mosque.  (refer to Acts 1:4 through Acts 1:11).  There is an “alleged footprint” where Jesus ascended from, inside the small temple upon a rock.  Next, we went a short distance away and took several pictures of Jerusalem from this panoramic view.  From our location on the Mount of Olives, we had a view of Jerusalem over the Kidron Valley.  Also observed was David’s City, the Dome of the Rock, as well as the northern end of Jerusalem.  It is interesting to note that the current city walls are only five hundred years old, and built by the Ottoman Turks.  Mount Ophel is David’s old city, and Mount Zion is above David’s City, outside the wall.  We saw Absalom’s tomb in the Kidron Valley.  As we departed from the Temple of Ascension, a burro blocked our path on our way to the Garden of Gethsemane.

We went into the Garden of Gethsemane (“semane” means olive oil).  Gethsemane may have been near John Mark’s home.  We entered the Church of All Nations where the alleged rock is that Jesus prayed at.  This is located next to the Garden of Gethsemane.

We drove up to the Old City of Jerusalem and entered Stephen’s Gate, which is also known as the Lion’s Gate, with a lion on each side of the gate.

Next, we observed a fine site of archaeology – the Pool of Bethesda.  The pool has five porches where people were healed, and is dug out very deep.

The streets of Jerusalem are very narrow.  The women wore robes, and carried large objects on their head.  Beggars and cripples lingered on the street corners.  Walking in the “Old City” is like walking into the past.  Burros carrying loads walk in the streets.  Flutes, and other eastern instruments can be heard.  Muslim people can be heard wailing over microphones.

Next, we arrived at my favorite archaeological site in the whole city – we entered the Judgment Hall at the Fortress of Antonio.  There was a cistern and a water supply here.  We observed areas cut by Herod, which was originally the moat of the Fortress of Antonio.  Next, we went deep into the beautiful, large, and open Strutheon Pool.  Water runs down into the pools from the mountains.  We approached other cisterns and lithostrotos pavement that Jesus walked on.  The pavement was made up of large stones with wedges to prevent slipping.  A church was built above this pavement.  Jesus was tried and judged near here by Pontius Pilate.

We walked down today’s Via Dolorosa, where Jesus is supposed to have carried His cross to Calvary.  The actual road, however, would be many feet underground.  The Via Dolorosa featured an arch overhead, this is an original arch left from the Fortress of Antonio.

The business district was bustling – people commonly walk up to you in order to sell you just about everything.  There are money changers today in Jerusalem just like in Christ’s time.  Many people wear cloaks, robes, togas, and turbines.  Conservative Muslim women wear veils.  We stopped and looked at a Muslim water trough.

We approached the Western “Wailing” Wall and we were frisked on the way into this area.  The wall is near Mount Zion and the Tyropoeon Valley.  The Tyropoeon Valley, filled over the years, is right in front of the wall.  The wall is very long, and is the last part of the temple that was not destroyed – hence the Rabiis, Orthodox Jews, etc. wail there.  We observed the same wall nearby extending underground.  The entire original wall is 150 feet high.  When the rabiis pray – they read their Tora, and they chant, buck their head backwards and forwards, and side to side.  They shake their knees.  Loads and loads of prayers were stuck in the cracks of the walls.  The rabiis wore prayer boxes (Phylacteries; Matthew 23:5) on their foreheads and arms, and were dressed all in black.  In essence, they are modern day Pharisees.  They are very, very zealous.  If they were converted, their zeal would turn the world upside down (like Paul of Tarsus).  When we entered, we put on “cardboard beenies” or Kippurs, like everyone else.  A head covering, they feel, is needed in a holy place.  Orthodox Jews of the law, modern day Pharisees, were seen everywhere.

