Guilty – Standing For Christ / Newsboys

God’s Not Dead 2   ~    Everyone except our educators, atheists and politicians already know that God is not dead.  Why is it that the intelligentsia or supposedly brilliant people cannot seem to realize that Someone has made them and everything else?  As the Bible tells us, God will confound the wise and make Himself known to the simple (faithful).  Stand up for Christ!  Be a faithful witness.

Pray For Revival In America!

2 thoughts on “Guilty – Standing For Christ / Newsboys

  1. Exactly! All or nothing! Just a thought … One cannot be half pregnant! Likewise, a Christian can’t be half sold out to Jesus! You’re either ALL surrendered or you’re not! Period!!!


    • Diana, I can’t believe you said that! At the nursing home I just shared that you cannot be half saved any more than you can be one half married, one half alive or one half dead. You are either a saint or an ain’t!!!


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