Romania 2017 ~ Second “Partners In Missions International” (PIMI) Trip

I had the opportunity to attend a mission trip with this prolific group in late January and early February of this year.  Many were reached for the kingdom.  The following article from PIMI president Elijah Morar, lists the accomplishments from a second 2017 mission trip just concluded.  Elijah is the pastor / principal of the cited American Romanian School.  Eastern Europe is a hotbed of evangelism and salvation experiences.  Western Europe is dead and needs our prayers.

Blessings, Pastor Steve


Dear Friends,

Allow me to share with you just a short note about our last mission project. I will follow this with our PIMI letter, but this is just a short note to let you know the victory in Christ that we had in Romania in the past week.
Monday we visited the village of Batar.
We have seen in the clinic 103 people (recorded on forms) and we were able to lead to Christ at least 7 people that we are following up with in discipleship!
Tuesday we had our 4th of July Party at the American Romanian School and kindergarten. Absolutely awesome day, that gave me the opportunity to share (on Thursday) the Saving Gospel of Christ with the Mayor, Vice Mayor and their staff! (this is not Facebook material – please understand)
Wednesday we were in Dragesti where we have seen 51 people (recorded on forms) and we were able to lead to Christ at least 7 people.
Thursday we went to Pocola and we have seen 16 people and we lead to Christ 2 people…
Friday and the first part of the day Saturday we were in Susturogiu where we have seen 84 people combined and lead to Christ 7 people.
Sunday in Beius in Church we had 1 saved and in Cihei we had 1 saved that evening.
254 people seen in the clinic and 25 saved during the week! GLORY TO GOD!
One last thing: – only in eternity will we know the full impact of this mission project.
Please continue to pray for us!
thank you and God bless you!

Elijah Morar


Hungary/Romania 2017 Mission Trip ~ Part 6

Pastors Conference In Satu Mare, Bethel Baptist Church

On the morning of February 6, 2017, we departed for our pastor’s conference at Satu Mare, fifteen miles from the Ukrainian border.  It was held at Bethel Baptist Church, the flagship evangelistic church in Satu Mare.  I preached at this church on September 15, 2005 and was blessed with a profession of faith during the service (refer to the category for Hungary/Romania 2005).  Mehi, I was pleased to see, was still the pastor at Bethel Baptist Church twelve and one half years later.  He looked aged and weathered since I last saw him.  His twin daughters translated for us on our previous trip, and Mehi’s trademark is the twenty eight children he has adopted!  Perhaps this has matured him as well as the pastorate!

Our pastor’s conference commenced after we arrived and settled in for an hour or so.  Nine Romanian pastors came the first day, and twenty Romanian pastors came the second day, in some cases bringing their wives and/or families.  When I say they are Romanian pastors, I use that term representing the main people group, because there were those present who had backgrounds from Russia, Belarus, the Ukraine, Hungary, etc., etc.  Intermarriage among the Slavic and Eastern European Countries is not uncommon.

Bobby Herrell was assisted by Aaron Gowen, and they did the bulk of the teaching in the conference, as once again Elijah Morar did a great job translating English to Romanian.  Especially noteworthy was the great chemistry between Bobby and Elijah, both teaching with unction from the Holy Spirit and enthusiasm.  The curriculum of the conference was the Global Effect Ministry.  This was great discipleship training and well received by all of the pastors from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.  Two questions especially challenged the students:  1)What am I asking them to do?  2)What do I want them to know?

From the North American standpoint, Cornerstone Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, led this mission trip.  Their senior pastor is Bobby Herrell and their discipleship pastor is Aaron Gowen.  They do a very unique work and I would ask that you pray for their ministry.  They represent a thriving church in Texas, and a brief word about their overseas mission ventures: They currently go to Romania twice a year (every six months), and they work in India twice a year as well.  That means their team is on mission every three months!  What a great model for the Great Commission – Matthew 28:19-20 and Acts 1:8.

We later departed for Budapest in order to make our flight early in the morning.  There was a lot of light snow and sleet throughout our trip.  I was concerned about the possibility of “black ice,” but the Lord watched over us.  We rested well that night, preparing for our thirty hour journey home.  The mission trip could not have gone better, and we attribute that to the Lord’s blessings and to the prayers of the saints.  We traveled home tired and spiritually fulfilled.