We observed the excavated Tyropoeon Valley (Old Jerusalem) near the Wailing (Western) Wall.  We passed a Byzantine, Muslim Mosque and approached the Dome of the Rock.  It was built in the eighth century.  Abraham offered the sacrifice of Isaac at the rock in the Dome – the rock inside is the ONLY part of Mount Moriah that Herod left exposed after all of his building.  The best marble available was used to build it.  There is a hole in the rock, and a drainage area below for all the blood sacrifices.  Blood would run underneath, all the way down the mountain.  The Dome of the Rock is surrounded by a Muslim Mosque and worship area.  From this area, one can see the Tyropoeon Valley, the Western Wall, and David’s City beyond.

Jerusalem is a melting pot of cultures, beliefs and different people’s religions.  At lunch time, a man on the tour (Steve Abbott) was drinking a milkshake for lunch and was told to leave – this is NOT KOSHER.  Dairy products cannot be eaten with meat products.  The religions of Jerusalem are 1) Islamic (Muslim) 2) Jewish 3) Christian and 4) Armenian (preceded by Greek Orthodox).  All believe in one God and are monotheistic, and all of them go back to Abraham.

We observed the remains of Byzantine shops.  The shops were Roman streets with columns (pillars), and stores on both sides of the street.  These shops were part of Jerusalem after 70 A.D., when Titus destroyed Jerusalem.  Farther down the row of shops, modern shops are built in the original shops.  We then passed a display revealing the Maccabean, Hasmonean ruins and walls.  These dated from 100 B.C. to 700 B.C., the bottom stones were from the time of Hezekiah and the first temple.  Next, we saw an area where the Israeli and Hasmonean walls joined together.  We passed a Byzantine mosaic map, revealing Jerusalem in the sixth century – showing even the streets with the shops that we previously observed.

In Jerusalem, the people bargain and haggle over everything – nothing has a set price.  The people are friendly and get satisfaction in helping you.  A boy gave me an olive branch, expecting nothing in return.  I bought film from a boy, and he brought down the price for me.

Next, we entered the upper room on Mount Zion.  A Muslim Arab altar was put there when they took over.  This is just the traditional location.  The upper room is traced  back only to the Byzantine period, hence it cannot be real.

We went to Mount Zion, King David’s tomb.  Muslim and Byzantine architecture was observed here also, hence this location is probably also traditional.  We observed the Hinnom Valley off in the distance.

We entered Caiphas’ Palace, which was located below a Catholic Church.  We saw a prison where prisoners were dropped through a circular hole.  Could Jesus have been kept here?  More prisons and dungeons were located below.  This was definitely the main prison of the House of Caiphas.  There were even holes in the walls where the prisoners were strapped into place when they were whipped and beaten.

Caiphas’ Palace was a great archaeological site.  Wonderful views were observed of the Kidron Valley, the Tyropoeon Valley in the lower city in Old Jerusalem, and the ruins of Caiphas’ Palace located outside the Catholic Church.  David’s city is located on Mount Ophel, the original Canaanite stronghold of Jerusalem.

Note:  Since traveling to Israel nearly thirty years ago, there is another school of thought regarding archaeology in Jerusalem.  The “Wailing” Wall is now thought to be from the Fortress of Antonio rather than from Herod’s Temple.  Bob Cornuke’s book Temple is the watershed book regarding this new discovery.  I believe Bob is correct in his assessment.  


Where Is Solomon’s Temple? Where Is Golgotha? A Paradigm Shift In Archaeology…

Chuck Missler has been working with Bob Cornuke over the past couple of years, attempting to ascertain the genuine sites of both Solomon’s Temple and Mount Calvary / Golgotha, where Jesus Christ was crucified.  Chuck Missler is very well known in Christian circles, affiliated with Koinonia Institute.  Chuck excels in several areas in Christendom, most noteworthy in Bible prophecy.  Bob Cornuke has been referred to as the Indiana Jones, from a Biblical / Christian perspective, in modern archaeology.  In his career, he has pursued the sites of the real Mount Sinai, the Ark of the Covenant, Noah’s Ark, the four anchors of Paul’s shipwreck off Malta, and most recently Solomon’s Temple / Golgotha.  The following You Tubes discuss the recent joint ventures of Chuck Missler and Bob Cornuke, as they pursue the real sites of Solomon’s Temple and Golgotha (where Jesus was crucified):


