The Real Solomon’s Temple ~ Bob Cornuke

Here is a fascinating “thumb nail sketch” of Bob Cornuke’s discovery in Jerusalem of the real Solomon’s Temple site.  I devour books as a pastor, and one of the best unique, original and cutting edge books I have ever purchased is “Temple” by Robert Cornuke.  The following You Tube is an excellent summary of the book.  Bob has found channels in which the blood of sacrificed animal flowed, olive presses, and stalls/chains for animals underneath the original City of David/Mount Zion.  This is the site of the Gihon Springs and the water source for Solomon’s Temple.  The “Temple Mount” where the Dome of the Rock is, was the base of a Roman emcampment.  The Temple of Solomon is 600-1000 feet south of this locale, in the original City of David.  Enjoy the audio and pick up a copy of Temple for a detailed analysis:

I just spoke with Bob Cornuke this morning (3/2/16), and there is another mind blowing discovery made, with a book soon to follow.  He is teaming up with Chuck Missler on this latest venture.  I understand Missler will be the premier author.  As soon as specifics are available, they will be on this blog site.  Bob’s website is

In Christ, Pastor Steve


2 thoughts on “The Real Solomon’s Temple ~ Bob Cornuke

  1. Many years ago I heard a message about the profane place being outside the temple (I think from Ezekiel 42:20) and that the Muslim temple on the dome of the rock was not where the Jewish temple would be rebuilt but that it would be outside thereof.


    • Yes, Bob quotes AT LEAST 20 OT scriptures confirming the real locale. He quotes historians and much more. Bob will be in Naples in mid April. I thought we had him at FBCCH on Wednesday PM prayer meeting!!! He said a love offering would suffice, however, it was a love offering too steep for our church.


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