What Is The Tower Of Babel That The Bible Refers To?

This publication below was taken from the Peace River Shopper, serving primarily Desoto and Charlotte County, Florida.  The article comes from the October 18, 2016 edition, page 35:

The Tower of Babel is how mankind came to speak different languages.  God himself took special notice of the people’s wicked work.  Man, at this time in history, wanted to build a tower that would reach to Heaven after the great flood that destroyed the world.  The lineage of Shem populated the middle and far east.  The lineage of Ham and his son Canaan settled between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the area of the Biblical lands called Shinar.

Shinar later would be known as the land of Babylon.  They elected a leader named Nimrod.  This Nimrod became king of Shinar.  Genesis 11:5-7 tells us what God did to stop the building of this tower.  In King Nimrod’s Babylonian Empire, much evil was going on.  Sorcery, soothsaying, astrology, witchcraft and much more.  Many religions today are seeking the knowledge of the ancients.

Noah was living when the tower was under construction.  He was very concerned that men were again turning to the same false worship that had produced such corruption before the great flood.  He lived to see the rebellion of Nimrod.  Before the Tower of Babel, the world spoke one language.  The people used bricks instead of stone and tar for mortar.  they wanted to build this tower to heaven and make a name for themselves.

God came down from heaven to confuse their language so they would not understand each other.  The building of the tower stopped because they could not understand one another.  Under the leadership of Nimrod, the early post flood societies were attempting to reunite with fallen spirit beings.  Many ancient civilizations built many towers all over the world.  The pyramids in Egypt are one example.

This Tower of Babel would enable men to realize their darkest imaginings.  As far as the great pyramids in Egypt are concerned, there are many mysteries.  It has been said by Josephus, an ancient historian, that the great pyramid survived the ancient flood of Noah.  Engineers have stated that it defies modern technology, that it could not even be built today with our heavy lifting equipment.  This pyramid defies understanding.  More on this wonder of the world at a later time.  Thank you.

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