Hungary/Romania 2017 Mission Trip ~ Part 4

Crusade Evangelism In Oradea

The political demonstrations continued in Oradea on February 2, 2017.  I preached that evening at Grace Baptist Church, pastored by Radu Pop Miersili.  The theme again was The Lamb Of God, Revelation 13:8b.  We were blessed with four professions of faith:

1)Araelean Noemi

2)Araelean Ana

3)Mariti Beru

4)Meriti (The Mother)

In high school I took four years of Latin and these names sound like they belong in Rome, Italy in 100 A.D.  Praise the Lord for hearts and lives being touched.


The following morning, the President of PIMI Elijah Morar, dropped me off at the Museum and Fortress of Oradea.  I looked at the many ancient artifacts that were described in Part 3, including dragons carved on the walls, Gothic, Romanesque, and Renaissance era ruins, and implements that were used in torture, including a chair of nails, and gruesome machines that squeezed the head and/or body, and others that pulled the limbs away from the body.  It is awful to even think about these diabolic torture devices.

On the evening of February 3, 2017, I preached at Bethany Baptist Church in Saint Andrew.  Cornel Iona was the pastor and interpreter for us in that church.  The church was packed with about sixty people.  I spoke once again from Revelation 13:8b, The Lamb Of God.  Their pastor Cornel Iona, met and had his picture taken with both Adrian Rogers and Charles Stanley, during the period in the 1980’s, after the freedoms were given to the people in Eastern Europe.  He formerly pastored the large Immanuel Baptist Church in Oradea, and he is now doing a great work in strengthening smaller churches and he has assisted with church planting as well.  He is a great spiritual leader in Romania and very evangelistic.  I especially liked and admired pastor Cornel Iona and I had my picture taken with him!  Thus ended another marvelous day.


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