The Real Solomon’s Temple ~ Bob Cornuke

Here is a fascinating “thumb nail sketch” of Bob Cornuke’s discovery in Jerusalem of the real Solomon’s Temple site.  I devour books as a pastor, and one of the best unique, original and cutting edge books I have ever purchased is “Temple” by Robert Cornuke.  The following You Tube is an excellent summary of the book.  Bob has found channels in which the blood of sacrificed animal flowed, olive presses, and stalls/chains for animals underneath the original City of David/Mount Zion.  This is the site of the Gihon Springs and the water source for Solomon’s Temple.  The “Temple Mount” where the Dome of the Rock is, was the base of a Roman emcampment.  The Temple of Solomon is 600-1000 feet south of this locale, in the original City of David.  Enjoy the audio and pick up a copy of Temple for a detailed analysis:

I just spoke with Bob Cornuke this morning (3/2/16), and there is another mind blowing discovery made, with a book soon to follow.  He is teaming up with Chuck Missler on this latest venture.  I understand Missler will be the premier author.  As soon as specifics are available, they will be on this blog site.  Bob’s website is

In Christ, Pastor Steve

2015 Second Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 23

Solomon’s Lost Temple  ~  Bob Cornuke

These are exciting times of new discoveries in archaeology.  Exponentially they are coming in a very rapid rate.  Skeptics say:  “Show me and I will believe.”  God says:  “Believe and I will show you.”  You must become a believer in order to recognize what God is doing.  The unsaved do not understand or comprehend what is happening.  80% of college students fall away from their faith.  The Bible warns us not to be deceived by the traditions of the world, that would undermine our faith in Christ.  Philosophy (love of wisdom), evolution, and the traditions of man are all out there trying to steal our faith.

Matthew 11:25  King James Version (KJV)

25 At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.

There is a curse for mocking God and believing man knows everything.  God will actually hide the truth from those who think they are so wise and clever.  Worldly brilliant people think Christians are crazy because of our faith.  University professors marginalize and characterize Christians.


The Temple findings from Solomon’s Temple are the real deal.  Bob will have a lot more material next year after more study and investigation is accomplished.  In 1986 Bob searched for Noah’s Ark.  He still does trips to this locale.  Noah’s Ark is not on Mount Ararat in Turkey.  Bob does not think that may even be the right mountain.  He thinks the mountain may be in Iran or Pakistan.  (Genesis 11:1-2 says the first generations after Noah came from the land of Shinar in the east).  ***   I believe that Noah’s Ark no longer exists.  There was a devastated earth without grown trees and even shrubbery when Noah and his family of eight exited the ark.  What else could possibly been their source of building homes, outbuildings, barns, pens, implements, fences, etc., etc.?  The ark was dismantled and used for their practical needs.  Pastor Steve   ***

Bob recalled his previous explorations whereby they found the real Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia (Galatians 4:25).  They found altars, pillars, the split rock where the water came out, the top was charred black, and the Bible says it is in the ancient land of Midian.  Scholars laughed at their exploits when they happened twenty five years ago, but now they are all coming around to believing this is indeed the place of the real Mt. Sinai (Jabal al Lawz).

Another item they searched for was the Ark of the Covenant.  Bob took twenty trips to Ethiopia.  Bob believes the Ark is in as small chapel in an Ethiopian town.  (I spoke with Bob on the telephone about eight-ten years ago, and he believed the same thing then).  Bob believes the Ark went to Elephantine Island on the Nile River where it stayed for hundreds of years before it was taken to Ethiopia.  There is a strong historical tradition that asserts this theory, whether or not it is true.

Furthermore, Bob did extensive research off of the coast of Malta, searching for the four anchors from Paul’s shipwreck, summarized in Acts 27,28.  Bob fed the Biblical data into a thirty million dollar computer, and they researched the area that the computer took them to.  The anchors were no longer there because they were already located and retrieved by scuba divers!  They have all been located.

