Forgiveness ~ Holy Week 3


GODS Math 1 Cross + 3 Nails = 4GIVEN :-)


Jesus said, ‚ÄúFather, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.‚Ä̬†And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.‚ÄĒLuke 23:34    < Key this link for more on forgiveness.

Even on the cross, Jesus forgave those who hurt Him.

INSIGHT: In the first century, the common attire for a Jewish man included five pieces of clothing‚ÄĒshoes, turban, belt, loincloth, and outer tunic. After crucifying Jesus, the soldiers divided the Savior‚Äôs garments as their spoils for performing the task. After each took a portion of clothing, one remained‚ÄĒthe tunic. This infers that even the loincloth was taken‚ÄĒand Jesus‚Äôs last shred of human dignity with it.¬† In a heartbreaking fulfillment of David‚Äôs messianic song, they stripped Jesus naked and then gambled for the tunic. In Psalm 22:17-18, where crucifixion was prophetically described some 600 years before it was invented, David said it would be so: ‚ÄúAll my bones are on display; people stare¬†and gloat over me.¬†They divide my clothes among them and cast lots¬†for my garment.‚ÄĚ The soldiers gambled for all they could get, unaware of the fact that mere feet away Christ was freely forgiving and giving all He had out of love for them.¬† Bill Crowder¬† ~¬† Our Daily Bread / Radio Bible Class

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There Is A New Sheriff In Town

Leading From The Front

Last night,¬†sixty Tomahawk¬†Missiles were delivered to the Syrian Shayrat Air Base used by both Russia and Syria.¬† This is the air base that only a couple of days ago sent out chemicals that killed infants, children and innocent civilians.¬† Fifty nine missiles reached their exact¬†targets and one dud fell into the Mediterranean Sea.¬† This technology is unbelievable, as it took one half hour to launch them all from two destroyers, yet they all hung in the air and struck simultaneously within a couple of minutes.¬† What a breath of fresh air, after eight years of leading from behind and the thin red line.¬† What euphoria after eight years of “Our allies no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear us.”¬†¬†What a unique set of circumstances when the¬†extremely¬†liberal Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry¬†agree with Donald Trump that this was the right thing to do!¬† Praise the Lord for a president¬†who does not vacillate or equivocate – and steps up and does the right thing!¬† While the missiles were striking the air¬†base, Donald Trump was dining with the president from China.¬† It sounds like a Hollywood staged set.¬† This missile strike was a clear signal to China, North Korea and to ISIS if they were listening.¬† Donald Trump told the Chinese that if they do not stand up to North Korea that he will.¬†¬†Make no mistake, the only thing that Vladimir Putin and Russia, the Chinese, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and¬†ISIS respect is strength.¬† Praise God for a president who acts decisively and does the right thing.¬† What a wonderful relief after eight years of the worst feckless¬†foreign¬†policy imaginable.¬† Blessings, Pastor Steve


Trump Strikes Syria

Unlike Obama, Trump followed through striking Syria when it crossed the red. ISIS, N.Korea and the world take heed. Political cartoon by A.F. Branco ©2017.

Suffering / Part 7 Of 8

Why Christians Suffer

continued from part 6…

7)Suffering Makes Us Sympathetic

When you and I suffer, then we can be of comfort to someone else walking down a road similar to ours. ¬†If we do not experience another person’s suffering, then we cannot honestly say “we know how they feel.” ¬†Our comfort comes from the fact that no matter what our trial, Jesus knows how we feel. ¬†He has already been there and He has suffered more than we ever will.

8)Suffering Makes Us And Keeps Us Humble

God wants His children humble. ¬†Pride caused the devil to fall and the first parents to sin. ¬†God hates pride and exalts the humble. ¬†Our trials teach us humility. ¬†Paul, who went to heaven and was given a revelation that no other man ever experienced, was also given a “thorn in the flesh” to keep him humble so he would not be lifted up in pride.

Remember, the normal path of the believer is one of tribulation. ¬†Jesus said: ¬†“In this world ye shall have tribulation.” ¬†And Paul tells us that we must “through much tribulation enter into the kingdom.” ¬†If we do not suffer trouble, tribulation and persecution, it is either because we do not belong to the Lord or because we are worthless from the standpoint of fruit and service. ¬†“Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth.”

Every “Born Again” Christian should be persecuted by worldly people, and when you come to know Jesus, you will probably lose a few old friends. ¬†Read John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress,” about the trials a Christian will encounter.


Salvation: Don’t Leave Earth Without It

He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.   Proverbs 29:1

When the Liberian tanker, the Arrow, ran aground and broke in two off Canada’s east coast, it polluted 125 miles of shoreline.¬† Confessing it to be his error, the Captain said, “I did not believe the message of my electronic depth sounder.”¬† Friend, if, on the sea of life, you ignore the warnings of God, your soul will be lost on the shores of eternity.¬† -Arnot P. McIntee

O, turn, while the Savior in mercy is waiting, And steer for the harbor light; For how do you know but your soul may be drifting, Over the deadline tonight?  -Virginia W. Moyer



Key the following two links for excellent comprehensive information on current events, and the soon coming rapture of the church, followed by the Great Tribulation:…/rapture-ready-or-not-15-reasons-this-is-the-gen&#8230;




Eschatology 33 ~ Matthew 24:44- A New Wrinkle For The Rapture Of The Church

As a student of Bible prophecy and eschatology for thirty seven years, I have found that the discovery of new truths is becoming more and more infrequent.  Well, here is a new one.  It is based on one scripture in the famous Olivet Discourse spoken by Jesus:

Matthew 24:44  King James Version (KJV)

44 Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.


