Navigating And Understanding This Blog Site

As the articles on this site keep increasing, it only makes sense to occasionally explain the best ways to scroll through the material, and find the publications that are here.  The beauty of most of the Christian publications on this site, is that just like the Bible, they never get old.    Counting this article and entry, there are currently 942 published articles, and in addition, there are about 70 more that are ready and waiting, and I can place them on this site at will.  New publications are obviously the easiest to locate, and come up instantly on the home page.  There is a tremendous amount of overlap within the categories, since many articles are found in more than one (often several) category.  This site is obviously very prone to error, due to the very fallible author.  I usually leave minor errors on this site, and if need be, I explain the situation through comments.  Occasionally, I will delete an article, for example when I find a “Current Event” was entirely wrong.  Please feel free to advise me of mistakes in grammar and spelling.  I am forever editing.

A word about the category “Eschatology (End Times Prophecy).”  There are currently 152 entries under this category.  When I first started this site, I used a heading called Eschatology with a number following it.  The last entry under this heading is Eschatology 33, all written by the blog author.  Another heading includes the Orlando Prophecy Conference.  There is also another category for the 2015 Orlando Prophecy Conference topic as well.  There are 49 entries as of this writing, and 66 entries will be installed when all is said and done.  Reading the 66 entries would cover the highlights of the entire conference!

WordPress does a tremendous job getting rid of the Spam.  Some Spam comments deal with esoteric teachings and other religious beliefs, often laced with tremendous anger.  WordPress also eliminates the plethora of comments that tell one how to improve their blog site.  [By the way, the goal of the author is not to go viral.  It is to write and distribute quality material that enhances and glorifies our Lord.  My goal was to average at least one hit an hour, and that has been achieved long ago.]  Amazingly, the only negative comments I receive are often from Catholics and Charismatics.  Their comments have ALWAYS been given in a Christ like spirit and in a positive manner and I welcome them.  We have had tremendous dialogue.  Thank you for visiting.

In Christ, Pastor Steve


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