An Unexpected Superbowl Blessing

One week and one half ago, I had the opportunity to hear a well known creation speaker who spoke at our neighbor’s church.  People in the church where I serve as pastor resonated with the idea of hearing him, and about ten of us went to the service.  The church was Slavic Pentecostal, and nearly full.  The host pastor was very friendly and since our group came early, I had a chance to bend his ear and chat with him.  He graciously invited me to speak there sometime, and I have never suffered from shyness when invited to preach anywhere.  I noted the kindness and decorum of the people in the church that evening.  I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Having taken a mission trip to Romania/Hungary well over ten years ago, I have been exposed to Eastern Europeans (Romanians, Hungarians, Gypsies) who have been persecuted years ago behind the Iron Curtain.  There is a beautiful spirit of humility with these folks- I felt it overseas and at this church.

I spoke with the host pastor later, and we agreed on the following Sunday night as a time that I could preach the Gospel there.  (It was an ideal time slot for me.  Our church was showing a film that I already have seen, and I was blessed with great leadership to take my place).  The Slavic Pentecostal Church had an English speaking service once a month and this was the date, so everything lined up.  I noted that the date would be February 7, the day of the Superbowl, with the kickoff during the evening service.  I figured that if anyone would ignore the football game, it would be these folks.  The members of this church hail from the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and a few other Eastern European countries.  I was told that those above the age of twenty five or so, were born overseas for the most part.  The service was well attended.  Their music was out of this world and anointed.  The pastor even offered these wonderful musicians to play at our church one day!  The prayers were precious.  I spoke from Revelation 13:8b, The Lamb Of God.  It was well received.  The people were kind and gracious.  Many came to the altar for prayer.  They were not overly emotional which I appreciated, because neither am I.  They walked past me with kindness in their eyes, and that told me volumes.  I could read the senior Eastern Europeans’ lives of suffering behind the former Iron Curtain, and I could perceive their joy as they worshiped the Lord together.  They love the Lord and I was privileged to preach there.  Thank you Jesus for your precious saints in this church, a magnanimous pastor who graciously invited me and made me feel more than welcome, and an opportunity to share the Gospel with Your people who love Your Word.

In His Service, Pastor Steve


2 thoughts on “An Unexpected Superbowl Blessing

  1. Wonderful! I’m studying Rev. 14 this week with my BSF group, and vv. 6-7 speak of just what you were doing proclaiming the gospel to all who live on earth, every nation, tribe, language and people. Love that you had the opportunity and took it. Jesus said He is with us always, and surely He is!


    • I spoke 5 times last Sunday in different settings and felt like a worn out dish rag until Tuesday. It was still a great tired. My home church loved the fact that the Slavic Church opened their doors and supported me fully! Sounds like a great Bible study, I remember you referring to it at the wedding. God bless you Diane… Thanks a lot for the line here. Yes, Jesus is with us always, even until the end of the age.


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