2015 Second Orlando Prophecy Summit, Part 28

Doug Stauffer   ~   Learn To Study The Bible In One Hour

All of us have heard negative statements concerning the Bible, like the following:

The Bible contains contradictions!

We should not take the Bible so literally!

In reality, the Bible contains no contradictions at all.  There is no private interpretation.

God’s answer is very simple…  “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”  (John 8:32)

Four Questions

1)Who is right and who is wrong?  There are so many denominations and sects.

2)Can anyone know the truth for sure?  Yes.  “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.”

3)Does God provide man with the answers?  Yes.  All of the answers are in the Bible.

4)Does God have a method of Bible study?

The cross is the center of Biblical teachings.  The rapture gives us great comfort but the Tribulation Period will be a day of peril.  the book of Romans declares the way of salvation.  John 3:16 can be used to lead someone to the Lord.

There are so many divisions in Christianity because everyone goes to the Bible with a private interpretation and we must stop doing this.

The number 7 is God’s number of completion.  “The seventh is the Sabbath of rest.”  Exodus 31:15  There are seven notes on a musical scale.  Seven days in a week.  The ark rested in the seventh month.  Genesis 8:4  God reveals patterns in the Bible and this helps us to understand even more.  God provided manna in advance and the people rested on the 7th day.  Exodus 16:30  The land was to rest in the 7th year.  Exodus 33:10-11  The cross, rapture and second coming, make a very simple chart of things to come.  Adam goes back 4004 years before the birth of Christ.  The Millennium is 1000 years and if the Lord deals in sevens, that would make the church age 2000 years.  We are living in the last days and perilous times shall come, and men shall be lovers of their own selves, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, and without natural affection.  In America we now have same sex marriage and the legalization of marijuana.  Where are we on the time line?  Church Age?  Gospels?  Readiness?  Old Testament?  Tribulation?  Millennium?  After The Second Coming?

Education will not get you to learn the Bible.  Dedication will help you learn the scriptures.  When you study say:  “God, you are right and I am wrong, show me where I am wrong.”  We learn more and change our teaching.

We are close to the rapture.  Keep looking up.  Keep waiting.  Stay busy.  Serve the Lord and live for Him.  Understanding prophecy ought to make us a peculiar people zealous of good works.  You are saved to be zealous of good works.  We have peace, contentment, joy and a relationship with God.

II Timothy 2:15  “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.”

Genesis through Malachi is the Old Testament.  Matthew through John are the Gospels.  Romans through Philemon is the Church Age.  Revelation is the Tribulation, Millennium and Eternity Future.  The Jews are prominent in the Old Testament.  The Gospel Accounts are about Jesus.  Acts is about the actions of the apostles, it is a history book and reveals the transition from Peter to Paul.  Acts starts with the Jews and ends up with the Gentiles.  It is a transition book.  Romans through Philemon are 13 epistles written by Paul!  Revelation covers the second coming, the millennium and eternity future.  Peter went to the Jews and Paul went to the Gentiles.  During the Tribulation the spokesmen will be the two witnesses (Moses and Elijah).  Jesus Christ will rule during the millennium.  Paul always went to the Jews first, then to the Gentiles.  Paul was a minister to the Gentiles- Romans 15:16.  The governmental form of communism received its’ philosophy from a distorted view of the early chapters of Acts.  Paul said to follow him as he follows Christ- I Corinthians 4:16.  The only contradiction in the Bible is when we privately interpret it.  There was a spokesman in every time throughout the Bible except during the time of the Judges when every man did that which was right in his own eyes.



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