Jordan/Israel ~ 1987-1988


 Many entries will appear in this category because I kept an extensive journal on this trip.  This particular venture was designed as a sight seeing tourist excursion, but wherever our pastor went, by default it became a mission trip.  He would share Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation with anyone who breathed air, including our tour guides and fellow travelers.  If there was only one country that I could go to and see during my life, it would be Israel.  

If you are contemplating a trip to this locale, I would recommend that you study the Bible and the land of Israel extensively before you go.  The more you know, the more you will be blessed when you arrive there.  One who is new to the faith will not be able to connect the dots nearly as well.  Israel is a land that is surreal.  Every square inch represents something big in Biblical history and is an archaeological site of some sort.  If you are a shutter bug and enjoy taking pictures, this is the place for you.  For instance, a short drive from the Mediterranean climate of Jerusalem will take you to the tropical atmosphere of Jericho, and then to an even warmer area, as well as the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea, where you can float on top of the water while reading a newspaper.  The entire country is like this- a land of sudden contrast and beauty.  A chronological account of this mission trip will be given.

Blessings, Pastor Steve

Note:  A lot of prayer must be given prior to any mission trip in our day.  Our world has suddenly become a much more volatile place.  Each nation is unique and the circumstances change rapidly through new regimes coming to power, rogue terrorists asserting themselves, etc.  The State Department gives updated advisories, dealing with the safety or the lack thereof, regarding different countries around the globe.  The Holy Spirit gives the born again Christian an even better warning!



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