I discovered this truth in a book written recently¬†by Terry James, entitled “Rapture Ready…Or Not?”¬† What made¬†the discovery¬†exciting was that I had the same exact thoughts about Jesus’ words in Matthew 24:44,¬†and now I received confirmation from one who has studied eschatology¬†throughout his entire¬†life!

If one would attend a Prophecy In The News Conference, you would find that the forty to fifty speakers are all united, believing in a pre tribulation rapture of the church.¬† There are four scripture passages that are often quoted, all referring to the rapture doctrine.¬† They are 1)¬†I Thessalonians 4:13-18, which is the plainest and most comprehensive scripture on this doctrine.¬† 2) I Corinthians 15:50-53.¬† Paul presents the rapture as “a mystery,” meaning this teaching¬†is a new doctrine not found in the Old Testament.¬† The Thessalonian and Corinthian passages parallel each other perfectly.¬† 3) John 14:1-4.¬† This passage is not used as often in¬†reference to the rapture, and refers to our Lord Jesus preparing a place for us to dwell in heaven.¬† Nonetheless it is a very appropriate passage in reference to our doctrine.¬† 4) Finally there is Revelation 4:1.¬† The seven churches in Asia Minor are considered in Revelation 2-3.¬† Chapter 4 opens with John and the church taken to heaven, inferring that the church will be¬†taken to¬†heaven as the Great Tribulation is unleashed on a Christ rejecting world, expounded upon in¬†Revelation chapters¬†6-18.¬† These are the four “rapture” passages that are most often referred to by those who have studied this doctrine to a great degree.

May we now contrast the famous Olivet Discourse, Matthew 24, with the aforementioned passages on the rapture of the church.¬† (The Olivet Discourse is found in all three synoptic Gospel accounts.¬† Namely:¬† Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 17, 21).¬†¬† Theologians and scholars of eschatology have long contended that the prophecies shared by Jesus focus on the Jewish people and Israel, but NOT on the Gentiles, the church and the rapture.¬† It is very true that a great portion of Jesus’ prophecy zeros in on the Great Tribulation period and the nation of Israel.¬† When Jesus returns at the end of the Great Tribulation, it will be an expected event, since the Bible¬†forecasts the Second Coming of Jesus Christ through the many signs leading up to it.¬† Now let us contrast His Second Coming in judgment with the rapture of the church, Matthew 24:44.¬† 44¬†Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.¬† This passage states the Lord will come when no one expects Him to come.¬† The rapture of the church will be unannounced and no one knows when it will occur.¬† The second coming of Jesus Christ will happen at the end of the Great Tribulation period.¬† Jerusalem, we have a problem.¬† It seems that the only way to account for Matthew 24:44 is that Jesus is referring to the rapture of the church.¬† The only way that Christ’s coming for His bride can be totally unexpected¬†is for it to happen prior to the Great Tribulation.¬† This is Terry James’ contention and I agree wholeheartedly.¬† Therefore Matthew 24:44 refers to the rapture of the church and not Christ’s Second Coming.¬† Jesus encourages all believers to always be ready because¬†He will return at a time when no one expects Him.¬† The Bible forecasts Christ’s Second Coming as occurring at the end of the Great Tribulation / 70th Week of Daniel¬† /¬† Jacob’s Trouble.¬† The rapture will happen at a totally unannounced time.¬† Matthew 24:44 refers to¬†the Lord’s return¬†at a¬†totally unannounced time.¬† When Terry James pointed this out in his book “Rapture Ready…Or Not?,” the truth of his words immediately resonated with me and I saw his point.¬† What could be plainer?¬† The rapture of the church¬†is the next¬†major event on the Lord’s prophetical calendar and will remove God’s church from His judgment upon a Christ rejecting world.¬† It will catch people by surprise, as mentioned in Matthew 24:44.


Blessings, Pastor Steve


Pray For Revival In America!



Britain First faces down leftwing and Muslim extremists in Burton

Muslims attack Christians in UK streets “we’re taking over” “we hate you”

The Islamic infiltration of Europe is creating scenes like this everywhere.¬† Praise the Lord for courageous organizations like Britain First and people like Jayda Fransen.¬† These¬†are great films for¬†liberals and the uninformed¬†who believe that President Donald Trump has a prejudiced and bigoted¬†approach towards Radical Islam.¬† Radical Islam has no desire to homogenize with people and respect the law of the land.¬† They¬†say England is now “our country,” and they¬†desire to implement sharia law throughout.¬† Note the continual use of the “F” Bomb by Radical Islamists, as well as their spitting and throwing eggs at Britain First demonstrators.¬† The politicians in Britain have foolishly¬†given their nation away to people who despise Britain and their laws.¬† Will America follow suit?

Pray For Revival In America!