Are We Headed For A Watergate Summer?

If you are a baby boomer or older, you remember it was the Watergate tapes that incriminated Richard Nixon. Yes, the tapes that he insisted upon having connected on the Oval Office phone, was the evidence that forced his resignation. Well, todays’ equivalent to the Watergate tapes are the Bengazi E-Mails. They are incriminating indeed, and give evidence of our administration and state department, covering up the real story and simply lying to the American public. Obama has a triple header in scandals going on right now: 1)Bengazi 2)AP 3)IRS. This would be enough to “do in” absolutely anyone IF things were normal— but they are not. Many (most?) politicians and the government cannot be trusted, and you and I desire justice to prevail, but we wonder if it will. We must pray for righteousness, and to expose and remove our politicians (from the president on down) who want big government to destroy this country. They MUST be held accountable at all costs. They MUST pay the penalty for the four people (all who are far better than they are) they murdered.
Beware of the threefold strategy of the lying liberals that you have heard, and will hear all summer long: 1)Admit nothing. 2)Deny everything. 3)Make counter allegations. (Blame the Republicans for what they did).

Lord help this nation. Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people.


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