President Obama in his State Of The Union Speech…

“…Isis Does Not Threaten Our National Existence.”


Response by Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Chair of Military Theory at MVU. (Counter Terrorism Expert who has briefed the National Security Council and the FBI.  He has advised the office of the Secretary of Defense):  “He (Obama) is living in a fantasy land, knowing nothing of the reality in the world today.  Isis poses no threat?  Ask the six million people living in Isis territory.  Ask the people decapitated, crucified and burnt alive.  Ask the people who went to the Christmas party in San Bernardino.  We have more jihadist activity in America than any time since 9/11 according to the FBI.  We must destroy the ideology of their religion.  There is no such thing as lone wolf terrorists.  You cannot negotiate with them, they must be crushed.  They call themselves jihadists, yet our president will not call them that.  We must call them what they are, and equip our Muslim allies in the region to fight against this foe.  Our allies in the Middle East do not trust us because of who is the commander in chief.  We need leadership that will regain the trust of our allies.”

Fox News Poll:  65% of Americans believe President Obama underestimates Isis, and has no real strategy to counter it.         

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