Bob Cornuke opened up a question and answer period for any questions on his explorations of Noah’s Ark, Mount Sinai, the Ark of the Covenant, Paul’s Shipwreck, and The Temple.

It was mentioned that many people inside and outside of Christianity all believe that something is soon coming upon the world, centered in Jerusalem  (Zechariah 12, 13, 14).  Because of this, Bob Cornuke has a tremendous impetus that is open to his exploits in archaeology all around the globe, including many politicians and dignitaries.  It was mentioned that recent archaeological findings are giving strong clues to where the tomb of King David is.

Another question was:  “Are the Jewish people excited that because the real temple location is not near the Dome Of The Rock, they can therefore build immediately?”  The problem here is that the accepted traditional location is so strong by Jewish scholars, rabbis, etc.,  that credence is not always given to recent discoveries.  For further comprehensive information on Bob’s research on the Temple, go to part 5 of this series, and obtain a copy of his recent publication The Temple.  It is the most cutting edge archaeological book that I have read in years.  

Bob’s main theme throughout his archaeological endeavors is to assert the truth of the Bible.  He is viciously attacked because of his firm stance upon the Word of God.  




2015 Second Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 5

Bob Cornuke, New Findings In Biblical Archaeology

When I saw Bob’s name on the list of conference speakers, I wondered why he was addressing a prophecy conference.  After all, he calls himself an explorer and amateur archaeologist  …That is, until I noted he was studying and researching the site of the temple in Jerusalem.  The exact location of the temple is of the utmost importance in reference to the Israelites and their plans to rebuild it.  Prophecy students realize that this is all going to come into play during the Great Tribulation.

Bob thinks outside the box.  He throws tradition to the wind, and follows the Bible.  I purchased his book “Temple” and asked him to sign it.  He put the verse in the book that was his legacy, and represented his strategy throughout his career:  Mark 7:13  “Thus invalidating the word of God by your tradition which you have   handed down; and you do many things such as that.”  (NASB)  Bob realizes that there is often a large time gap from the time of the Biblical historical events, and the time that they are “located.”  This gap is usually several hundred years!  Hence the facts become distorted and totally lost, and false traditions and guess work take priority.  Bob shared the following quotation in order to add even more clarity:  “Evidence is not the proof, the proper interpretation of evidence is the proof.”  Bob has studied the site of the original temple for over twenty five years, and received a lot of his information from Earnest Martin, the original scholar of Solomon’s Temple.  [Never one to leave his audience bored, he furthermore shared that there is yet another HUGE discovery on the bubble!  Stay tuned.]

The following passage reveals volumes of why historians, researchers and archaeologists do not have the correct site of either the temple of Solomon or Herod.  (Herod’s temple replaced Solomon’s temple).  Matthew 24:1-2   “Then Jesus went out and departed from the temple, and His disciples came up to show Him the buildings of the temple.  And Jesus said to them, “Do you not see all these things? Assuredly, I say to you, not one stone shall be left here upon another, that shall not be thrown down.”  Hence according to Jesus Christ, the Wailing Wall is NOT the temple, it is the part of the Fortress of Antonio!  In 70 AD, the time of the destruction of the temple, Josephus said:  “The temple was so destroyed, no one would know a temple was there.”  The Bible plainly tells us that the temple was built in the Stronghold of Mount Zion (II Samuel 5:7), the City of David, originating at the threshing floor of Ornan the Jebusite (II Chronicles 3:1).   *Modernists have messed up the location of Zion in Jerusalem.*  The scriptural key is that the temple is in Zion, the City of David (Psalm 2:6, 20, 138; I Kings 1:38-39, Joel 3:17, etc.).  A concept that further leads to clarity is the realization that from 400 A.D. onward, the temple site was located via mere speculation and tradition. 

