The New World Order And Current Events

On a visit to the U.K., Obama weighed in on Britain’s debate about European Union membership, urging U.K. voters to back staying in the 28-nation bloc.

“I don’t think the EU moderates U.K. influence in the world — it magnifies it,” Obama said at a news conference with Prime Minister David Cameron.


The first attempt to usher in the New World Order (NWO) was the Tower of Babel, expounded upon in Genesis 11.  God broke it up, yet the idea has never left the nefarious heart of fallen man.  There are several global agencies, whose chief desire is to usher in one world religion, one world government, and a one world economy.  The first was the Illuminati, formed in Europe on May 1, 1776, two months prior to the inception of the United States of America as a nation.  After Ronald Wilson Reagan was our president, every president on both sides of the aisle has promoted the NWO.  Now it seems, Barack Obama desired to express his disapproval at the U.K.’s desire to bow out of the twenty eight nation European Union (EU).  Obviously the EU’s losing the UK’s support in their bloc, would be a step backwards from the NWO and globalism, and in favor of national sovereignty.  All that Obama does endorses globalism.  His attacks upon the Christian heritage of the United States of America is a step towards the NWO.  (i.e. promoting abortion, LGBT, “gay” marriages).  Barack Obama cleverly fools people of the world, but not discerning Christians.  At any rate, the mayor of London told Obama to butt out of England’s affairs, also inferring that Obama’s Kenyan ancestry makes Obama hate England.  I would not argue with that idea, especially given the fact that Obama’s first act as president was to send back to England a bust of Winston Churchill.

Blessings, Pastor Steve


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