Greek Word Study, Part XIV

166)tauros- bull, ox/ The Greek word for bull is nearly the same as our version of it.  The Taurus Ford sedan comes from this Greek word.  It is also the zodiac sign for the bull.

167)tetartos- four, fourth/ Tetra, tetr means four, having four.

168)trauma- wound/ Nearly the same meaning in the English.  Wounded people are taken to the head trauma unit in a hospital.

169)hubris- harm, hurt, reproach/ The English counterpart has changed to mean arrogant, proud or boastful.

170)hyperbole- exceeding, beyond measure/ In the English, it means an extravagant exaggeration.

171)hus- hog, sow/ Today, a hussy is a lewd and brazen woman.  It is a mischievous and saucy lady.  Could word etymology evolve from hus to hussy, and a lewd woman derive from a sow?

172)Philadelphia- love for the brethren/ The Greek root is phileo, meaning the same.  Philadelphia, of course, is the city of brotherly love.

173)philandros- fond of man, love their husbands/ On the other hand, a philanderer is quite the opposite.  It is one who trifles with love, and pursues love as a bee pursues honey from one flower after another.

174)philanthropia- love towards man/ The word comes from the derivation of phileo (love) and anthropos (man).  A philanthropist is one who performs kind and beneficial deeds for mankind.

175)philia- fondness, friendship/ One can easily observe the same root and meaning as 171-173.

176)philosophos- philosopher/ Literally, one who loves wisdom.  Philosophers were Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

177)phobos- be afraid, terror/ There are a plethora of phobias that plague mankind today.  Everything from the fear of crowds, heights, animals, reptiles, people, and the list goes on and on.

178)phone- noise, sound, voice/ The words telephone and phonics derive from this Greek transliteration.

179)chara- joy/ The English word charisma comes from this Greek word.  Charisma, however, means that one has a magnitude for the multitude, and somehow attracts others through their personality and attributes.

180)paralogizomai- alongside of reason/ One who beguiles others with words and desires to capture their reason.

181)pithanologia- it couples reason with persuation/ It is the foundation for our English word analogy, transferring a known idea to something else.  It is deception accomplished by transferring truth onto an untruth.

More to follow…


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