Another important point made by Bob is that the Roman Forts that housed their soldiers looked exactly like the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  That is, the huge rectangular slab of concrete upon which the Dome of the Rock (also known as the Mosque of Omar) sits was previously the Fortress of Antonio!  The Temple Mount was built by the Romans as the base of the Fortress of Antonio and has nothing to do with the temple of Jerusalem.  Bob and his team also found a Roman coin dated about 20 A.D. at the base of the Temple Mount area, adding further credence that this site was a Roman stronghold and not the site of the temple.

How ironic that orthodox Jewish rabbis are wailing at the wrong wall and that the wall to the temple does not even exist at the present.  But do you think they would trust the words of Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:1-2) or an American archaeologist?  This is exciting to behold, and it does not get any more cutting edge than this.  The news is dramatic to the student of prophecy.  If Bob’s assertions about the location of the temple are true, then there is absolutely no conflict whatsoever about the Dome of the Rock being in the way of the Israelite’s desire to rebuild the temple.  The challenge is for the nation of Israel to understand this.  Interestingly, Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) toured the tunnels underneath the City of David with Bob, so that is indeed a start!  Why is all of this so important?  Because as soon as the Israelites break ground to build the temple, that is another sign of end times prophecy, the Great Tribulation period and eschatological events.

I would recommend every serious student of prophecy to purchase a copy of “Temple” by Bob Cornuke.  I am 60 pages into this 200 page book and it is excellent.  This book will further elucidate and clarify what you just read here.

Maranatha, Pastor Steve


2015 Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 2, Notable Quotations

Dr. Kevin Clarkson:  “God hates Islam and loves Muslims.”

Bob Cornuke:  “Evidence is not the proof; the proper interpretation of evidence is the proof.”

Bill Federer:  Spoke on Islam, ISIS, the Caliphate, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Mohammed was a religious, political and military leader.  He followed Caesar’s strategy “I came, I saw, I conquered.”  The Islamic strategy for expansion is “Immigrate, Increase, Eliminate.”

World Peace = World Islam

“It is wrong to kill the innocent, but those who reject Allah are guilty.”

“It is all right to deny Mohammed to get elected, just so you do not deny his teachings.”

Jonathan Matusitz  “A real threat to America is Sharia Law.”

“The Muslim Brotherhood is a clear and present danger.  They are infiltrating the National Security Agency (NSA), the White House, and the Justice Department.”

“The Muslim goal is to turn the world into a caliphate.”

“COEXIST is a well meaning yet naïve philosophy.”

“Political correctness is loved by Islam.”

“Political correctness and interfaith movements will get you killed.”

“Islam means submission.  Muslims submit to Allah.  Unbelievers submit to Muslims.”

Jerome Corsi  “The Muslim Brotherhood desires to destroy Israel.”

Mark Hamblin on the Great Tribulation  “In the book of Revelation, wherever the church is, there is no wrath; and wherever wrath is, there is no church.”



2015 Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part I, Highlights

The conference is over, and was a tremendous blessing to one and all.  It was manna from heaven to fellowship with Christians amid some of the finest scholars in the world.  It was no play thing, as our conference days were twelve hours each, and our commute was on the I-4 corridor between Tampa and Orlando.  You Floridians already know that this highway is no picnic.  There will be endless blog entries on this site, under the category for the 2015 Orlando Prophecy Summit conference.  We met a couple who attended the conference last year, and they are just finishing the DVD material that covered all of the speakers in the 2014 gathering.  Let me explain why there is so much material:  We went to every meeting available, yet we saw less than one third of the seminars.  Why?  Because there are always three teachings going on simultaneously during the conference, and of course, we could only see one of them at a time.  The folks choose the seminar of their choice, and miss the other two.   We attended sixteen classes,  yet there were sixty six available, which also includes special gatherings whereby the attenders can dine, ask questions, and have a “hands on” intimate fellowship with the speakers.  I purchased the book “Temple” by Bob Cornuke, and got his autograph in the tome as well as the signature of Don Perkins, my favorite teacher on eschatology, whose end times chart hangs in my study.  It does not get any better than this.  I ordered the complete DVD set and plan to show the best seminars to our church on Sunday nights, and watch each one of them myself.  I attended two seminars that highlighted the pre tribulation rapture of the church.  One of the speakers, Thomas Ice, is an end times prophecy expert who has replaced Tim LaHaye on the Bible conference speaking circuit because Tim is too old to attend and speak.  I was thrilled that I learned very little from these two speakers, and the message that I recently preached on the rapture was confirmed by all of the theology that these two men of God shared!  Thank you Jesus.

