“…….Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!”

Prior to the Revolutionary War, a great percentage of American Colonists would have gladly sided with England and paid more and more taxes.  Supporters of the King of England were called “Tories.”  God used a vocal firebrand and powerful orator to pull the Colonists together.  Patrick Henry was the Cicero of the American Revolution.  One particular speech he made is what he is most noted for.  He uttered the words you will hear below at Saint John’s Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia on March 23, 1775.  After the speech, the Colonists were much more so on the same page, and the rest is history.  He stated in other words, that there are some causes that are greater than life itself.  Amen and amen.  He is my favorite Founding Father, without a close second.

Pastor Steve   <><



It is very important to note, that to many of Patrick Henry’s contemporaries, he was suggesting sedition, insurrection and treason!  In his day, many of the Colonists looked at him like you and I would now perceive Benedict Arnold to be.  It is always easier in the short run to proceed on the path of least resistance.  Most Colonists were like this.  The situation demanded a catalyst who would not live with the status quo, and be content to remain the door mat and lap dog for the British Empire’s financial needs.  God raises certain fearless men perhaps a couple of times a century.  Winston Churchill was such a man, as was Patrick Henry.


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