John MacArthur ~ End Times I


2 thoughts on “John MacArthur ~ End Times I

    • I will focus on sites for prayer when time permits. We have an association prayer meeting March 7. We pray daily- alone, with another, in small groups and in corporate worship. It comes natural as we share our concerns with the Lord- intercession, thanksgiving, daily needs, forgiveness, forgiving others, adoration of the Lord and respect for His name, for His perfect will to be done, deliverance from temptation, overcoming fears, walking in faith, etc. When His disciples asked Jesus how to pray, here is His reply: Matthew 6:5-15. Effective prayer comes natural to the born again Christian. In the Bible He communicates with us, through prayers we speak with Him. He already knows our needs. The prayer is for our benefit. If I have unconfessed sin in my heart, however, He will not hear me. Psalms 66:18. The Bible also tells us to “pray without ceasing,” in other words, we continually communicate our hearts’ feelings with the Lord. If a young believer is mentored by a mature saint(s), they will learn how to pray. Pray for all needs. The Lord said “You have not because you ask not.”


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