Southern Baptist International Mission Board (IMB) Missionary Joseph Manchester

Northern Conchucos Quechua Of Peru

IMB Missionary Joseph Manchester

IMB missionary Joseph Manchester takes Christians on extreme backpacking trips into the mountains of Peru to share the gospel with the Northern Conchucos Quechua people.  Read his first-person account from one of the trips.

Cooking on the ground with an ultra light stove and supplies found in each village, patching tent leaks during midnight rain storms and gasping for oxygen while walking up 35 degree grades over 12,000 feet in altitude, this team pushed their bodies to the limit to shape future ministry in the Peruvian Andes.

Our goal was to go where truck or bicycle cannot to meet people who live along narrow paths.  We searched for the best route in order to meet believers and Great Commission Christians (GCCs).

Crosshaven Baptist Church in Hanceville, Alabama, sent committed believers to share the truth with the people along these trails and encourage existing Christ-followers as well.  Some pastors of existing churches could not read and welcomed soon-to-come (oral) stories from God’s Word that will be available in their heart language.

Encouraged by what we shared and excited about future trainings for leaders, the local pastor said to the congregation, “Do not let what was taught go in one ear and out the other.  We have to put into practice what these missionaries shared with us tonight.”

We are thankful for the prayers of faithful partners who covered us as we traveled.  Those prayers helped us blaze trails for future backpacking teams that will serve alongside us here in Northern Conchucos.

To join the prayer team, go to and click on the “contact” tab.  Discover strategic ways to pray, give, go, and send missionaries at


2 thoughts on “Southern Baptist International Mission Board (IMB) Missionary Joseph Manchester

  1. Even Steven, This is Joseph Manchester. I am very honored that your website has a story posted about our previous work in Peru. Would you mind contacting me at 256-507-2178 as soon as possible? If you cannot get me there try my email address entered in with my details. I need to share with you about some of the work we will be doing in the future. Many blessings, Joe


    • Hello Joseph, Your article receives a lot of hits on my blog site. I believe Christians realize how dynamic and exciting your ministry is. I just opened your comment and will e-mail you. I am not sure what time it is wherever you are at, and do not want to call too late! In His Service, Steve <


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