Revelation 22:20  King James Version (KJV)

20 He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

Saved, Secure, and Forever His, Pastor Steve



When we get involved in the Lord’s work, additional opportunities always open up.  We are living in a day of international networking and advanced technology.  When I got home from this mission trip, I met Attila Kulcsar at a meeting with pastors.  Attila is the pastor of Open Bible Hungarian Church in Venice, Florida.  He speaks three languages fluently- Hungarian, Romanian and English.  He has friends in Hungary and in Budapest.  As mentioned, our lead pastor during this mission venture was Bobby Herrell.  I previously referenced that Bobby is looking for a couple of native Hungarians to help establish a foothold in Budapest for a church plant.  It seems to me, that Attila could be of great assistance in this endeavor.  Hence I passed this information on to lead pastor Bobby Herrell and to Partners In Missions International (PIMI) president Elijah Morar.  Please pray for the Lord to bless the efforts of these men to plant a church in Budapest if it His will!

Hungary/Romania 2017 Mission Trip ~ Part 5

Crusade Evangelism In Oradea

Open Doors Baptist Church

Our team of preachers spoke twice at the same church on Sunday, February 5, 2017.  I preached at Open Doors Baptist Church, and went with my evangelistic standby message “The Lamb Of God,” Revelation 13:8b.

Since I was to speak again in the evening, and because a large funeral would occur in the church facility in the afternoon, I stayed with the host pastor, his wife and their friends.  We shared a meal together and rested.

The funeral was packed with people.  A person passed on who lived only a few doors down from the church.  Many more came to the funeral than came to church!  Boy, that will make you think.  It reminds me of the old joke – “Make sure the next time you come to church is not when six strong men carry you there.”  I would guess there were well over two hundred people attending the funeral, filling the upper balcony as well.  Bobby Herrell spoke to the people and emphasized the resurrection from the dead.  The good folks all wore black and the atmosphere was one of mourning the loss of a loved one.  Bobby’s message cut right through the darkness as we heard great joy in his voice, expounding on Jesus rising from the dead.  Bobby kept looking at me as I sat on the front row, and I later asked him why.  He said it was because of my positive reaction to the message.  He did not see it elsewhere.  It shows the importance for you and me to let our light shine in a world of darkness all around us.

In the evening service, I preached from Acts 1:3, “Many Infallible Proofs.”  Some of the evidences of the reality of our faith are people’s testimonies of salvation, the boldness of the Apostles, the fulfillment of the Biblical prophecies, and the spread of Christianity around the world.  This doctrine is called apologetics, and often resonates with young people.  Our preaching was well received.  As mentioned, Romanian Christians will turn out to hear the Word of God, the way Americans turn out to hear a Christian music group or artist.

The Evangelistic Crusades were a great success.  The services were anointed, the people attended in great numbers, and sixty one souls made professions of faith in Oradea.  As the president of PIMI, Elijah Morar told us as we prepared to leave on our tour bus, only eternity will reveal the hearts that were touched during the last week.  Well said.  We hated to leave.  I enjoy working in a vineyard where people are responding to the Gospel and not Gospel hardened like in America.  You have to go to these places in order to understand what I just wrote.

In His Service, Pastor Steve

Hungary/Romania 2017 Mission Trip ~ Part 4

Crusade Evangelism In Oradea

The political demonstrations continued in Oradea on February 2, 2017.  I preached that evening at Grace Baptist Church, pastored by Radu Pop Miersili.  The theme again was The Lamb Of God, Revelation 13:8b.  We were blessed with four professions of faith:

1)Araelean Noemi

2)Araelean Ana

3)Mariti Beru

4)Meriti (The Mother)

In high school I took four years of Latin and these names sound like they belong in Rome, Italy in 100 A.D.  Praise the Lord for hearts and lives being touched.


The following morning, the President of PIMI Elijah Morar, dropped me off at the Museum and Fortress of Oradea.  I looked at the many ancient artifacts that were described in Part 3, including dragons carved on the walls, Gothic, Romanesque, and Renaissance era ruins, and implements that were used in torture, including a chair of nails, and gruesome machines that squeezed the head and/or body, and others that pulled the limbs away from the body.  It is awful to even think about these diabolic torture devices.

