The Pastor’s Conference And Southern Baptist Convention ~ June 12-15, 2016 ~ Part 7

Monday Afternoon, June 13, 2016

Pastor’s Conference of the Southern Baptist Convention in St. Louis


Breakout Session For Churches Up To 200 People    ~    Bryan McWilliams Hosts A Panel Of Three Pastors Including Johnny Hunt 

Evangelism in churches two hundred or less.  Smaller churches are encouraged to plant churches, and many of them do.  Johnny Hunt said:  “The pastor must articulate a vision to the congregation.  The pastor should take people witnessing with him.”

Titus 2:6 King James Version (KJV)

Young men likewise exhort to be sober minded.”

Emulation exceeds exhortation.  Share the Gospel.  The older the church, the more willing they are to isolate themselves.

Johnny Hunt challenged us:  “What do I do to enhance evangelism intentionally in our area?  Visit businesses.  Pray for the businesses.  Bring them coffee and donuts.  If our church closed and the community did not miss us, we have not done our job.  Church growth starts with a prayer strategy.”

* Evangelism Strategy:  1)Relationships and 2)Prayer.

Ministry is messy.  We need not fear.  Our greatest impact is with the forgotten people.  Get your hands dirty.  Fear God, and you will not fear man.

Johnny Hunt:  “Door to door evangelism still works.  Listen to God’s call in your quiet time.  Go out and evangelize.  ** 85% of people who become saved were invited by someone.  Be highly relational with people, be committed.  The SBC defines the Gospel well, but we declare it poorly.  The four C’s of evangelism that relate well to millenials are:  1)Coffee, 2)Conversation, 3)Connection, and 4)Conversion.


There was a brief conversation related to the pastor’s retirement, and the possibility of systematic withdrawal from Guidestone.


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