Suffering / Part 7 Of 8

Why Christians Suffer

continued from part 6…

7)Suffering Makes Us Sympathetic

When you and I suffer, then we can be of comfort to someone else walking down a road similar to ours.  If we do not experience another person’s suffering, then we cannot honestly say “we know how they feel.”  Our comfort comes from the fact that no matter what our trial, Jesus knows how we feel.  He has already been there and He has suffered more than we ever will.

8)Suffering Makes Us And Keeps Us Humble

God wants His children humble.  Pride caused the devil to fall and the first parents to sin.  God hates pride and exalts the humble.  Our trials teach us humility.  Paul, who went to heaven and was given a revelation that no other man ever experienced, was also given a “thorn in the flesh” to keep him humble so he would not be lifted up in pride.

Remember, the normal path of the believer is one of tribulation.  Jesus said:  “In this world ye shall have tribulation.”  And Paul tells us that we must “through much tribulation enter into the kingdom.”  If we do not suffer trouble, tribulation and persecution, it is either because we do not belong to the Lord or because we are worthless from the standpoint of fruit and service.  “Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth.”

Every “Born Again” Christian should be persecuted by worldly people, and when you come to know Jesus, you will probably lose a few old friends.  Read John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress,” about the trials a Christian will encounter.



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