3 key lessons we learned from the historic election of 2016 / David Lane

American Renewal Project




What lessons can we glean from the historic election of 2016?
“Historic?” you ask. “In what way?”
Donald J. Trump is a historical figure. No one in American history won the presidency without first having either held public office or served as a general in the military.”-Newt Gingrich*
Lesson 1   The American voter is angry. Preliminary data on Election Day noted that voters were looking for change: “Sixty-nine percent are dissatisfied with the way the government is working, including 23 percent who are angry about it – a sentiment especially prevalent among Trump voters” (ABC News). Then, in the wee hours of the morning on election night, Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner tweeted, “Huge: ABC reporting largest turnout of evangelical vote in history.
Evangelical and Pro-Life Catholic Christians are eager to see the end of the lawless actions of the Obama Administration – i.e., unconstitutional executive orders and presidential memorandum.
I penned the following words in 2015: “America can likely weather one of the most lawless Presidential administrations in U.S. history. But whether the land of liberty can survive a people who would elect, and then re-elect, President Barack Hussein Obama – that is the larger question.”

Lesson 2   The Executive and Legislative branches of government have no choice but to reign in the Supreme and inferior Courts. To make a finer point, when Obama was elected President in 2008, Democrats controlled only 1 of the 13 U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Now, Democrats control 9 of the 13.

Why is this important you ask? After all, there’s nothing good or bad about the Democrat Party or the Republican Party. They are empty, holding vessels; like-minded constituents are housed there. And yet, I can say without hesitation that Evangelicals and Pro-Life Catholic Christians are not housed in the Democrat Party. Democrat’s believe in abortion and same-sex marriage, and both are incompatible with Biblical Christian behavior. Democrat judges will consistently rule in favor of homosexual marriage, abortion and transgender-rights (like “bathroom-bill” laws). Christians must select as representatives leaders who will bring Biblical values to the public square.

America’s Founders based Western legal philosophy upon natural law, placing principle, right and wrong, above reason. But the majority of the judicial branch is now cultural relativist, holding that there is no moral truth and, as a result, standing in total opposition to the Founder’s legal philosophy. A perfect example is the egregious Obergefell v. Hodges decision from 2015, codifying same-sex intercourse and marriage into law. A 5-4 immoral majority decision by Supreme Court Justices has ostensibly become the measure of truth.

Philip Melanchthon, a collaborator and co-leader in the Protestant Reformation with Martin Luther, “transformed traditional Western moral and legal philosophy by making not reason but the Bible, and more particularly the Ten Commandments, the basic source and summary of natural law. For Melanchthon, the Ten Commandments were both the ultimate source and summary of the natural law and hence a model for the positive law enacted by the earthly rulers.”**
Let’s pray that President Trump and the Republican House and Senate majorities return the Ten Commandments to the walls of public schools, thereby reinforcing that the glory of a nation lies in its righteousness and not its military prowess or GDP.
The recklessness of the radicalized United States Supreme Court in the last century is mind-blowing. The Court has sinned by betraying Jehovah and birthing full-blown rebellion against His rule, not only corrupting five hundred years of natural law but also threatening America’s freedom.

Lesson 3   Christians turned out at the polls in record numbers on Election Day. This is a good beginning, inasmuch as the disciples of Secularism are not intimidated by sermons, marches or prayer rallies. Those destroying virtue and righteousness must be removed from office if America is to survive.

Old Testament scholar Daniel Block writes: “An attractive external appearance is no substitute for intrinsic soundness. The prophets have been daubing plaster over a society that is fundamentally corrupt. Instead of exposing its decadence, with their reassurances of ‘peace’, they have created a false sense of optimism and well-being. No amount of plaster can defend the house against the impending storm. When the test comes, neither society nor prophecy will survive.”***
November 8th was just a beginning, not a conclusion; Evangelical and Pro-Life Catholic Christians must bring Biblical values to the public square. Secularists dominate the media, public education, higher learning, Big Business, the Supreme Court, Federal Courts, and Hollywood. They must be replaced if America is to survive.
Still, there is good news. Gideons and Rahabs are beginning to stand.
David Lane
The American Renewal Project
* Former Speaker Newt Gingrich recent speech at The Heritage Foundation (YouTube)
**Harold J. Berman, Law and Revolution II
*** Daniel I. Block, The Book of Ezekiel


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