Unique Facts About Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ

This man lived on Earth only 33 years, never traveled more than a few miles from His home, never wrote a book, never raised an army, never ruled over so much as a village, let alone a kingdom, never owned a thing, never married or had children, never enrolled for any formal education, and finally was executed as a criminal.  Furthermore, though He never wrote a book, others have written innumerable books about Him, while a psalmist assured us that His words would also be preserved “from this generation for ever.”  (Psalm 12:7)  And all this has come to pass!  Herein is a marvelous thing!  Indeed, He was, and is, God and this was demonstrated by His flawless character, His amazing teachings, His unique miracles, His volitional, sacrificial death, and His mighty defeat of death itself by His bodily resurrection and ascent into Heaven.

Henry M. Morris

2016 Days of Praise devotional

Tuesday, March 29


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