Two Sources Of Truth In A Political World Full Of Lies: Trey Gowdy And WikiLeaks

The following video suggests that a vote for Hillary is a vote for the mafia.  I would agree.  Consider the similarities between Hillary Clinton and mobster Al Capone:

Al Capone:

1)Bought off policemen

2)Bought off chief of police

3)Bought off mayor

4)Bought off city aldermen

5)Bought off justices

6)Bought off judges

7)Bought off juries

(many of the aforementioned who could not be bought off were murdered)

8)Killed witnesses


Hillary Clinton:

1)Bought off U.S. State Department

2)Bought off FBI Director James Comey

3)Bought off Attorney General Loretta Lynch (Bill Clinton met privately with her in order to consummate their deal)

4)Bought off Justice Department

5)Sold weapons to Isis (see video below)

6)Has been involved in more scandals than you have fingers and toes, and like a good mobster, always eliminates people in the know and the paper trail

7)The Clinton dead pool (partners who knew too much, lawyers, bodyguards, doctors, witnesses, etc., etc.) runs well over one hundred, outdoing even scar face Al Capone


For Hillary Clinton to be the current front runner for the office of President of the United States a mere month from the elections, given her background, is an indictment of the wickedness of our government and the ignorance of our populace.  FBI Director James Comey truly makes me ill.  Comey is Hillary’s lackey and enabler.  Many FBI agents and other bureau employees have resigned because their leader is a vacuous turncoat, intentionally circumventing justice in order to protect Hillary Clinton.  I pray that his treachery does not forever stain this stellar organization, yet I fear it may and hope I am wrong.  How sad when I trust the facts given by professional hackers from WikiLeaks (see below) more than the mainstream media and 99% of our politicians.  <><   Blessings, Pastor Steve



Pray For Revival In The United States Of America.  Pray With Great Fervor And Urgency For The Upcoming Elections.  Jesus Christ Is Our Only Hope…

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