On the evening of February 3, 2017, I preached at Bethany Baptist Church in Saint Andrew.  Cornel Iona was the pastor and interpreter for us in that church.  The church was packed with about sixty people.  I spoke once again from Revelation 13:8b, The Lamb Of God.  Their pastor Cornel Iona, met and had his picture taken with both Adrian Rogers and Charles Stanley, during the period in the 1980’s, after the freedoms were given to the people in Eastern Europe.  He formerly pastored the large Immanuel Baptist Church in Oradea, and he is now doing a great work in strengthening smaller churches and he has assisted with church planting as well.  He is a great spiritual leader in Romania and very evangelistic.  I especially liked and admired pastor Cornel Iona and I had my picture taken with him!  Thus ended another marvelous day.

Hungary/Romania 2017 Mission Trip ~ Part 3

Crusade Evangelism In Oradea

After a lengthly van excursion across Hungary, we arrived at Oradea in western Romania.  There is a medieval fortress in this city, complete with a moat around a fort/castle, knights in shining armor, various torture devices utilized by the ancients, and much more.  Oradea was the northernmost outpost of the Roman Empire conquered by Trajan around 100 A.D.  One hundred and fifty years earlier, Julius Caesar’s engineers built a bridge four football fields long in a mere ten days; and during the Gallic Wars, he crossed the Rhine River twice, in 55 B.C. and again in 53 B.C.

Likewise, in order to broadcast the power and might of the Roman Empire, Trajan crossed the Danube River as he conquered this entire region one and one half centuries later.  This area of  Romania and Hungary, as already mentioned, was previously named Dacia.  The history of ancient Europe is very detailed indeed.

I greatly enjoyed listening to Bobby Herrell (Senior Pastor at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas) and Elijah Morar (President of Partners In Missions International, P.I.M.I.) brainstorm about a possible P.I.M.I. church plant in Budapest.  Bobby says they will need a strong leader or two who are native Hungarians, before a church plant would be feasible.  Elijah is the glue that’s holds this mission ministry together, and a resident of Oradea.  Elijah is the headmaster of a Christian school just across the street from the aforementioned fortress!  He also pastors a church.  Since I noted that Bobby and Elijah were such great visionaries, I encouraged them to also consider church plants in pagan western Europe.  They told me that they were already praying and pondering over it!  The school that Elijah leads, is called the American – Romanian Christian School.  In the realm of the surreal, it used to be the office of former Romanian Dictator Ceausescu!  The Dictator and his wife were executed after the iron curtain fell.  On Christmas Day in 1989, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena, were executed by firing squad.

Bobby Herrell mentioned that our tour guide from Budapest, Gabriella, was under conviction for salvation.  I told her about the truth of Christianity and the plan of salvation as we toured Catholic Churches in Budapest.  That turned out to be a great platform upon which to expound on the truth, and likewise to reveal the lies.

We seven preachers all went to different churches and preached the Gospel on February 1, 2017, the first of a five day evangelistic crusade.  I spoke at Baptista Credinta, and preached the text that I used all week – Revelation 13:8b, “The Lamb Of God.”  The folks displayed their legendary hospitality after the service, as we shared finger sandwiches, snacks and fellowship, and they did not want me to leave.  Oh, how gracious they are.  And they are so trusting, to open their pulpits to us.  Their pastor John, mentioned to me how he just conducted two outside funerals in freezing weather.

On the way back to our hotel from the church, Elijah drove us and I noticed how he rolled his tongue off of the roof of his mouth when speaking.  This is classic European and a cultural trait.  He was also an excellent driver, hitting the apex at every turn, which is a technique taught in law enforcement driving schools.  He told me that he has driven one million miles in Romania, and previously drove a truck for a living.  The weather in Romania felt like a heat wave for the locals for this time of the year, as the temperature was in the forties.  This was considerably warmer than the teens we experienced in Budapest.  Tonight and throughout the week we noted the protests of the Romanians against their government.  We saw them in Oradea, and they were most pronounced in Bucharest, Romania.  They were peaceful demonstrations, protesting the politicians and leaders who were seeking to bribe their way out of legal charges, rather than pay the rightful penalties.  The Romanians ending up winning their view points, and the politicians were held accountable.

The following is a list of our mission team, preachers highlighted in red:

Elijah Morar (President of P.I.M.I.)

