“13 Hours” Go See It…

This movie about the tragedy in Benghazi will open tonight at theaters across the country, and all day tomorrow.  It comes in timely fashion, right on the heels of our current administration’s latest buffoonery with Iran, whereas ten American sailors were forced to place their hands behind their heads and get on their knees.  Their Iranian captors claimed they left international waters.  Secretary of State John Kerry then complimented the captors, saying how well they treated those captured.  This Iranian act of aggression was taunting and humiliating to the United States deliberately on the threshold of the nuclear “deal” with Iran, it also was an opportunity they simply took advantage of, and was carefully orchestrated as a media event that made Iran look powerful and the United States look weak.

This above act is reminiscent of Benghazi indeed.  Remember Hillary Clinton’s famous statement: “What difference does it make (how they died)?”  Remember the orders to “stand down” as the consulate was attacked by terrorists?  Remember the murder of ambassador Chris Stevens and three other diplomats?  Remember the F-16 fighter jets that were a mere fifty minutes away yet ordered not to respond?  Remember the deliberate and willful lies from President Barack Hussein Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice, that this murder and mayhem was the result of a controversial film, and not a terrorist attack?  I will never forget.  Richard M. Nixon was forced to resign for lesser atrocities than this act alone.  Watergate did not result in four deaths.

Go and watch this movie, it promises to be a blockbuster and more importantly it reiterates issues about the debauchery and lack of integrity of this current administration.  The Lord willing, I will see it as soon as possible and provide a write up upon this blog site.  In His Service, Pastor Steve

Pray For Revival In America!  Jesus Christ Is Our Only Hope… 


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