Who Is More Important In God’s Eyes? An Animal Or A Human Being?

The aforementioned question would have been laughable less than a generation ago.  The Judeo Christian ethic ruled in America.  Theology 101 – Animals have a body and a soul.  People, made in the image of God, have a body, soul and spirit.  …and Maxwell House is good to the last drop.  Today however, many animal rights activists and others who are knowledgeable about animals, questioned the Cincinnati Zoo’s decision over Memorial Day weekend, to kill a gorilla in order to save the life of a four year old boy.  Yes, I agree with you that the inmates are running the asylum.  I have watched the video of the gorilla dragging the small boy around at breakneck speed, and one wrong move could have driven the boy’s head into the concrete, instantly killing him.  A 350-450 pound gorilla can crush a green coconut in one hand like a marshmallow.  We cannot split a coconut  with a hatchet.  The debate over whether to save the lad or the gorilla reveals a culture that is in a spiritual meltdown.  Would the animal rights fanatics have felt any differently if it was THEIR son in the hands of the gorilla?  These people are so sick, that I really DO wonder.  Do you know why many people questioned the killing of the gorilla in order to protect the boy?  Because they do not understand that we are very special to God and made in His image.  We are the crown of God’s glory.  They believe in evolution and do not believe that mankind is any more important than animals and primates.  Even so, come Lord Jesus…


The video reveals the gorilla pulling the child around like a rag doll at lightning speed.


A Fox News Poll Received The Following Votes As To Whether Or Not The Gorilla Should Have Been Killed:

It was the right thing to do                 71%

It was wrong to shoot the gorilla       29%

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