Hard To Harmonize

The following statistics are certainly eye opening, and reveal volumes about the spiritual status of our nation:

1)88% of Americans own at least one Bible.

2)More Americans believe in aliens and extra terrestrials than believe in God!

Blending these facts together, I believe they reveal that our nation is totally brainwashed by evolution.  If one does not believe in God, then by default they believe there is no such thing as a creation. and they must search in the past for changes in life forms, usually believing they exist elsewhere in a more advanced state.  Evidently, their “god” is random chance plus time.  In other words, time plus nothing made everything.  Life originally was the result of mere chance, and everything in the universe is the result of a great cosmic crap shoot!  You know, when I was an unbeliever and lost, I still realized that there was a God who made everything.  The Bible tells us that all men are given proof of the reality of the Godhead through our conscience within and the creation around us.  (Romans 1:19-21)  The beautiful, intricate and orderly design of the universe shouts out for a perfect, all seeing, all powerful and all knowing Creator!  The proof is in the pudding.  You think about that.  Pastor Steve

***   For further information, please refer to the Creation/Evolution category in this blog site.  Scroll back through older posts until you get to the original articles that explain God’s marvelous creation and refute evolution in great detail.   ***


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