2012 Mission Trip To England/Uganda, Part 6

We all had a great sense of fulfillment following our 2012 mission trip to Uganda, yet we did not yet feel closure.  Jessica and I felt burdened to invite Daniel Lugumya to our area of service.  We arranged for Pastor Daniel to come the following spring.  Daniel and his family lived in Boston during this time, and Daniel flew to our area in the spring of 2013.  Jessica’s church had a mission fest emphasis during the time that Daniel came, and they had a booth set up for him in order to promote his home country of Uganda, and his ministries in Kampala!  Daniel lacked entrepreneur skills in promoting the needs of his home country.  This was due to absolutely no fault of his own, and is best understood as a cultural divide and lack of understanding.  Some mission funds were nonetheless collected and given to Pastor Daniel for the needs in Uganda.  I took Daniel to a lunch meeting with my fellow pastors in our local association and he really enjoyed the fellowship.  Daniel was well received by all, and shared his personal testimony of salvation.  Arrangements were made for him to visit three more churches, including the one where I served as pastor.  Pastor Daniel spoke at all three churches about Uganda and their needs.  He showed us a brief film that displayed the ministries of their church (Jesus Commissioned Ministries) and school (Mercy School).  Daniel shared with us all about the importance of the Great Commission.   Together, the three churches collected a great amount of offerings, and Daniel was able to use the mission funds to build better and more extensive roofs over Jesus Commissioned Ministries and the Mercy School in Kampala, Uganda.  I will forever be grateful to the pastors and their respective churches who gave so generously.  Southern Baptist Churches are often not receptive in giving to causes outside of our denomination, yet the pastors told me that they trusted my judgment.  I was humbled and grateful.  Later on, Pastor Daniel sent us e-mail photographs of the new roofs that were placed on the aforementioned buildings.

Uganda is very poor.  I call it the Haiti of Africa.  Daniel Lugumya represents a non charismatic Protestant church deep within Africa.  It is one of the few churches in the entire nation that is absolutely square with the Bible.  If you feel a burden to help these saints who live in a country stricken with poverty, I would encourage you to contact Pastor Daniel Lugumya.  Daniel is now based in Houston, seeking contacts and assistance for his people in Uganda.  He can be easily reached through Google, and the following references:

Daniel Lugumya

Daniel and Lydia Lugumya (they have three children)

Houston, Texas

Jesus Commissioned Ministries

Mercy School


Kampala, Uganda




Blessings, Pastor Steve



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