I have seen this word scribbled on the walls in more than one university.  Faculty and students alike, pride themselves on being tolerant.  Yet the old double standard reared its’ ugly head again last night, Friday, March 11, 2016.  Donald Trump was to hold a rally in Chicago, near Chicago’s chapter of the University of Illinois.  The Pavilion was to hold about twenty five thousand people.  As the huge group filed in, they were confronted by an extremely vocal minority who were determined to stop the rally.   Three groups of people started protesting and scuffling with people heading towards the Pavilion:  1) Professional protesters.  They agitate purposely, planning on doing so well before the event.  They deflect the blame on Donald Trump.  This is part of Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals.  2) “Black Lives Matter” members, and 3) Bernie Sanders supporters, many from the local university.  Donald Trump assessed the situation along with law enforcement personnel, and wisely decided to cancel the event before someone(s) got hurt or worse.  Trump should be given credit for this decision.

The protesters, all liberal, believe in tolerance until your opinions and world view goes against theirs.  The First Amendment rights of the attendees were trampled on by the protesters.  The protesters are allowed to demonstrate, as long as they did not impede the convention.  They usurped our constitution, all the while believing that they are tolerant.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I believe Barack Hussein Obama has created a polarized America, more so than any time in recent history.  Yes, Obama cut his teeth in politics, becoming a community organizer in Chicago.  Chicago has one of the highest murder rates in the country.  The protestors reminded me of the race riots that occurred throughout our nation from coast to coast in the 1960’s.  Last night I also had flashbacks of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968, when demonstrators threw bags of urine and feces at police officers.

The scariest situation in America is NOT radical Islam.  If we have the will to thwart their barbarism, we certainly have the might.  The issue that is of much more concern is a liberal with a cause.  Our president has adopted Saul Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals, in order to turn our democracy into a socialistic state.  We just observed his liberal followers attempting to take a page out of Alinsky’s playbook in Chicago last night.


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