Donnie and his son D.J. Foster

McCauley Austin

John and Toni Hadley

Jimmy Withers

Aaron Gowens

Bobby Herrell

Steve Thompson 

Hungary/Romania 2017 Mission Trip ~ Part 2

Budapest   –   Day 2

Our mission team noted that the sun came out only one time during the entire trip, and that was for an hour or two prior to sunset one evening.  Some of the sights we saw as we braved the frigid temperatures in Budapest were the Danube River, St. Stephens Basilica, St. Matthias Church, the Hungarian Parliament Building, the State Opera House, Hero’s Square, the Slzechenyil Spa, the outdoor winter ice skating rink (largest in all of Europe), the Vajdahunyad Castle and the Great Synagogue.

I learned that Hungary was once five times its’ present size, when it was part of the famous Hapsburg Dynasty along with Austria.  A gentleman who later translated for me (Chip), explained that Saxons were hired to ward off the Islamic invasion from the east (Istanbul), and they settled east of Romania.  After living there for some time, they eventually formed a powerful nation.

The city displayed Jewish artifacts that spotlighted the World War II holocaust.  There were old suitcases making a monument of sorts, rocks that represented those who died, and innumerable personal effects that were shown at scenes, in order to remember their tragic years in Europe in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  The history of Budapest goes back to ancient times.  There are buildings, archeology, and history commemorating the following:  The Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, The Hapsburg Dynasty With Austria, The Ottoman Turk Invasion (The Turks allowed Christianity), The Mongol Invasion, Genghis Khan, The Nazi Occupation, The Jewish Holocaust, The Soviet Communist Occupation, And The Insurrection / Rebellion Of 1956.  There Is A Statue Of Ronald Reagan The Liberator.  There are many Catholic Churches in Budapest, and the local kings were esteemed and magnified in the Catholic Churches in Hungary.  The history is voluminous, profoundly interesting, overwhelming and very detailed.

Later on, the British evening news and CNN called Donald Trump the greatest threat facing Europe.  They speak incessantly about Trump.  I have not heard English Prime Minister Theresa May even mentioned.  These liberal European news stations spoke a lot about Brexit as well.

…to be continued

Hungary/Romania 2017 Mission Trip ~ Part 1

There were nine people on our mission team, and all were native Texans except for myself.  Seven of us preached the Gospel all week.  The Romanians are not a people who respond to altar calls.  Their emotion and response is demonstrated by saying “amen,” pronounced “ameen.”  When under conviction, they will raise their hands and their pastor will follow up after the service.  The Romanians are easy to preach to however, and they love revivals and the Word of God the way we enjoy Christian music concerts.  Oh that the fires of revival would once again touch our sin sick nation!

The Lord prepared me for the coldness gradually.  We had a “cold snap” in south Florida whereby the temperature hung in the 50 degree range prior to our departure.  Our connecting flight was in London, England, and the temperature was about 46 degrees.  When we exited the airplane in Budapest, Hungary, the weather was in the teens.  The beginning of our mission trip featured sight seeing in Budapest, which is a great way to unwind after our long journey to Eastern Europe.  I was part of another mission team to Romania in 2005, and touring Budapest was scheduled at the end of our trip.  I was taken ill and never able to see the city, hence I was very glad to have this opportunity now.

Budapest yokes together two formerly separate cities: Buda and Pest, on opposite sides of the Danube River.  Buda, on the West side of the river is hilly and semi-suburban, and has winding, narrow streets wending their way up into the hills.  Pest, on the East side of the river is typical flat Hungarian real estate.  We will tour the city tomorrow, and observe the Stephen Church Basilica, the Parliament Building, the Court Building and much more.  We will learn of the Nazi occupation, the Soviet occupation, and their freedom which came under the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

You can stay at an ornate hotel for about one hundred dollars a night in Budapest.  I took advantage of a huge bathtub that had a rail to hold reading material, and piped in television for the evening news.  The people we met were all very gracious and more than hospitable.  If my wife and I decide on a trip to Europe, a stopover in England for a few days and Budapest, Hungary would work for me.  It is a beautiful and historic city.

On my first evening in Budapest, I ordered Hungarian Goolash.  Original, eh?  It was very good, and it is basically the same as our beef stew, except pepper is used in place of tomato.

