The Quotable Joe Biden

Humorous politicians break up the competition, polarization, and monotony of their profession.  I can still see Gerald Ford as he slips on the steps while exiting an airplane.  Or how about Dick Cheney’s gaffs with a gun?  Would you go hunting with him?

Then there is Joe Biden.  When he parts his lips, one never knows what may come forth.  He reminds me of the Apostle Peter, who had hoof and mouth disease.  Joe Biden’s latest quotation is this:  President Elect Donald Trump has not even moved into the White House yet, and Joe Biden states that he will run for president in 2020.  Here is Vice President Joe Biden’s actual quotation:  “Yeah, I am.  I’m going to run in 2020.  What the hell, man.”  He will be 78 years old in four years if he even lives that long.  He later “clarified” to reporters:  “I am not committing not to run.”  Right Joe.  

Like him or not, Joe Biden is truly a piece of work.  I respect him because he refused to kiss the Pope’s ring when protocol called for it. 

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