Stand Up For The Church

David Jeremiah

The Church in our culture has experienced diverse attacks- both from without and within.  How are we doing in the midst of this war?

Let me ask you this:  Do we believe in our God?  Do we believe that God can help us?  None of us really relishes the idea of standing up against all of the cultural issues we are facing today.  People assign motives to Christians that are often unfair and unrighteous.  But Church, if we don’t start standing up, we’re going to lose everything.  We don’t have many more years to be floating in reverse.  A few more years of the cultural losses we’ve sustained in this one last year, and the Church in America will be just like Europe.

One of the things you do when you travel to Europe is you visit the churches.  Some of the most beautiful church buildings in the world are in Europe, and almost all of them are empty except as tourist stop or a museum.  On the Lord’s Day, hardly a handful of people attend church.

What has happened in Europe happened over a long, slow period of time as one by one they gave up their standards, they gave up their values, they gave up their faith.  The secularism that crept into the culture in Europe will be a reality in America in a few years if we don’t begin to stand up for what’s important to us.  Here is a statistic that astounds me.  In the next seven years, in the United States of America, 55,000 churches will close their doors.  That is a sad commentary on our nation today.

Secularism is a serious issue in our country.  America is Europe in the making if God doesn’t intervene.  But we know the way God intervenes is through His people, amen?  Whatever lions you’re fighting, whatever challenges you have, I want to encourage you that the same God who delivered Daniel from the lions’ den is ready to deliver you if you will trust Him.

I am going to ask you to believe in Daniel’s God.  To stand firm in a secular society for your faith.  And if you’ve never put your faith in Him before, to put your trust in Him.  Now is the time to reclaim our faith and culture- it is time for the Church to Stand Up!


Conspicuously absent from this article is mention of the alternative for Christianity’s demise in America.  The word “secularism” was often referred to.  “Secularism” is the desired effect of Islam’s attack upon the west.  They want to secularize America, and make it a blank spiritual state, unto which Islam can be planted.  Islam is a lie from Satan and cannot coexist with the truth of Christianity.  It can only thrive and grow in a spiritual vacuum.  Proponents of this evil religion are rapidly attempting to empty our nation of our Christian foundation and heritage.  Remember our “Christian” president’s first inaugural speech?  He said “We are no longer a Christian nation.”  One cannot shift their vehicle into drive from reverse.  One must first shift to neutral.  The goal of Islam is to first neutralize us, and then build Islam upon an empty shell.  Christianity – Secularization – Islam.  The denouement of Christianity will not leave a vacuum for long.  Satan will fill it quickly with his lies.  By the way, have you noticed mosques going up everywhere and Muslims testing the waters (and often winning) through our political processes?  Americans are naive to believe Islam will coexist with anyone.  Teachers at prophecy conferences that I have attended, stress that Islam’s only goal is to take over the entire globe.  You think about that.  Pastor Steve

Pray For Revival In America!

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