Quotable Quotation ~ Trey Gowdy

Whenever I see Trey Gowdy and Hillary Clinton in the media, I see a wise, Godly man of integrity, and a totally corrupt to the bone fool-  

Statement from Trey Gowdy about Hillary’s e-mails:  “Clinton’s staff knew what they were doing when they deleted those e-mails.  She and her lawyers had those e-mails deleted.  They did not just push the delete button, they deleted them whereby not even God could read them.  When you use BleachBit, you are deleting something you do not want the world to see.  BleachBit is not for deleting yoga classes and bridesmaids’ information.”

Trump called the State Department under Hillary’s influence “a vast criminal enterprise.”  The judge ordered Hillary to turn over another batch of her e-mails before the election, by mid September.  The corrupt State Department and Clinton foundation are joined at the hip.  Our government is so corrupt, that I do not believe Americans even expect justice anymore.

Pray For This Sin Sick Nation.  Pastor Steve  <><


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