2012 Mission Trip To England/Uganda, Part 5

The remainder of our week featured many evangelistic opportunities.  Jessica and I taught at the Mercy School a few times, and I was absolutely dumbfounded by the incredible fear of God in the children.  This was a result of the Biblical instruction they received.  They were very kind, respectful, obedient and orderly.  The Ugandan gifts given to us throughout the week by the children and adults, were musical performances and singing.  They truly represented our Lord Jesus Christ and humbled us.  I will never forget them.

I preached the gospel in evening services throughout the week, as well as Sunday morning and Sunday night.  The Sunday evening service had several Ugandan pastors in attendance from other churches.  These people love the Word of God in all of its clarity, truth and power.

We took tours of the city of Kampala, and the neighborhood surrounding the church.  The people eke out a mere existence, and continually search for the staples in life (food, water, clothing).  They are content with these alone, just like our Lord Jesus told us to be.  They are not aware of their poverty, and display great joy and kindness in their countenance.  Pastor Daniel loves his people, and desires to use western “know how,” missions and entrepreneurship to improve their ministries.  Daniel Lugumya lacks the ability to fully establish connections himself, and needs catalysts to assist him in building up their ministries.  A little money and labor in Uganda goes a long way.  Pastor Daniel has moved from Boston, Massachusetts to Texas, as his base of operations in the United States of America.   If you would like to help him as a missionary and ambassador for Uganda, you can find him on line easily.  Simply Google the following:

Pastor Daniel Lugumya     Kampala, Uganda

Jesus Commissioned Ministries

Mercy School

We took a tour of a museum that gave us a detailed history of this nation.  Interestingly, only Uganda and Russia take a stand as countries against the abomination of sodomy/homosexuality and lesbianism!  Their history is that of an English colony.  Pastor Daniel jokingly told me that Americans slaughter the English language.  They speak excellant English in comparison to our slang.  Uganda eventually received their independence, yet the English culture is replete throughout the country.  We observed a detailed history of Ugandans who were martyred for their Christian faith.  We took Daniel, some of his family, friends and church associates out to eat a few times during the week.  Eating out is a luxury for these folks.  It is probably the equivalent of you and I purchasing a car or a new expensive appliance of some sort.

Before departing from Uganda, we were taken to souvenir shops.  We boarded our flight the following morning, and were able to enjoy the breathtaking topography of Africa.  After crossing the Mediterranean Sea, we saw the Alps in the distance.  Without close observation, the snow capped  Alps could have been mistaken for clouds.  We landed in London and stayed overnight in Heathrow, and then flew to Dallas, Texas the following morning.  Before getting off of our flight in Dallas, I realized we would probably not be able to board our connecting flight because of the expanse of Dallas’ large airport, and our limited time.  We ended up in extremely long lines, and some kind folks allowed us to cut in front of them all, much to the chagrin of the Arabic employees.  We had to go through customs, check passports, personal items and luggage, as well as take a shuttle to another terminal in order to meet our connection for home.  During this entire time, a gentleman named Mike helped us get through all the confusion.  I will never forget him.  He was like a guardian angel, seeing us to the end of our journey so we did not need to rent hotel rooms that night.  He vanished as quickly as he appeared, helping us in our time of need.  I now call him Michael the archangel.  [I have often wondered since our trip, if Mike made HIS flight.  But then again, if he was an angel, he would have had his own custom transportation].  We finally hopped on the shuttle and entered our terminal just as the passengers were boarding.  Thank you Jesus.  We arrived home at our local airport late in the evening, exhausted yet fulfilled.  Our journey does not end here however.  We spoke with Daniel Lugumya, and already explored the possibility of hosting him in our area.  Stay tuned for Part 6.

Because of Him, Pastor Steve



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