The Reasons For Donald Trump’s Success

Much to the chagrin of the Republican Establishment, Donald Trump races ahead after the primaries in South Carolina.  We have heard for several months that he was a mere flash in the pan, yet he surges on.  His candidacy is paralleled by that of Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Reagan became president via a landslide vs. Jimmy Carter, and Schwarzenegger became governor of California, in both cases largely because of disgust with the status quo.  Why has “the Donald” resonated with Republicans?

Donald Trump’s success thus far is a referendum against the Republican establishment.  American Republicans have recently voted for this party against the current administration, and given them a majority in the House Of Representatives and in the Senate.  This majority has done very little to negate the extreme leftist liberal agenda of Barack Hussein Obama.  Conservative Americans are fed up.  The Republican Party in my opinion has been more like “Democrat Lite” in the last decade or two.  Jeb Bush was their poster boy and establishment candidate.  He is already out of the race.  

As Christians we must pray fervently for the outcome of the presidential election.  Our freedoms depend on our leadership.  The next president will determine future Supreme Court nominees.  Will we retain our unique American form of government, way of life and blessings from above?  Or will we continue our demise, whereas we resemble European socialism more so than the democracy that out founding fathers established?  

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