A Potential Mission Team

This week is a unique time in our family.  My wife and I are empty nesters, and the ones we raised are well into their thirties.  Our eldest son Matthew is an ordained Southern Baptist minister/chaplain, serving in the Federal Penitentiary.  Jessica Lee is a medical doctor with a heart for missions and plenty of experience as well.  Paul is currently in Agricultural Aviation School.  Already a certified pilot, Paul is in one of the best crop dusting schools in the nation.  It is a dangerous job, as pilots fly low altitudes in order to dust crops, coming close to poles and power lines.  Of course the ole’ man has a vision of Paul as a bush pilot on the mission field, one day engaged in customized mission trips with his brother and sister.  He spent an hour yesterday learning how to drive a plane on the ground, across rugged fields, never even entering the air.  The mission potential among these three siblings is obvious, and will become reality if the Lord is in it!  I am truly amazed at how the Lord puts things together, often without our knowledge.  Paul is eyeballing a potential job opening in Jamaica.  You know, if that happens I believe I will visit him there.  Father/son bonding is important you know.  Thank you Jesus and protect Paul daily.

Below is the flyer’s prayer and the link of the website of the flying school that Paul is attending:


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