John MacArthur On Roman Catholicism And The Truth About Hell

Note the thorough exegesis of Roman Catholicism by John MacArthur in the first message, which followed the pope’s recent arrival in America.  Protestant pastors use to all have a copy of “The Two Babylons” by Alexander Hislop (I have one).  In this book the author reveals the commonality of Roman Catholicism and the ancient religion of Babylon.  Note the peculiar garb, especially the hat, flamboyant robe and crooked crucifix of the pope.  Have you ever wondered what it has to do with Christianity or where it came from?  The ancient Babylonian priests wore this clothing, replicated on stone and woodcuts for us to see and compare.  A careful examination of Catholicism will reveal it to be another religion than Christianity.  Listen to MacArthur expound on this truism:






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