Rick Warren Compares Himself to Jesus after Saddleback Booted from Southern Baptist Convention

Yesterday, we reported that Saddleback Church, the 2nd largest church in the Southern Baptist Convention, formerly led by the infamous seeker-sensitive pastor Rick Warren, was disfellowshipped by the denomination for ordaining women to the pastorate.

Rick Warren is a serial self-promoting narcissist who constantly boasts of his own accomplishments. Last year at the annual meeting, Warren, upon facing the possibility of disfellowship from the Southern Baptist Convention for ordaining women pastors against the denomination’s statement of faith, took the microphone at the annual meeting this year to give himself grand accolades, boasting of his accomplishments, and plead with the messengers to allow him to remain.

Among those accolades was the claim that he has trained 1.1 million pastors during the course of his career—which we thoroughly debunked.

Earlier this year, in a podcast, he suggested that he had a better track record than Jesus because he himself has baptized 57 thousand people.

“…I’m the only pastor our people have ever known. 70-something percent of the church, I baptized in the 43 years that I was pastor. I baptized 57,000 believers in the 43 years I’ve pastored. I don’t know any church that’s ever done that. In Acts it says, the Lord added daily to the church. That would mean 365 a year, at minimum. One a day. Well, in the 43 years I’ve pastored, we baptized five people every day for 43 years. That’s unheard of.”

Warren also recently gave a tour of his theological library, boasting of its massive size. His library is larger than most peoples’ houses yet, interestingly enough, his theology is still terrible.

But now that Warren’s old church has been removed from the Southern Baptist Convention, his only response thus far is to boast of his own accomplishments, in a post on Twitter, Warren reiterated that he has a newsletter that he sends to 600 thousand church leaders, a radio broadcast, a million alumni pastors, and 11 million social media followers. Apparently, he believes that this is reason enough for Saddleback to remain in the Southern Baptist Convention:

He then throws in Luke 23:43, which was Jesus’s words to one of the criminals on the cross next to Him, where he said “Truly, I say to you, today you will be with me in paradise.” Clearly, Rick Warren thinks of himself as a Christlike figure by throwing that verse in there after boasting of his own accomplishments. Seriously, how blasphemous!

Great article. I could not agree more with the authors’ conclusions. In Christ, Pastor Steve <><

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