13 Hours


I just saw “13 Hours,” the Battle of Benghazi on the opening night of the movie.  It had an excellent story line, perfectly based on the facts of what happened the night of September 11-12, 2012.  Six men (CIA Operatives) found the courage to save thirty six American lives.  One theme that was replete throughout the movie was the nonstop wave after wave of attackers the entire night of the attacks.  Another feature was the expectation for the assistance that never arrived.  The defenders of the two compounds were on their own.  There was no support.  Help never came.  The movie was full of cursing, however, especially the “f” word, and because of this I would have trouble recommending the movie.  I believe some people often curse heavily under duress in order to mask their fear.  The movie also was filled with violence and gore, and so was the night when this incident happened.


Chronological Synopsis Of “13 Hours”

The background of Libya was mentioned, following the reign of Muammar Gaddafi.  The nation had a power vacuum and became a breeding ground for Islamic militant insurrection.  It is considered to be one of the most dangerous places in the world.  Benghazi is a remote outpost.  The movie started with a couple of new CIA arrivals to Benghazi who were nearly killed while traveling across town.  It was mentioned that it was nearly impossible to differentiate between friend and foe.  Libyans will say the word “jambo,” and exend their thumb and small finger on their hand, in order to indicate that they feel friendly towards Americans.  Also, most all nations withdrew their diplomats from Libya, and there was not even a representation there from the Red Cross.

The movie then fast forwarded five weeks to the night of the battle.  The first fighting happened at a temporary diplomatic outpost (Consulate) that had no permanent security.  Ambassador Chris Stevens just arrived.  The United States citizens in Benghazi were warned they may be attacked.  Photos were taken of the compound by local Islamic militants in order to assess their weaknesses and exploit them.  Thirty to forty Islamic militants attacked and eventually overran the compound.  Tripoli was notified of this and sent assistance via airplane to Benghazi at midnight.  Orders were given to “stand down,” and not to send reinforcements to this volatile area.  The CIA station chief told the men to “stand down” three times.  If the men listened to him, over thirty more Americans would have died.  F-16’s in Croatia and Italy did not come to help.  Chris Stevens died of smoke inhalation during the first wave of the attacks that night.  Navy Seals, CIA operatives, a couple of Marines and Rangers, all moved to the CIA Annex about a mile away.  It was much better defended.  The plane and help from Tripoli arrived at 1:30 AM, but they could not help the captives because they did not know the town or how to get to the CIA Annex.  Several attacks were launched against the Annex.  Finally, a couple Americans were killed by mortar fire that was already trained on the facility.  Four Americans died that night, including ambassador Chris Stevens and two CIA operatives.  Due to the heroic actions of a mere handful of trained military, thirty one CIA lives were saved.  Later, 100,000 Libyans mourned the death of Chris Stevens.

***   The actual heroes in this true story of the Battle of Benghazi watched the movie “13 Hours,” and said it appeared so real to them that it took them back to the real battle that occurred nearly three and one half years ago.   ***

It is my hope and prayer that people, after watching this movie, will realize that Hillary Clinton is not the proper candidate for the presidency.  She deliberately lied and blamed the Benghazi attacks on an anti Muslim film.  It was a political cover up due to the American presidential elections being only six weeks away at the time.  Pastor Steve


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