Will Americans Place A Liar, A Perjurer, A Fool (Losing Thousands Of Highly Classified E-Mails To Cyber Space And Nations Around The Globe), And A Murderer (Benghazi) In The White House?

The November Elections Will Tell The Tale.  Many Are Uninformed And Hear Only Slanted News Spin If They Listen To Any News At All.  Others Benefit Through Free Handouts, Hence They Support Their Enablers.  Still Others Are Either Amoral Or Immoral, And Really Do Not Care.  If Elected, This Candidate Could Be The First Lady President, And The First President To Not Qualify For National Security Clearance…


Along with President Barack Obama, former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton accomplished absolutely nothing in the realm of international relations except for alienating our allies and emboldening our enemies.  They have greatly hurt our nation in foreign policy all around the globe.  Consider their track record:

  • Benghazi:  Hillary lied to the American public that a film, and not terrorists, was the cause of the mayhem in Benghazi.  Our president and secretary of state Hillary Clinton were no where to be found at crunch time.  They literally hung four brave heroes out to die.
  • Syria:  Made famous “red line” threats that were not enforced.  Radical Islamic emigrants left Syria and are now creating havoc all over the western world.  Russia recently bombed a United States supported military base in Syria.  Syria is in shambles.
  • Russia:  Hillary’s buffoonery with her “reset button” was a consummate joke.  Since resetting their button, the Bear has been aggressive in Crimea, the Ukraine, and in the Baltic States.  Vladimir Putin literally laughs at Obama.
  • Iran Nuclear Agreements:  Never in international diplomacy has the United States appeared so inept.  Never have we given so much and received absolutely nothing in return.  Adding insult to injury, Iran is on the fringe of becoming a world class nuclear power.
  • Isis:  President Obama stupidly labeled them as a Junior Varsity (JV) team.  This was Obama’s gaff, and not Hillary’s.  Isis now has a Caliphate in the Middle East and they are a serious threat and responsible for terrorist acts around the globe.  During the last two weeks, they are responsible for the barbarism in France, and are threatening London and Washington, D.C. as I write this.

Hillary Clinton has a lot of nerve to suggest that other candidates may not have the experience to be president.  Her foreign policy is a travesty and would be considered a joke if it did not hurt the nation that we all love.  If elected president, Hillary has already stated that she will allow tens of thousands of refugees to enter our nation, and receive all of the benefits that are usually given out.  In other words, she would bring even more terrorism to our nation and we would suffer even more so like Europe.  She is totally inept and uses poor judgment in absolutely everything she puts her hand on.


The Unique Atmosphere Of The 2016 Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia

1)At the outset, no American flag was placed on the pulpit or podium until some folks mentioned it.  On the second day, a couple flags were then placed in inconspicuous places in the corners.  By Thursday, they covered the platform with flags.  (This was not done because of love for country but because of pressure and public opinion).

2)Isis, foreign policy and terrorism were downplayed.  The recent beheading of the Catholic priest in France was not even mentioned.

3)Likewise, the surreal national deficit of over nineteen trillion dollars was not even mentioned.  (If you had an elephant in your living room, would you tell your wife?) The atmosphere at the convention was euphoric, indicating everything was fine in America, even though 70% of the populace does not agree.

4)There was no presence of uniformed police officers inside the convention center.  The officers who were outside were thanked for their service by Donald Trump supporters.


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