I will share summaries of every seminar that I attended on this blog site, and I will likewise share information from ALL of the seminars that we did not attend, once we receive the comprehensive DVD package of the entire Summit.  This will take a great deal of time.  I love studying about Christ’s soon return and sharing these precious truths with the saints.  Maranatha, the Lord is coming…

Keep Looking Up!     Pastor Steve

2015 Orlando Prophecy Summit, Schedule Of Speakers And Their Subjects

 Scroll down to see the schedule of this prophecy conference, as well as observe how one can “Stream” this conference and/or purchase the DVD’s of all of the speakers as well:
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List of Speaker’s Messages
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Thursday Live Streaming:
Dr. Kevin Clarkson – 2:00 pm ET – Portraits of the Rapture
Doug Stauffer – 3:30 pm ET – Deliverance or Devastation, Son of God or Son of Perdition?
Bob Cornuke – 5:00 pm ET – New Finding’s in Bible Archeology (Author of the “TEMPLE” Book)
Gary Frazier – 8:00 pm ET – Are You Ready?
Friday Live Streaming:
Bill Federer – 9:00 am ET – Islam, Isis, the Caliphate an the Muslim Brotherhood
Doc Marquis – 10:30 am ET – Which Rapture Are We Waiting For?
Thomas Ice – 2:00 pm ET – Why the Bible Teaches the Pre-Trib Rapture
Jerome Corsi – 3:30 pm ET – The Obama Nation II: Judgment Day
Joseph Farah – 5:00 pm ET – God’s Mideast Peace Plan
Jonathan Cahn – 8:00 pm ET – Things To Come: The Shemitah’s Harbingers & What Lies Ahead
Saturday Live Streaming:
Russ Dizdar – 9:00 am ET – R1919 the Troops of Armageddon
Jim Fletcher – 10:30 am ET – The War on Bible Prophecy
Billy Crone – 2:00 pm ET – The Vatican & the Last Days Deception
Paul McGuire – 3:30 pm ET – The Coming Global Economic Armageddon
Dan Goodwin – 5:00 pm ET – 2520-God’s Prophetic Number
Bill Salus – 8:00 pm ET – Nuclear Showdown in Iran; The Ancient Prophecy of Elam
If you are joining us in Orlando, below is a list of the speakers and their messages that will be offered in the breakout rooms (Windermere “Y” & “Z”). These messages below, along with the speakers messages from the Live Streaming, plus the one-on-one interviews between some of the speakers and Doug and Joe Hagmann will all be available on our DVD package that will be offered after the conference! You can enjoy the LIVE STREAMING during the conference and when you purchase the DVD set, you will be able to view all of the messages, all three days! Your heart will be blessed!
Thursday – 5 March 2015
9:00am       Conference Registration Begins
1:30pm        Kevin Clarkson & Gary Frazier
                    Conference Opening
2:00pm         Kevin Clarkson –  “Portraits of the Rapture”
3:30pm         Doug Stauffer –  “Deliverance or Devastation, Son of God or Son of                                                  Perdition?”
5:00pm         Bob Cornuke –  “New Findings in Biblical Archeology”
8:00pm         Gary Frazier –  “Are You Ready?”
2:00pm         Jerry Robinson – “A Crash Course in Surviving the Coming                                                              Financial Meltdown”
3:30pm         Paul McGuire – “How to Walk Victoriously & Overcome in the Last                                                  Days”
5:00pm         Bill Federer – “The Fall of the Roman Empire and the Amazing                                                     Saint Patrick”
8:00pm        Russ Dizdar  – “Transhumanism and the Gods of Final Science”
