The Pastor’s Conference And Southern Baptist Convention ~ June 12-15, 2016 ~ Part 1

I will start out with the last part of this conference/convention, since it turned out to be the most important, and I received a great blessing from it.  God works in strange ways, and as we walk with the Holy Spirit, we learn that we must sometimes strike when the iron is hot.  I was spiritually uplifted and filled on my way home, and ready for opportunities for soul winning…

Our eldest daughter Jill gave me a couple of early Father’s Day gifts prior to my departure on June 17th.  One of them was a T – Shirt that shared the Christian Gospel on it.  It said:  “America Strong,” and had the scripture on it:  Philippians 4:13:  “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  I wore this shirt as a public witness on my two flights home that night.   I entered my second and final Delta flight, and was seated next to a young Marine named Gary.  Gary noticed “America Strong,” and complimented me about the shirt.  Gary had great integrity, and I could tell “God and Country” were priorities to him, and he would give his life for his nation.  Gary was going to visit his grandfather, who was terminally ill with kidney failure.  God set the stage for Gary to receive spiritual truth.  I used the opportunity to explain the scripture on the shirt, and this led to my sharing the plan of salvation with this Marine.  He listened carefully.  I told him that the Lord placed me next to him, and that in the Hebrew language, there is no word for coincidence.  It was indeed a Divine appointment.  As we departed from our flight, a lady two rows in front of us asked if I was the preacher on our flight.  I said yes I was, and she was elated about the sharing of the plan of salvation.  (Since she was seated two rows ahead of us, this means that at least eight to ten people heard the Gospel).  Her encouragement, which I have rarely experienced during such ventures, was for Gary’s benefit, in order to affirm my (His) words.

This was a time of joy, but be prepared for Satan’s counter punch whenever you share Christ.  I got back to my wife’s new car in the airport parking lot and the battery was dead at 3 AM!  New cars do not ordinarily have dead batteries.  I later arrived home and had to cut our grass quickly, since I would be busy in church all day Sunday.  I prepared our lawn tractor and had it all set to mow our long grass (I was gone for ten days) before we left for the conference/convention.  While gone, a rat nested on the crank shaft and chewed on the wires connected to the battery.  The mower still does not start to this day.  I had a small push mower that I used, and it naturally took much longer.  Satan does not like it when we share our faith.  [These things I mentioned are only minor inconveniences in the scope of eternity.  I share them so people can become aware of the spiritual battle going on].  Satan will do everything he can to keep us from sharing the ONLY way of salvation.  John 14:6, Acts 4:12

Incredibly, I have found that the largest opposition to soul winning has come from WITHIN the body of Christ!  That is, from professing Christians who do not share their faith.  Lost souls and pagans are usually intrigued by the Gospel, and I have had great conversations with them during my thirty six years of soul winning.  It is the Christians who place a lampshade over their faith that criticize the public sharing of the Gospel.  Unfortunately, this accounts for a great many believers, since it is a well known fact that a great majority of Christians have never won a soul to Christ, and have never shared the plan of salvation with anyone.  Strange but true.  I know from experience.  You think about that.

Blessings, Pastor Steve       <><


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