Paul Completes AG Pilot Program From Eagle Vistas, Arcadia, Florida 5/22/16

The graduate from this agricultural flight school is the son of the writer of this Christian blog site.  Paul “mortgaged the farm” in order to achieve this goal, as he spent his retirement savings in order to obtain his initial flying license, and took out a loan to enroll in this class and the AG Pilot program.  I am thankful for his tenacity and for winning over adversity.  Eagle Vistas has a strong Christian impetus and Paul was very blessed to be able to attend this school.   I covet your prayers for Paul’s safety.  That is him in the first picture, skimming the orange trees.  I am praying that he will be able to use this gift on the mission field as well.  In His Service, Pastor Steve  <><


Talk about flying under the radar…


Chris Schuh trim pass with smoke 6x 42016-06-10.jpg

Crop Duster



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