2:00pm        David Hamblin  – “Millennial Reign Primer Basics: Understanding                                                       Worldwide Changes”
3:30 pm        Doc Marquis  – “The Illuminati is Fulfilling Bible Prophecy”
5:00pm        Jim Fletcher  – “The Plague of Replacement Theology”
8:00pm        Russ Breault  – “The Day the Shroud Foiled Hitler”
6:45pm (Paid Ticket – Dinner)    Bill Salus: “Future of Israel, ISIS & the Arab                                                                            State”
Friday – 6 March 2015
9:00am        Bill Federer  – “Islam, ISIS, the Caliphate and the Muslim                                                               Brotherhood”
10:30am      Doc Marquis  – “Which Rapture Are We Waiting For?”
2:00pm       Thomas Ice  – “Why the Bible Teaches the Pretrib Rapture”
3:30pm       Jerome Corsi  – “The Obama Nation II: Judgment Day”
5:00pm       Joseph Farah  – “Gods Mideast Peace Plan”
8:00pm       Jonathan Cahn  – “Things to come: The Shemitah’s Harbinger &
                                                 What Lie Ahead”
9:00am      Doug Stauffer  – “Learn to Study the Bible in One Hour”
10:30am    Hagmann & Hagmann – “Panel Discussion TBA”
2:00pm      Gary Frazier  – “Miracle of Israel”
3:30pm      Billy Crone  – “Why Won’t My Pastor Preach on Prophecy?”
5:00pm      Jonathan Matusitz  – “Islamist Supremacism in America”
8:00pm      Dan Goodwin  – “God’s Final Jubilee”
9:00am      Bob Cornuke  – “Solomon’s Lost Temple”
10:30am    Don Perkins  – “The Mark of the Beast”
2:00pm      Russ Breault  – “Shroud of Turin: Past, Present, Future”
3:30pm      Terry James  – “Nearing Midnight”
5:00pm      Bill Salus  – “America’s Role in the Prophetic Wars”
8:00pm      Cris Putnam  – “Same Sex Marriage and the Dividing Line”
12:00pm (Paid Ticket – Lunch)    Paul McGuire: “Importance of America in Bible                                                                               Prophecy”
Saturday – 7 March 2015
9:00am      Russ Dizdar  – “R1919 the Troops of Armageddon”
10:30am    Jim Fletcher  – “Deconstructing Darwin”
2:00pm      Billy Crone  – “The Vatican & the Last Days Deception”
3:30pm      Paul McGuire  – “The Coming Global Economic Armageddon”
5:00 pm     Dan Goodwin  – “2520 God’s Prophetic Number”
8:00pm      Bill Salus  – “Nuclear Showdown in Iran; Ancient Prophecy of Elam”
9:15pm      Kevin Clarkson Closing Ceremony
9:00am      Don Perkins  – “Beware of False Christ in the Last Days”
10:30am    Kevin Clarkson  – “7 Visions of Christ in the Apocalypse”
2:00pm     Jerome Corsi  – “The Obama Nation II: Judgment Day”
3:30pm     Terry James  – “This End-Time Bubble”
5:00pm     Thomas Ice  – “Christian Zionism”
8:00pm     Doug Hagmann  – “Muslim Terror Training in the U.S.”
9:00 am     Cris Putnam  – “The Supernatural Worldview a Biblical Perspective”
10:30am    Brent Miller  – “Fires From Heaven: New Evidence for Man’s Demise”
2:00pm     Jonathan Matusitz  – “Comparative Analysis Between Islam and                                                             Christianity”
3:30pm     Doug Stauffer  – “The Christian Race: Ready… Set… Gone”
5:00pm     David Hamblin  – “The Great Tribulation”
8:00pm     Jerry Robinson  – “Three Shocking Lies That Christians Believe”
12:00pm (Paid Ticket- Lunch)     Doc Marquis: “Revelation of the Apocalypse”
Doug and Joe Hagmann will be doing one-on-one interviews with several of the speakers. These interviews will be available on the DVD sets after the conference!
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