Donald Trump’s immigration ban is the talk of Europe.  Europe is very liberal and reminds me of the evening news back home.  CNN in Europe is mesmerized by Donald Trump, and BBC covers Donald Trump much more than Britain’s own Prime Minister, Theresa May.  It struck me on this trip that the British accent is found everywhere.  I experienced it in England of course, and even one of my translators (Chip) in Romania had one.  My wife and I were on a cruise to the Western Caribbean four months ago and it seemed like every other person had one!  For a relatively small island nation, The British have sure had a global impact.

At the end of the day (literally), it struck me that I would much rather go on a mission trip where it is fifteen degrees, than go to Tahiti.  This is very true with me.  I would much rather go on a series of mission trips than have an outdoor swimming pool, and am grateful for the choices the good Lord has given us, and the responses He has led my wife and me to make.

……to be continued


Hungary/Romania 2017 Mission Trip ~ Synopsis

This trip is now in the rear view mirror, yielding memories and a spiritual impact that will be revealed in eternity.  Only God knows all that was accomplished.  There were sixty one total professions of faith, as seven American pastors spoke in eight Romanian Baptist Churches in the vicinity of Oradea.  A wonderful pastor’s conference followed in Satu Mare, Romania.

The trip ended on an extremely high note for me.  Once again, I had challenges at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (DFW).  [The first DFW adventure is on this blog site under 2012 Mission Trip To England/Uganda, Part 5].  We left Budapest early in the morning as we commenced our thirty hour journey home.  The officials in Budapest would not check my luggage all the way to Florida, which meant I had to retrieve it in Dallas, and check it in once again.  I already had little time between flights, and now had luggage to deal with.  Add to this- going through Customs, entering security once again, and traveling to another terminal to catch the final flight home.  Humanly speaking, I thought I may miss the flight, and prayed about this concern for several weeks.  There was a bit of good news in our flight from Heathrow Airport /London to Dallas, Texas.  Our flight came in twenty minutes early, which is common with flights that come from “across the pond,” since picking up a tailwind can take time off of the flight.  But still, there was too much to do in very little time.  I was wondering where my God was at my first check point – Customs.  This station was a royal mess in Dallas, with several options that served only to confuse the passengers.  I asked a fellow passenger which method would be fastest for an American citizen.  He suggested simply having my passport scanned.  I went to that station and saw hundreds of people who were “deer in the headlights,” not knowing how to place their passport in the scanner, and of course no one was there to explain how it is done because this was a government operation.  I placed my passport in the scanner what seemed like twelve times without success.  I was beginning to envision a night in the terminal and catching a morning flight.  Then God entered the picture:  An airport employee was right next to me and he correctly read my frustration.  It was a miracle just to see him, as moments prior to this, absolutely no airport worker was anywhere in sight.  He seemed to just materialize.  He said:  “He would help me.”  I had NO IDEA how much he would help me.  He scanned my passport in a heartbeat, and I thought that would be the end of it.  Then he said:  “Just stay with me, and I will put you on your flight, but you must stay with me.”  He was helping a handicapped gentleman at the same time that he was assisting me.  He then helped a lady with a small child, giving them a place in the line in front of us, as a true gentleman would do.  He expedited my obligations, through escorting me past existing lines that I would have been in if I were alone.  He explained to me that God gives preference to some, and since I was with him, I was able to receive it.  I wholly agreed with him with a grateful heart.  By now, I realized he was the answer to my many prayers and I told him so.  As it turned out, his name was James Smith, and he was a fellow pastor from a nondenominational church.  This is what we call a “God thing.”  As we progressed from one check point to another, I was still a bit nervous, with the boarding time rapidly approaching.  James said:  “Do not worry, I am use to this, and I will get you there on time.”  If I were alone, I would have been running, but James Smith’s mere presence cooled my jets and I walked with him.  I never met a man like James, and I told him so.  [The Texans I travelled with saw the one helping me as they retrieved their luggage.  One of them previously offered to drive me to the terminal of my departure, but realized that I was in very good hands.  They were amazed.]  We came to my departure gate while the passengers were boarding, and James escorted me to the front, and then took me all the way through the tunnel, and unto the airplane.  I had no idea that when James said:  “I will help you,” to what extent he would do so.  No, you cannot make this stuff up.  I ask you, what are the odds for circumstances like this to happen to anyone?  I will tell you – zero, zilch, nada, forget it.

