2015 Second Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 32

Billy Crone    ~    Interview/Hagmann & Hagmann

Many believe we are in the last days.  Others refer to alien deception.  What is going on?

Billy Crone explained that in the 1980’s he was a drug addict, sexually immoral, a chauvinist pig involved in the occult, a New Age patron, and hated Christians, believing they were inept and had such low IQ’s that they had to use the Bible to tell them what to do.  Billy was an antagonist who could not stand Christians and use to love to chew them up and spit them out because they could not answer his questions by enlarge, yet God nonetheless had mercy upon Billy Crone.  Billy got saved and now has a heart for the truth and sharing the truth.  Most Christians are not equipped to give an answer to skeptics, i.e. they are not well versed in apologetics.  Billy was gloriously saved and is burdened to use the media to reach the most people he can in the short time we have left–  DVD’s, movies, You Tube, etc., so other people can hear the Gospel and receive new life.

The Vatican And The Last Days Deception is a book by Billy Crone.  Billy was formerly into the New Age movement and the harmonizing of all the religions of the world.  No religion in the world has a cross.  Only Christianity.  All the religions teach that you are god, you can become a god, or to have to work yourself to god some how.  Billy was shocked to learn that the Bible teaches that in the last days there would be this great global religion and global worship of the Antichrist.  …and now incredibly, who is promoting this concept but the Vatican!  Pope John Paul II had snake worshippers, Vo Do believers, Buddhists, and various religious leaders in the Vatican, and claimed they were all worshipping the same God.  Pope Francis is currently attempting to gain control of Jerusalem and the temple mount.  He is working with Islam, Eastern Orthodox, and Jewish leaders, all planting trees together.  Muslims, Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus, the Jewish people and all the world’s major religions are calling for a United Nations of the world’s religions.  They want to build a religious entity that would govern the religions of the world.  The World Council of Churches is one example of this, branching out from the United Nations.  The Protestant Church is also going along with this in a major way as well.  See their leaders below.

How would the intolerant Muslim world accept this?  How will Islam, Judaism and Christians all get along?  Ever since 9/11 Muslims have been divided into two camps by the media.  The media says the “violent” Muslims destroyed the Twin Towers and the others are “peace loving Muslims.”  This is a media endorsed lie.  It is the violent Muslims who are following the Koran and true Muslims.  The remainder are frauds and would go along with a One World Government.

The same thing is being done to Christians by the media.  Evangelic Christians are now called intolerant and extremists by the media.  Liberal and fake Christians will likewise go along with One World Religion.  True Christians are painted in the corner as the bad guys because: 1)We say homosexuality is sinful.  2)We have the audacity to say our way is the only way to God.  (John 14:6, Acts 4:12)  The media will make our beliefs in certain sinful lifestyles, and that Jesus is the only way to salvation a hate crime.  They will not tolerate our beliefs and will want to get rid of us.  So who is left?  The fake Christians.  They are Christians in name only and will march right into the seven year tribulation period along with the imitation Muslims.  Judaism will start out apostate in the last days, making a deal with the Antichrist.  They will learn truth in the last half of the Tribulation Period.  The fake Christian Church and the Vatican are going along with this hook, line and sinker.  Kenneth Copeland piped in a private message into his Protestant Church from Pope Francis saying that we are all one.  Evangelical Christians will be blamed for our nation’s next catastrophe and our citizenry will turn on them very quickly.  They will haul us away and take us out.  The Antichrist figure will arise to unite the apostate church as well.  Today’s church is so ineffective because it is filled with so many who are not saved.  The Pope has a very strong liaison with Rick Warren.  Rick Warren refers to “our pope” and to “we Christians.”  Warren has pictures of the Pope and Mother Teresa in his office, and refers to the Catholic channel as his favorite “Christian” channel.  Warren and his wife watch and repeat the chants:  “Hail Mary, full of grace,” etc., etc.  This is America’s ecumenical pastor.

How does one avoid this deception?  Stick with the Word.  Be careful that no one deceives you.  There are many false Christs, false prophets, and IF IT WERE POSSIBLE, they would deceive even the very elect.  Stay close to Christ and none of these people will deceive you.

How close are we to the end?  [The UFO Vatican connection will explain away the rapture of the church].  The current apostasy, the nation of Israel forming in 1948, rumors of war, earthquakes, and pestilence all indicate that we are getting close.

“…even so, come Lord Jesus.”

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