Florida Renewal Project Program / Orlando, Florida / August 11-12, 2016

We are at the Florida Renewal Project Program.  A synopsis of this conference will be shared once it is over.  The purpose of this conference is to wake up the church in America before it is too late.  The speakers emphasized the need for prayer and repentance, as well as encouraging Christians to vote and get involved in politics.  All Christian denominations were represented.  It was truly a taste of heaven.  Although not on the original list of speakers, Donald J. Trump stopped at the conference and spoke at length while he was campaigning in Florida.

List Of Speakers In Order Of Their Appearance:

Former Congressman Bob McEwen

Pastor Daniel Rivera

Historian William Federer

Dave Hageman

Bishop E.W. Jackson

Governor Mike Huckabee

Donald J. Trump

Rev. (Dr.) Doug Stringer

Pastor Maury Davis

Pastor Ken Graves

Pastor Matt Floyd

Historian David Barton

Matt Staver

Dr. Ben Bush

Dr. Fred Lowery

Dr. Randy Ray

Senator Marco Rubio

Doug Stringer

Pastor Jerry Maston



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