  What is the moral of the story?  God told me that if you take care of your mission assignment, then I will assist you with the details over which you have no control.  Thank you Jesus.  This was a blessing to me because it was also a Divine revelation that I was in the center of His perfect will.

The future entries for this Hungary/Romania 2017 Mission Trip will consist of several parts and give a detailed day by day account of the entire mission trip.

Maranatha and Forever Thankful, Pastor Steve

Hungary/Romania 2017 …on the fly

As mentioned, a detailed synopsis of this trip will be provided after the conclusion, giving my thoughts time to settle in.  Right now, we are in the midst of the mission trip, and I will share a few of the highlights up until this point.  The evidence of intercessary prayer is with us, as things are progressing beautifully.  The travel has been fine and without incident, our team is of one accord and one spirit, no one has been ill, and the logistics and accomodations are all great.  We attribute this to the prayers of the saints.  We covet your continual prayers.  There have been peaceful demonstrations throughout Romania, related to the populace’s rightful grievances against their government.  After preaching last night, the host pastor and translater had dinner with me and we observed protests in Oradea right next to our restaurant.  They were peaceful protests.  The Romanian people are anything except violent.  More importantly, in the service prior to our fellowship, we were blessed with a packed church with absolutely no extra seats available, and we were also blessed with four professions of faith.  Because of the Lord’s blessings and your faithful prayers, the Holy Spirit is working and convicting hearts.  It does not get any better than this, this side of heaven.  The Romanians who we have met in the many churches are red hot for the Lord and just waiting for leadership, teaching and preaching.  In other words, the pump is already primed.  We have an open window of opportunity in this wonderful nation and would be foolish to not take advantage of it.  Last night is why I feel led to be a part of this dynamic ministry! 

Oradea, an ancient city, is filled with archaeology from both Roman and medieval times.  It was formerly called Dacia, the northern most outpost in the Roman Empire, after Romania was conquered by the Emperor Trajan.  Dacia was the last province to fall to the Romans.  As mentioned, this is a presentation of a few highlights with much more to follow.

In His Service, Pastor Steve  <><

Hungary/Romania 2017

I am on the verge of embarking on a mission trip to Hungary and Romania in January-February 2017.  I had the opportunity to go to the same nations in 2005, and it was the best mission trip I have ever been on.  (That previous trip is summarized on this blog site in the category Hungary/Romania 2005).  I request your prayers.  Romania is still very receptive to the Gospel and recent mission trips were blessed with hundreds of converts.  

The beauty of the trip is that I will travel with the same mission organization as before – Partners In Missions International (PIMI).  Their website is

This trip will feature a crusade/evangelistic atmosphere, and it will consist of about fifteen pastors preaching the Gospel.  We will be preaching crusade evangelism based in Oradea and the surrounding towns.  We will also attend and contribute to a pastor’s conference in Satu Mare.

Bob Ward was the president and founder of this wonderful ministry of nearly twenty years.  He has gone on to be with the Lord.  The president is now Elijah Morar, from Romania, who works very hard in both Romania and in the United States of America.  The Romanians are one of the finest people groups I have ever met, and they are very receptive to the Gospel.  They are kind and respectful to their guests.

I covet your prayers for the following:

1)Logistics- airplane flights and tickets, hotel accommodations, luggage and connections.  I pray not to be rushed.

2)Health- I pray for good health throughout the trip.  The weather is very cold this time of year.  Their latitude is the same as Minnesota.  I just heard prior to departure that there is lots of snow right now!  I pray to be well rested with a minimum of jet lag.

3)For the Great Commission to be accomplished in a powerful way.  For folks to be gloriously saved.  We pray for professions of faith, baptisms and rededications.  We pray for our preaching to be anointed and for souls to be touched for eternity.  We pray for excellent interpreters who accurately convey the original meaning of our words.  

4)For love, harmony and unity with our mission team.  For doors to open up through new relationships and new Christian friends.  

5)I pray for conditions at church and home to enable the entire trip to go smoothly.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

A complete narrative of this trip will be provided on this blog site at the conclusion of this trip.

In Christ, Pastor Steve


Pray For Revival In America!