Quotable Quotation ~ Bill O’Reilly (Fox News) On FBI Director James Comey

Bill O’Reilly / Fox News:  “This FBI pronouncement yesterday (when FBI Director James Comey recommended no charges be placed against Hillary Clinton) has shattered the justice system’s image for most of the country.”

I have worked for the FBI for 20 years.  The words “Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity” are on their seal.  I am saddened by Director Comey placing politics before truth and justice.  Countless rank and file FBI agents and other employees are likewise deeply hurt and shocked by Comey’s unbelievable omission of justice.  Because of Comey’s stance regarding this issue, some employees have already resigned from this once great organization.  I agree with Mr. O’Reilly, that the FBI will forever have egg on their face, and has lost the respect of most of the American public.  FBI operational errors in Ruby Ridge, Waco, etc. can be forgiven…but NOT a gross error by the director who threw justice under the bus.  

Pastor Steve     


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